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Princess Nishas Kitchen St Marys Menu Starters Bhajia PakoraSpinach carrot cauliflower coated with chickpeas flour PRICE1 Piece 1.00 Lentil Pakora PRICE1.00 Veg Samosa PRICE2.50 Lamb Mince Samosa PRICE2.50 Vegetarian Meals Dal Makhani PRICE13.00 Okra Ladies Finger Masala PRICE14.00 Mixed Veg Curry PRICE14.00 Palak Paneer PRICE15.00

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Shahi Paneer PRICE15.00 Eggplant with Potato PRICE15.00 Aloo Matter PRICE15.00 Chicken Main Curries Chilli Chicken PRICE14.00 Chicken Chopsuey PRICE14.00 Chicken Curry PRICE15.00 Chicken Stir Fry PRICE15.00 Chicken Chow Mein PRICE15.00 Chicken Korma PRICE15.00 Chicken Manchurian PRICE15.00 Butter ChickenFamous PRICE16.00 Chicken Tikka Masala PRICE16.00 Chicken Pepper PRICE16.00 Mango Chicken

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PRICE16.00 Lamb Goat and Beef Main Rogan Josh PRICE15.00 Stir Fry PRICE15.00 Curry with Bone PRICE15.00 VindalooGoa style. PRICE15.00 Lamb Saag Palak PRICE16.00 Korma PRICE16.00 Vindaloo PRICE16.00 Seafood Khazana Fish Goa PRICE18.00 Fish Chilli Fry PRICE18.00 Prawn Malabar Curry PRICE20.00 Prawn Masala PRICE20.00 Prawn Chilli Fry PRICE20.00

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Nishas Kitchen Special Kabuli Chana with 1 Naan PRICE14.00 Jangle Chicken Curry PRICE17.00 Duck Curry PRICE18.00 Salmon Cod Fish Curry PRICE35.00 Biryani Chicken Biryani PRICE11.00 Lamb Biryani PRICE12.00 Rice and Fried Rice Steamed Basmati Rice PRICEMedium 3.00 PRICELarge 4.00 Vegetable Fried Rice PRICE12.00 Chicken Fried Rice PRICE13.00 Lamb Fried Rice PRICE14.00 Tandoori Special Tandoori Chicken Tikka + Salad PRICE13.00 Tandoori RotiBrown flour.

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PRICE1.00 Tandoori Lamb Kabab + Salad PRICE14.00 Tandoori ParathaLayered roti with brown flour. PRICE2.50 SKH Kabab + Salad PRICE14.00 Plain Naan PRICE2.00 Tandoori Paneer PRICE14.00 Garlic Naan PRICE3.50 Tandoori Chicken + Salad PRICE15.00 Potato Naan PRICE3.50 Fish Tandoori+Salad PRICE15.00 Cheese Naan PRICE3.50 Full Tandoori Chicken 2 Naan SaladWith 1.25L drink PRICE25.00 Garlic Cheese Naan PRICE4.00 Tandoor Stuffed with Lamb Mince with Spices PRICE4.0

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