Dr. Jack Kavanaugh - Launches New Cancer Therapeutic Company


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Dr. Jack Kavanaugh DDS, MD, MBA, founder and former Chairman/CEO of ZetaRx and a physician who has dedicated his career to accelerating disruptive medical technology development, is launching a cancer therapeutic company, Novonco Therapeutics, Inc.


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Dr. Jack Kavanaugh:

Dr. Jack Kavanaugh

Founder and Former Chairman/CEO of Zeta RX :

Founder and Former Chairman/CEO of Zeta RX Dr. Jack Kavanaugh DDS, MD, MBA, founder and former Chairman/CEO of ZetaRx and a physician who has dedicated his career to accelerating disruptive medical technology development, is launching a cancer therapeutic company, Novonco Therapeutics , Inc., in partnership with Dr. David Horne from The City of Hope, Dr. Larry Overman from The University of California, Irvine, and The City of Hope.

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Novonco, of which Dr. Kavanaugh is Chairman, builds on his career combining technologies from several globally recognized leading institutions to drive cancer research. In 2008, Dr. Kavanaugh in partnership with The City of Hope and others founded ZetaRX to make generally available a non-surgical, non-chemo and non-radiation treatment for cancer. Through exclusive licensing agreements, utilizing coordinated and assembled technologies from several different leading institutions, Dr. Kavanaugh turned this idea into a reality applying T-cell CAR technology to cancer therapeutics. 

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Before he founded and became Chairman/CEO of ZetaRx, there was little interest in this approach but now T-cell technology, which takes advantage of the cell responsible for destroying potential cancer, has been hailed by many researchers as the most exciting development in cancer therapeutics. The latest report on ZetaRX's work demonstrates 88% of the terminal patients were in complete remission through T-cell CAR technology. Zeta RX was acquired in October 2013 by Juno Therapeutics, which was formed and launched on Zeta RX's technology as its core. Juno is continuing the work that Dr. Kavanaugh started and recently secured the largest series A raise in biotech history ($145 million) and has raised approximately $300 million in total.

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According to Dr. Jack Kavanaugh , "Novonco is thrilled about its collaboration with scientists from the City of Hope and the University of California, Irvine.  The therapy utilizes two different approaches to cancer therapeutics.  One, called epigenetics interferes with the genetic code that creates a specific cancer cell.  The other, called kinase inhibitors, interferes with enzymes that lead to the creation of a specific cancer cell.  Novonco believes each therapy will be effective in cancer therapeutics as well as providing an opportunity for potentiation with a combined therapy. Novonco's primary targets will include Acute Myelogenous Leukemia, Ovarian Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer."

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