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Visit our official website Thai Restaurant, Penshurst, Sydney NSW – Order Thai food delivery and takeaway online Penshurst


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Mae Moon Thai Restaurant Offers and Discounts:  Order at Mae Moon Thai Restaurant through Ozfoodhunter and Get up to 5 off on your order Use Promo Code OZ05.  Order Now:  Get 15 off on your Order Use code OZ015 Minimum Order 100 and more.  Download the Ozfoodhunter App and Get 5 off – Entree Calamari Rings 6 piecescalamari rings marinated in thai spices and coconut PRICE6.90 Prawn Cutlets 4 piecesdeep-fried prawn cutlets in thai sauce and coconut PRICE7.90 Soft Shell Crab 3 piecesdeep fried breaded crab claw serve with plum sauce PRICE8.90

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Money Bags 4 piecesminced chicken prawn ginger and onion wrapped in light pastry and deepfried PRICE6.90 Chicken Wings 6 piecesmarinated Thai style and served with sweet chilli sauce PRICE6.90 Chicken/ Vegetarian Spring Rolls 4 piecesmixed veggies or chicken fine noodles wrapped in a crispy pastry deepfried PRICE6.90 Curry Puffs 4 piecesmixed vegetables with curry powder onions and potato served with sweet chilli sauce PRICE6.90 Satay Chicken 4 pieceschicken barbecued on skewers served with a tangy Thaistyle peanut sauce PRICE6.90 Fish Cakes 4 piecesa blend of ground fish mince chilli paste deepfried and served with cucumber sauce PRICE6.90 Mixed Entree No. 5 6 7 8 4 pieceschicken wing spring roll curry puff and satay chicken PRICE7.90 To Fu/ Satay Sauce 8 piecesdeepfried bean curd served with tangy Thai style peanut or sweet chilli sauce PRICE6.90 Salt Pepper Squid PRICE7.90

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Fresh Spring Rolls PRICE6.90 Fresh Rolls 3 Pcsrice paper rolls with chicken prawn and vegetables. PRICE7.90 Deep Fried Pork Beef or Fish Balls wit Chilly PRICE6.90 Deep Fried Wonton 6 Pcs PRICE6.90 Soups Tom Ched Clear Noodle Soupa delicate soup made from chicken vegetables and clear noodles PRICE7.90 Tom Yumtiger prawns or chicken mushrooms flavoured with the tang of lemon grass and lime leaves PRICE8.90 Tom Kha Gai Creamy Chicken Souplightly sauteed chicken pieces in fresh coconut milk with lemon grass and lime juice PRICE8.90 Laksa Noodlestrip rice noodle in coconut milk with a mild curry flavour PRICE13.90 Tom Yum Po Tak Traditional Hot Pot/ 4 Peoplemixed seafood mushrooms favoured with a tang of lemon grass and lime leaves served in a traditional Thai hot pot PRICE20.00 Salads

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Som Tam Papaya Salad Thai or Laos Stylea spicy combination of fresh chillies green beans cherry tomatoes garlic lime juice served with papaya strips PRICE10.90 Larb Gai Chicken Salada NorthEastern Thai dish made from chicken mince seasoned with herbs and spices plus lime juice PRICE13.90 Nam Tok Sliced Beefsliced grilled beef mixed with Thai herbs rice crumbs chilli shallots red onion lemon grass and lemon juice PRICE13.90 Yum Nua Beef Saladtender fillet steak grilled and sliced mixed with chilli herbs lime juice sauce tomato and cucumbers PRICE13.90 Yum Plah Muek Calamaricalamari salad with onions tomatoes in a spicy dressing PRICE16.90 Yum Goong/ Tutletiger prawn salad mixed with fresh chilli lemon juice tomatoes and various herbs PRICE16.90 Pla Tod Krob Crispy Fish Cashewsdeepfried fish served with lemon grass lemons onions fresh cucumber and cashews PRICE16.90 Crying Tigerbbq beef with special chilly sauce PRICE14.90 Deep Fried Flat Head With Salad or Veggies PRICE16.90

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Larb Fish Salmon PRICE16.90 Larb Pork Mince PRICE13.90 Larb Beef Mince PRICE13.90 Stir-Fried Pad Nam Mun Hoi Oyster Saucemild stirfried garlic and vegetables in thick oyster sauce PRICE13.90 Pad Ma Keua Eggplant and Basilstirfried eggplant chilli basil leaves and vegetables PRICE13.90 Pad Khing Gingerstirfried with fresh ginger vegetables and soy beans PRICE13.90 Pad Med Mamuang Cashew Nutsa dish with cashew nuts vegetables and dried chillies PRICE13.90 Pad Kraprao Chilli Basila fresh spicy stirfried dish with chillies and basil leaves PRICE13.90 Pad Prik Khing Chillisauteed and stirfried in peking paste with green beans PRICE13.90 Pad Kra Tiem Garlic - Pork Spare Ribs Onlya dish cooked with lots of garlic pepper and onions

