07 How to safely work with Heavy Lifting Equipment

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All work completed with heavy lifting gear should be carried out with safety in mind to avoid issues with accidents. Furthermore, according to LOLER (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998) all heavy moving equipments have to be set. Atlas Rigging & Transfer is associated with Hoisting, Rigging and Machine Moving Services since 30 years. It is a one-stop shop from Heavy Machinery Services to Industrial Rigging & Fabrication Services as well. You can find more about it at, Website: http://www.atlasrigging.net/ Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/117815962540287465418/about


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Atlas Rigging & Transfer Google Plus - https ://plus.google.com/117815962540287465418/about How to Safely W ork with Heavy Lifting Equipment?


Performing on massive construction sites usually demands heavy objects to be lifted or moved. When working on large projects on building sites or similar it is necessary to use heavy-lifting equipment. A number of special equipment and tools are used while moving the heavy loads. These systems are employed to move objects that vary in weight and dimensions and the heavy lifting equipment include lifts, mobile elevating work platforms, forklift trucks, cranes and vehicle inspection hoists.


Installed the machine in the correct working position to prevent incidents with third parties or property . Be used effectively by the qualified workers after planning the intended operation. Plus, the work completed needs to be overseen by a supervisor. Attached using the required accessories such clamps, slings etc. That heavy-lifting equipment should be bought from authorized dealers. The hardware should only be used for the intended purpose. Extra care must be taken when lifting heavy loads. Any load lifted must fall within the equipment guidelines. Hardware should be marked with all the intended use. All equipment must be used in the correct manner to prevent unnecessary risks. What are the Requirements under LOLER for Equipment Lifting?


Atlas Rigging & Transfer is associated with Rigging, Hoisting and Machine Moving Services since 30 years. It also has expertise in Consulting Services, Metal/ Steel Fabrication, Machine & Electrical Installation Services. You can Contact Atlas Rigging & Transfer through, Website: http://www.atlasrigging.net/ Heavy lifting equipment: http://www.atlasrigging.net/atlas-heavy-equipment-moving-heavy-machinery-movers/ Follow on Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/117815962540287465418/about

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