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Introduction Medical Computer Carts, Mobile Nursing Carts, Workstation on Wheels Built in the USA, our DataCart products go by several industry names and are designed to manage the everyday rigors and needs of any department, combining an ergonomic design with quality engineering. Our carts are built to last, to fit through narrow hallways or bedside use, providing customization for mobile point of care solutions.

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SUPERIOR ENGINEERING: Leading edge of design, production and assembly CUSTOM CONFIGURATIONS: Building functionality what you want and need VALUE EXPERIENCE: Overall product performance and support at a valued price INNOVATIVE DESIGN: Building better solutions that meet your requirements

About us:

About us In 2008, an opportunity to provide healthcare solutions with mobile point of care carts launched our DataCart division. DataCarts are built around the same values as our other products with attention to quality and service.

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Our focus is versatile, solidly engineered mobile mounting solutions and user friendly DataCart Healthcare and Telemedicine products. Our reputation for superior products, customization, short turnaround times and customer service is among the best in the industry. Lund products are all made in the USA at our state-of-the-art fabrication facilities, which put us at the leading edge of production and assembly.

Our Product’s:

Our Product’s Secure Computer Carts Laptop Carts Powered Carts SFF Tablet Carts Telehealth / Telemedicine Portable Telehealth Kits

The Easiest Way to Keep Computers Safe :

The Medical cart is one of the equipment which has gained popularity over the years in medicine. A medical cart is highly durable and very lightweight carts which are used both for storing and transporting facilities. The medical cart has many specifications depending upon the kind of requirements. Some of the carts are portable and convenient enough to be used as the mobile ventilator for the patient. The Easiest Way to Keep Computers Safe

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The present world cannot be imagined without computers. It is the very essential device that makes work much faster and easier. People have become habituated with this essential device. Thus in order to keep this device safe there are wonderful tables. These tables are specially made for computers.

Healthcare Made Easy With Telemedicine Solution :

Healthcare Made Easy With Telemedicine Solution Healthcare organizations are endlessly looking ways to deliver higher quality and more available care to their constituents. Mobile telemedicine system helps these healthcare authorities achieve their goals of good quality, accessible and responsive care. With the Telemedicine Solution, healthcare workforce can safely stream great quality video and images from a patient's place - home, care provision or emergency scene - to a care specialist in their place of work. Together, they can see, talk about, and decide on a care plan for the patient in a live mobile telemedicine collaboration meeting.

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A video Conferencing cart for hospitals that facilitates telemedicine is the central technology to decrease or eliminate distance barriers that frequently prevent access to quality healthcare. When second issue instant access to remote healthcare experts can save lives. Diagnostic accessories on Telemedicine Cart let physicians and specialists diagnose and observe patient circumstances in spite of their location These Telehealth Cart tools make certain that all appropriate visual information is gathered and a pro54+26+per assessment or diagnosis completed. Also provides the ability to securely capture still images directly from the streaming video counting the telestration mark-ups, as such as descriptive textual information which can be added to a patient's documentation and used for follow-on comparisons to make certain the success of the treatment regime.

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Our Contact Info: Address: LUND INDUSTRIES, INC. 3175 MacArthur Blvd. Northbrook, IL  60062 Call us: 847.459.1460 Email:

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