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PRICE16.90 Pad Priew Wahn Sweet and Sourpopular dish with sweet and sour sauce and vegetables PRICE13.90 Praram Peanut Saucemixed vegetables topped with special peanut sauce PRICE13.90 Pad Pak Stir-Fried Vegetablesstirfried vegetables in a special Thaistyle sauce PRICE13.90 Pad Phet Red Curry Pastered curry paste bamboo shoots eggplant in spicy sauce PRICE13.90 Pak Kana Moo GrobCrispy Pork - Pork Onlymixed vegetables choy sum Chinese broccoli stirfried with delicious crispy pork and special mae moon sauce PRICE15.90 BBQ Steam Duck Vege PRICE16.90 Stir Fry Mussels PRICE13.90 Curries Massaman Curry Beef Onlyfamous curry of tender succulent beef simmered in a thick coconut milk sauce with potato pieces PRICE13.90 Roast Duck Curry Duck Onlyin the world of curries believed to be exclusive to Thailand

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PRICE16.90 Green Currygreen chilli paste coconut milk bamboo shoots basil and vegetables PRICE12.90 Red Curryred curry coconut milk bamboo shoots chilli paste and vegetables PRICE12.90 Panang Currya thick rich dried red curry with priceitional flavour PRICE12.90 Southern Thai Style Curryyellow curry with spices in coconut milk and Thai herbs PRICE12.90 Kaeng Pa Curryfresh hot chillies and vegetables without coconut cream PRICE12.90 Seafood Dishes Goong Pad Prik Sod Chilli Prawnsstirfried tiger prawns with fresh chillies and vegetables PRICE16.90 Goong Kra Thiem Garlic Prawns/ Fish/ Octopusprawns fish or octopus cooked with garlic and peppers PRICE16.90 Chu Chee Goong Sauteed Prawnsfresh tiger prawns sauteed with chu chee paste and coconut milk topped with spicy Thai herbs PRICE17.90 Hor Mok Talaycombination seafood cooked with coconut milk chilli paste and Thai herbs wrapped and served flamed

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PRICE17.90 Sizzling Seafood Combinationstirfried seafood in fresh spicy herbs and special sauces PRICE17.90 Pad Hoi Lai Pipi Basil Saladpipis stirfried with basil chillies oyster sauce and chilli jam PRICE16.90 Pla Meuk Yang Grilled Calamarigrilled calamari lemons and herbs served with a mae moon spicy Thai sauce PRICE16.90 Barbecued Octopusbaby octopus marinated in spices and special sauce PRICE16.90 Tiger Prawns with Sweet Chilli Sauce PRICE16.90 Tiger Prawns with Chilli Saucefresh tiger prawn served with vegetables and chilly sauce. PRICE16.90 Noodles Rice Fried RiceThai fried rice with stirfried chicken egg and vegetable PRICE10.90 Pad Thaia wonderful variation from Thailand of fried rice noodles with stirfried chicken shallots and bean sprouts PRICE13.90 Pad Si Ewflat rice noodles with chicken egg and vegetables in sweet soy sauce or choice of meat

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PRICE13.90 Lard Nargravy sauce gai lan carrot with crispy egg noodles PRICE13.90 Pad Kae Mouw Chilli Noodleschilli rice noodles with chicken egg vegetable and basil in fresh chilli sauce or choice of meat PRICE13.90 Steamed Rice PRICESmall 2.20 PRICELarge 3.00 Tom Yum Fried Rice PRICE13.90 Pineapple Fried Rice PRICE13.90 Chili Basil Fried Rice PRICE13.90 Drinks Soft Drinks 1.25 L PRICECoke 4.00 PRICECoke Zero 4.00 PRICESprite 4.00 PRICEFanta 4.00 PRICESunkist 4.00 Soft Drinks 2 L

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PRICECoke 6.00 PRICECoke Zero 6.00 PRICESprite 6.00 PRICEFanta 6.00 PRICESunkist 6.00 Water PRICE2.50 Limpton Iced Tea PRICE3.80 Coffee PRICE3.00 Tea PRICE3.00 Thai Iced Tea PRICE3.00 Thai Iced Coffee PRICE3.00 Coconut Drink PRICE3.50 Fresh Squeezed Juiceorange apple banana pineapple PRICEOrange 4.00 PRICEApple 4.00 PRICEBanana 4.00

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PRICEPineapple 4.00 Desserts Flavoured Ice Cream Sundae PRICE6.90 Banana Spilt PRICE6.90 Fried Ice Cream PRICE6.90 Sticky Rice Egg Custard PRICE6.90 Pancake with Icecream PRICE6.90 Deep Fried Roti With Icecream PRICE6.90

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