How to prevent anxiety attacks when consuming cannabis?

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Several studies have also concluded that CBD oil can be used to treat anxiety, OCD, PTSD, social anxiety, or any other form of anxiety. It is also scientifically proved that CBD fights anxiety by inducing the production of serotonin in the body, which is a hormone that regulates our emotions. While this means that a lack of it causes depression, the hope lies in CBD. These testings only prove that CBD can help people who deal with THC induced anxiety!


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prevent anxiety attacks when consuming cannabis?:

prevent anxiety attacks when consuming cannabis ? Coffeeshop De Kroon

Cannabis to Feel Good, Relax!:

Cannabis to Feel Good , R elax! While the majority of cannabis users prefer to use cannabis to feel good, relax, have fun and of course, to medicate, a huge number of people have been also reporting feeling paranoid, anxious and nauseous, after consuming cannabis and for that matter, researchers have been working hard to see why is that a case and to find a way to help these people . The tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the main cannabinoid in the plant which is responsible for the “high” feeling cannabis users feel, is also known to cause anxiety in some people. But it seems like there’s finally a realistic hope for these folks . A new study shows how CBD blocks some of the negative effects of THC that some people feel and this can be explained through the fact that cannabidiol (CBD) is super effective for people who suffer from panic attacks, stress, and anxiety.

Canadian Study, Suggests CBD:

Canadian Study , S uggests CBD A Canadian study, suggests that small doses of CBD may help anyone who struggles with negative effects from THC . The study has found that THC stimulates a specific molecule located within the hippocampus region of the brain . This molecule is responsible for learning, emotions, and memory, and once that molecule has been triggered it can result in anxiety, addiction, and depression.

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