Santoor Indian Restaurant Menu – Indian Restaurant Newington, NSW

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Santoor Indian Restaurant Menu – Indian Restaurant Newington, NSW


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Santoor Indian Restaurant Offers and Discounts:  Order at Santoor Indian Restaurant through Ozfoodhunter and Get up to 5 off on your order Use Promo Code OZ05.  Order Now:  Get 15 off on your Order Use code OZ015 Minimum Order 100 and more.  Download the Ozfoodhunter App and Get 5 off – Meal Deals Family Combo 11 x Full Tandoori Chicken 1 x 4 Butter Naan 1 x Butter Chicken 1 x 2 Rice 1 x 1.25Ltr Soft Drinks PRICE44.00 Family Combo 21 x Samosa 2pcs 1 x Chicken Choice of Any 1 x Beef Choice of Any 1 x Vegetable Choice of Any 1 x 2 Naan 1 x 2 Rice 1 x Raita 1 x Mango Chutney 1 x 4 Pcs Papadum 1 x 1.25Ltr Soft Drinks

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PRICE60.00 Family Combo 31 x Chicken Tikka 2pcs 1 x Veg Pakora 4pcs 1 x Chicken Choice of Any 1 x Seafood Choice of Any 1 x Lamb Choice of Any 1 x 2 Rice 1 x 2 Naan 1 x Raita 1 x Mango Chutney 1 x 4 Pcs Papadum 1 x 1.25Ltr Soft Drinks PRICE70.00 Entree Vegetable Samosa2pcsSeasonal mixed vegetables with Indian herbs and spices PRICE7.90 Vegetable Pakora 4pcsMixed Vegetables onions seasoned with spices deep fried with gram flour batter PRICE7.90 Onion BhajiOnion strips mixed in chickpea flour batter. PRICE7.90 Samosa ChatMash samosa masala yoghurt fresh herbs onion tamarind sauce PRICE9.90 Papadi ChatCrunchy bread served with fresh herbs tamarind and mashed potatos PRICE8.90 Spinach ChatMashed potatoes fresh herbs tamarind mint yoghurt and spinach PRICE9.90 Sheekh kebab4pcsLamb mincedlightly spiced rolled onto a skewer and roasted in tandoor

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PRICE11.90 Garlic Chilli ChickenChicken fillet marinated in fresh garlic ginger chilli and slowly roasted in tandoor PRICE14.90 Chicken Tikka 4pcsFresh chicken fillets marinated with yoghurt traditional spices cooked in tandoor PRICE14.90 Tandoori ChickenChicken on the bonemarinated overnight with yoghurt and traditional spices cooked in tandoor PRICEHalf 10.90 PRICEFull 17.90 Afghani ChickenChicken marinated overnight in a mild yoghurt cashew sauce white pepper and other spices roasted in tandoorserved with mint sauce PRICE14.90 Fish TikkaFresh fish marinated with ginger garlic and Indian spices cooked in tandoor PRICE15.90 Garlic Chilli PrawnKing prawn sauteed with mixture of garlic onion capsicum sweet chilli sauce PRICE15.90 Mixed Seafood Platter for 2A combination of calamari fish tandoori prawn and baby octopus PRICE20.90 Tandoori Mixed Sizzler for 2A combination of chicken tikka kachi kabab and sheekh kebab served in a hot sizzler

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PRICE17.90 Mixed Platter for 2Combination of chicken tikka sheekh samosa and vegetable pakora PRICE20.90 Tandoori Lamb CutletsTender eyefillets of lamb marinated in spiced yoghurt and cooked in the tandoor 3 pieces PRICE17.90 Kachi KababBeef mince marinated with raw turmeric fresh gingergarlic and fresh coriander and indian spices cooked in pan PRICE13.90 Veg Curry Malai KoftaFreshly homemade cottage cheese dumpling simmered in a creamy sauce PRICE13.90 Aloo GobiPotato and cauliflower coated with mouthfreshing spices PRICE13.90 Saag PotatoChoice potato cooked with english spinach PRICE13.90 Eggplant PotatoChoice potato cooked with eggplant PRICE13.90 Mixed Vegetables BahaarSeasonal garden vegetables cooked in rich gravy PRICE13.90 Mushroom MatterPeas cooked with mushroom in a medium hot souce with sliced almond dressing PRICE13.90

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Navaratan kormaSeasonal vegetables cooked with herbs and spices in a mild creamy sauce PRICE13.90 Palak PaneerSpinach and cottage cheese cooked with spices PRICE13.90 Panner MakhaniFreshly homemade cottage cheese cooked in creamy sauce PRICE13.90 Panner Tikka MasalaHome made cottage chease cooked with tomato onion capsicum and garnish with shallot and coriander and medium spices PRICE13.90 Okra MasalaOkra cooked in tomato sauceonionsherbsspices PRICE13.90 Pumpkin MasalaButternut Pumpkin pan fried with cumin seeds black mustard seeds shallot corianders leaves PRICE13.90 Karahi PaneerThick tomato gravy with fresh herbs med spicy. PRICE13.90 Dall Taraka DaalLentils cooked with fresh ground spices cooked in Indian style. PRICE13.90 Kabuli ChanaChickpeas cooked Punjabi style in selected spices. PRICE13.90 Daal MakaniNorth Indian delight whole black lentils and kidney beans simmered in a slow fire overnight and finished with tomatoes and cream.

