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Tips for Success as an Entrepreneur Jackalyn Rainosek

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Jackalyn Rainosek has been a successful entrepreneur for more than forty years. She currently is co-owner of DTP-Leadership Group a company offering courses promoting personal growth and transformation. Her work as an entrepreneur through the decades has given her invaluable experience and insight into key traits needed for success. Bring Passion to the Table Passion is defined as “a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something.” When choosing to delve into a business of your own promoting your own ideas and vision with passion is essential. Those passionate about their work approach their business as a labor of love.

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Have the Ability to Self-Motivate You are in charge and your motivation affects all areas of the business. The ability to stay on track amidst distraction and to produce despite setbacks are crucial on the path to success. As the leader of your own company growing your business and overcoming challenge will require self-discipline as well as confidence. Have the Spirit to Succeed The spirit to succeed or remaining driven plays a key role in successful entrepreneurship. Striving to reach a goal reaching for more challenge and the desire to improve are key traits in driving a business to succeed.

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Always Remain Flexible As the owner of a business you will likely find yourself wearing many hats flexibility is key in finding ways to juggle them all. The willingness to learn the basics—accounting marketing customer service—will bode well in running and eventually growing a successful business. Don’t be afraid to learn as you go and keep the passion drive and self-discipline at the forefront.

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To Know More About Jackalyn Rainosek Visit : LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/jackalyn-rainosek-427909 Twitter - https://twitter.com/jrainosek About.me - https://about.me/jackalynrainosek Tumblr Blog- http://jackalynrainosek.tumblr.com/ Medium - https://medium.com/jackalynrainosek Crunchbase - https://www.crunchbase.com/person/jackalyn-rainosek WordPress Blog - https://jackalynrainosek.wordpress.com/

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