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A simple and quick look into the basics of biofuel as a sustainable solution starting with the production from raw materials to finished product.


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Sustainable biofuel economy By: Rodney Presho & Jodi Hayes:

Sustainable biofuel economy By: Rodney Presho & Jodi Hayes

What is Biofuel?:

What is Biofuel? Biofuel is any Gas, Solid or Liquid derived from organic matter and animal fats intended to be burned as an alternate to fossil fuels.

Types of Biofuel:

Types of Biofuel Biodiesel Biogas Ethanol Biomethanol

Where does the raw material come from for Biofuels?:

Where does the raw material come from for Biofuels? Here!

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And here.

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And here also.

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Biofuels come from all kinds of sources. The ones you just saw are a very tiny sampling of raw materials. The primary one though is actually Sugarcane.

Countries leading in Biofuels production:

Countries leading in Biofuels production Brazil

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Great B ritain

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Biofuel Production:

Biofuel Production First in line is agriculture. They grow the stocks necessary to be processed and distilled.

Biofuel production cont.:

Biofuel production cont. Next the plant matter is distilled or used vegetable oil or animal oils is filtered and destarched . Algaes byproducts are chemically processed.

Finished Products:

Finished Products The final products in the case of ethanol, biodiesel and biogas are now ready for distribution and consumption. Common people make Biodiesel in their garage. Biofuels can also be either blended with their perspective hydro carbon or used in pure form.

Biofuel Pros :

Biofuel Pros Reduces dependence on foreign supply. Can be almost carbon neutral. Not a new technology In some instances the base for it is waste from other industrial processes.

Biofuel Cons:

Biofuel Cons Organic sources can be seen competing with cash crops as farmers look for a better profit margin . Deforestation Pollution from the agricultural processes. May not meet specifications for the same type of fuel it is replacing (I.E. lubricity)

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