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Define Dementia? What type of Dementia treatment and hospital facility? Its provide the jagruti rehab centre neurologically disables patients. Best facility and treatment at Jagruti rehab. For more information visit us: or contact us: 020-69333220/ 9371425026


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slide 1: Dementia Care How common is Dementia  It’s estimated that 44 Million People in the World have Dementia Today  Every 70 seconds someone develops Alzheimer’s disease.  We provide consistent observation assistance to the old patients right from their daily activities to recovering certain physical cognitive functions.  We Have Special equipment’s like Fowler Beds Bed pans pots Walkers Traction set Nebulizer ECG machine oxygen cylinders airways emergency medicines. For the Bed-ridden patients Airbeds Wound dressings bed-sore care available. Why early Diagnosis Treatment Most types of Dementias can’t be cured but if detected early there are various ways to treat them or at least maintain mental functions prevent deterioration. Also if there is an early diagnosis person can plan their own treatments Future. They can find out the right people hospital authority of their property to lead a fulfilled life. Also there are Treatable Causes which can mimic Dementia which treatable. Depression Brain Infections Brain Tumors Hypothyroidism Vit B12 Deficiency Vit D 3 deficiency Head Injuries Over medications Normal Pressure Hydrocephalous

slide 2: Types of Dementia: 1. Alzheimer’s Dementia 2. Vascular Dementia 3. Dementia with Lewy Bodies 4. Fronto-Temporal Dementia 5. Rare Causes 1. Alzheimer’s Dementia: Alzheimer’s Dementia is the most common form of Dementia. Around 70 of patients are having this type of Dementia. It increases with age. There is loss of Brain cells due to formation of Plaques Neuro fibrilary tangles which lead to shrinkage of Brain. The Gray matter of our brain is responsible for thoughts Memory higher functions like calculation Planning organization etc. Due to loss of neurons in these areas lead to deterioration of these functions. 2. Vascular Dementia: This is the second most common form of Dementia. It’s estimated that around 15-20 of all dementias are due to Vascular Dementia. It’s due to disturbances of the blood supply to the brain i.e. Stoke. It may be hemorrhagic or occlusion of blood vessels. Because of it Brain cell die may cause Dementia Symptoms. Atherosclerosis is the main reason for these types of Dementias. Type I diabetes Smoking small vessel disease are particularly are more vulnerable. 3. Dementia with Lewy Bodies: Lewy bodies are small circular lumps of proteins that develop inside the brain cells which causes disturbances in neurotransmitters acetylcholine Dopamine. There are also symptoms of Parkinsonism in this Dementia such as shaking tremors slowness rigidity 4. Fronto-Temporal Dementia: Fornto temporal dementia is caused by damage shrinking of two areas Frontal Temporal Lobes of Brain. These are also called as early onset Dementias as they start at early age i.e. before 65 yrs of age. Usually these types of Dementias are rapidly progressive may cause death within few yrs of diagnosis. Usually these are genetically transmitted found in families.

slide 3: 5. Rare causes of Dementia:  Huntington’s disease  Progressive Supranuclear Palsy  Cortico-Basal Degeneration  Metal Poisoning e.g. Lead  Alcohol Dependance  Medications like steroids  Vitamin Deficiency  Head Injury  Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus  Hypothyroidism  Wilson’s disease

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