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PRICE13.90 Non Veg Curry Butter ChickenMarinated boneless chicken fillets roasted in tandoori oven and mixed with creamy tomato sauce PRICE15.90 Mango ChickenChicken cooked in delicious mango flavoured cream and lightly spiced PRICE15.90 Chicken Tikka MasalaDiced chicken tikka cooked with capsicum tomato and onion PRICE15.90 Lamb Rogan JoshDiced lamb cooked traditional Indian style and garnished with fresh coriander PRICE15.90 Dhal GostDiced lamb or chicken cooked with lentils garnished with coriander PRICE15.90 KormaBoneless chicken/ lamb/ beef cooked and flavoured in a mild creamy sauce PRICE15.90 Do-PiazaBoneless chiken/ lamb/ beef cooked with fresh herb tomato and onions PRICE15.90 VindalooDiced chicken/ lamb/ beef specially blended and marinated in a selection of spices cooked with vindaloo paste hot tangy flavour PRICE15.90

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Saag SpinachTender chicken/ lamb/ beef pieces cooked with spinach in a blend of medium spices PRICE15.90 Bombay GostSucculent chicken/ lamb/ beef pieces combined with mixed dry spices to create a dry curry PRICE15.90 Kashmiri DishUnique blend chicken/ lamb/ beef yoghurt coconut cream mint PRICE15.90 KarahiBoneless chicken/ lamb/ beef cooked with freshly ground spices with thick sauce in Pakistani style PRICE15.90 JalfreziTender boneless chicken/ lamb/ beef cooked with mixed vegetables and spices PRICE15.90 MadrasMade with fragrant chilies chicken/ lamb/ beef cooked with tomatoescoconut. PRICE15.90 PasandaMade with fragrant chilli chicken/ lamb/ beef tomatoes and red wine PRICE15.90 Dhank SakMade with fragrant chilli chicken/ lamb/ beef onion tomato and fresh coriander PRICE15.90 Goat CurryGoat with bone cooked in spicy thick sauce PRICE15.90

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Balti CurryChefs special recipe cooked with choice of chicken/ lamb/ beef PRICE15.90 Sea Food Prawn MalaiFresh king prawn cooked with coconut capsicum PRICE18.90 Butter PrawnJuicy prawn cutlets gently cooked in a mild creamy tomato sauces PRICE18.90 Prawn MasalaFresh king prawn cooked with onion tomato capsicum and fresh coriander PRICE18.90 Tandoori PrawnKing prawn peeled marinated with spices and roasted in tandoor PRICE18.90 Fish CurryFish fillets cooked with Madras spices slit of green chilli ginger tomatoes curry leaves PRICE18.90 Mustard FishFish fillets deliciously cooked in mustard cooked in mustard coconut herbs spices PRICE18.90 Mixed seafood MasalaA combination of seafood prawn fillet of revele calamari octopus cooked gently to perfection PRICE18.90 Biriyani Vegetarian Biryani

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PRICE15.90 Hydrabadi BiryaniCooked with lamb beef chicken or goat with biryani rice and garlic ginger yoghurt and traditional spices in Hydrabadi style and served with rita. PRICE17.90 Seafood Biryani PRICE19.90 Rice Basmati Rice PRICE2.90 Kashmiri Polao PRICE6.00 Pulao Rice PRICE5.00 Coconut Rice PRICE6.90 Fried Rice PRICE10.90 Tandoori Bread Chapati PRICE2.50 Butter Naan PRICE3.00 Garlic Naan

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PRICE3.90 Garlic Cheese Naan PRICE4.90 Spanich Cheese Naan PRICE4.90 Onion Cheese Naan PRICE4.90 Cheese Naan PRICE4.90 Aloo Paratha PRICE4.90 Masala Kulcha PRICE4.90 Paneer Kulcha PRICE4.90 Keema Naan PRICE4.90 Peshwari Naan PRICE4.90 Side Dishes Onion TomatoDiced onion tomato with traditional spices PRICE3.90 Green Salad

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PRICE6.00 Mint Sauce PRICE2.00 Pappddum PRICE2.90 Mango Chutney PRICE2.90 Lime Pickle PRICE2.90 Banana Coconut PRICE4.00 Sweet Desserts Gulab Jamun PRICE5.00 Banana Split PRICE7.00 Mango Kulfi PRICE5.00 Ice Cream Sundae PRICE7.00 Pistachio Kulfi PRICE5.00 Beverages

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Sweet Lassi PRICE3.90 Mango Lassi PRICE3.90 Masala Tea PRICE3.90 Bundaberg Drinks PRICE4.50 Soft Drinks - Can PRICECoke 2.90 PRICECoke Zero 2.90 PRICEDiet Coke 2.90 PRICEFanta 2.90 PRICEFanta 2.90 PRICELemonade 2.90 PRICESolo 2.90 PRICESprite 2.90 Juice PRICE4.50

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