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Jagruti Rehab centre is one of the biggest Psychological Health Care Centre in Pune, with a vision of treatment and rehabilitation of the mentally ill patients. For de addiction we include, AA groups, Family therapy, spirituality & Medications which provide effective Management for De-addiction Disorders. This PPT will help to find more information. For more information visit us: or contact us: 020-69333220.


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Rehabilitation Centre|Jagruti Rehab

About Jagruti Rehab:

About Jagruti Rehab Jagruti started as a small Psychiatric Clinic in 2006 & from 20 bed grown up to a 200 bedded, one of the biggest private Psychological Health Care Center in Maharashtra Jagruti Rehab Center also started set up for Rehabilitation Of De-Addiction cases followed by Geriatric care unit specially for Dementia . Jagruti’s aim is to provide best care to persons suffering from Psychological, Addictive & Geriatric problems. Dr.Amar Shinde is the best psychiatrist in town in Jagruti Rehab Centre. Jagruti Rehab provides best and sophisticated & individualized treatment for Mental Health.

What is rehabilitation centre:

What is rehabilitation centre Rehab means describes a drug and/or alcohol treatment programme that is provided in a residential setting. Rehabs are usually abstinence-based and provide an intense programme of support and care aimed at people who have difficulty becoming drug free in the community . Jagruti rehab centre conducts a De addiction program their aims is to develop Self Awareness  and to convince the person to quit de addiction whether it is of alcohol or drugs. For de addiction Jagruti Rehab Centre include, AA groups, Family therapy,  spirituality & Medications which provide effective Management for De-addiction Disorders.

Thank you !!!!!:

Thank you !!!!! Address: Jagruti Rehabilitation Center Opp . Krushi Vidyalaya,  Sitai Nagar, Near Kudale Maruti Showroom, Manjari Farm,  Pune- Solapur Road, Hadapsar , Pune . Contact us: 020-69333220

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