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>>Made-to-Measure. >>Energy Rating. >>U-Rating. >>Double Glazing. >>Acoustic Performance. >>Security Screens. >>Tempered Glass. >>Dynamic Glass. >>Easy-Clean Glass Coatings. >>High-Security Hardware. >>Final Thoughts.


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INTRODUCTION Whether you are building a new home or renovating the current one the choice to install new windows and doors is a critical one and it requires careful consideration. Windows and doors are not just functional fixtures that prevent insects animals or intruders from accessing the home. They also contribute to the hom e’ s aesthetics and energy efficiency. Therefore you cannot afford to pick any product that you find on the market. Advancements in the window and door industry have led to the manufacture of modern fixtures that come with numerous benefits. If you are looking for high-quality replacement windows and doors for your home you should look out for these features so that you can improve the functionality and visual appeal of your new windows and doors. However to do this you need to be aware of the exact specifications and features to look for as you shop. To ensure that you get the best fixtures for your house here is a quick list of the key descriptions and specifications that you should look for when buying doors and windows for your new home.

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TABLE OF CONTENTS Made-to-Measure. Energy Rating. U-Rating. Double Glazing. Acoustic Performance. Security Screens. Tempered Glass. Dynamic Glass. Easy-Clean Glass Coatings. High-Security Hardware. Final Thoughts.

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MADE-TO-MEASURE Made-to-measure doors and windows are those that have been custom-made to be an exact fit. In most cases readymade fixtures don’ t always fit appropriately to the designated space therefore you may have to incur extra costs for your contractor to resize them. W hat ’ s more if your door and window spaces have irregular shapes such as arch and oval tops you may have a hard time finding readymade fixtures that will fit perfectly into the area. You can avoid these problems by investing in custom made-to-measure doors and windows. The specialist will come into your home and take accurate measurements of your doors and windows. They will then design fixtures that fit perfectly into the frame regardless of its shape. A perfect fit not only improves the appearance but it also prevents air spaces which can cause heat loss from the house.

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ENERGY RATING Energy efficiency is a critical factor to consider before investing in windows and doors. Fixtures that have a high energy rating prevent heat gain and loss in the home and they can significantly lower your heating and cooling costs throughout the year. In this light you should always look for doors and windows that have the Energy Star rating label. Energy Star certified products are usually inspected and approved by the relevant governmental bodies. They meet the energy efficiency guidelines that have been set by the st at e’ s environmental protection agency. There are various reasons why you need to invest in doors and windows that meet the standard energy rating specifications. First these fixtures have been certified and approved for use therefore their quality is guaranteed. Secondly energy efficient doors and windows prevent heat loss and they can generate energy savings throughout the year. Additionally you d on’ t have to worry about whether the door and windows are ideal for use in your climate as the relevant state bodies already approve them

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U-RATING While we’re still on energy rating it is important to note a specification that you will come across when buying windows for your home – the U-Rating or U-Factor. These terms refer to the rate at which heat passes through a window window in this case refers to pass-through windows such as sliding doors as well. Glass that is Energy Star certified should have a low U-rating. However if you come across a product that doesn’ t have an Energy Star label you need to understand how the U-Factor affects the energy efficiency and thermal performance of the window. A high U-Rating means that the glass lets heat out easily and it is not energy efficient or thermal efficient. For example one with a rating of .40 is not energy efficient. Similarly a rating of .28 would be better than .35. The recommended rating for Energy Star certified glass is a U-Factor of .30. Therefore as you go shopping don’ t invest in windows that have a U-Rating of more than .30.

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DOUBLE GLAZING When choosing glass for your windows sliding doors French doors and entry doors you need to look at the glazing aspect. Double glazing refers to windows that have two sheets of glass that are sandwiched together to create one sturdy layer of glass. Double-glazed glass has excellent performance and is preferred to glass that is made from one sheet only. There is triple-glazed glass as well and this is made up of three sheets of glass. Using double-glazed glass for your windows and glass doors can improve the energy efficiency of the home. The space between the sheets is usually a vacuum and in other instances it is filled with a gas. This vacuum or gas-filled space prevents heat loss or gain through the windows or doors. As a result you do n’ t have to worry about losing heated or conditioned air from your home during the cold or hot season respectively. The triple-glazed glass is usually even more efficient but you can opt for double glazing as it’ s more affordable and sufficiently energy efficient.

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ACOUSTIC PERFORMANCE Windows and doors play a significant role in determining the acoustics of your home. If they have low performance they will be allowing noise from the street into your home. Most houses today have insulated walls and insulation plays a significant role in improving the acoustics of the home. However you still need to work on the doors and windows as well. When buying a wooden exterior door look for one tha t ’ s rated “ high acoustic performance. ” Some high- quality doors can filter up to 50 of the noise from the exterior space and keep your home quiet and comfortable. As for the windows and glass doors double-glazed ones do a great job of reducing noise from the surroundings. However check the framing as well. Get high-quality framing material tha t ’ s insulated to keep out the noise.

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SECURITY SCREENS As you shop around for new doors and windows you may come across the term “ sec urity screens. ” These refer to stainless steel mesh screens that are installed over doors and windows for three reasons: • To strengthen the door or window and prevent intruders from breaking through and accessing the home through the door or window. • To prevent bugs and insects from crawling or flying into the house when the doors or windows are open. • To allow fresh air into the home at night without compromising on security. Security screens are an essential security feature to consider when investing in doors and windows. They are quite sturdy due to the stainless steel construction and this means that one cannot cut through them easily. Also they allow air and light into the home. They are not intrusive like steel bars and will not adversely affect the aesthetics of your home. Security screens should be made-to-measure so that they can perfectly fit your home. Talk to an expert about taking measurements of your doors and windows so that you can get custom-made security screens for the exterior doors and windows.

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TEMPERED GLASS Safety is an essential consideration when installing glass fixtures in your home. When regular glass breaks it shatters into small pieces with sharp edges that can hurt anyone who steps on or touches them. Unfortunately accidents happen at home and when one that involves glass breakage occurs the safety of your household members may be jeopardized. You can keep your family safe around windows and doors by using tempered glass. Tempered glass is usually made through a process of excessive heating and rapid cooling. For this reason it is harder and more brittle than regular glass. When it breaks it shatters into little pebbles that have no sharp edges. The glass is harmless to anyone who touches or steps on it. Tempered glass windows are safer than conventional ones and you should consider these for your home.

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DYNAMIC GLASS Dynamic glass refers to a state-of-the-art window technology that was recently introduced into the market. It is also known as switchable or smart glass. Dynamic glass uses electrochromic technology to control solar gain. A transparent conductor is placed between the glass sheets. When an electric current is applied to the conductor it gradually darkens or lightens. Dynamic glass is usually controlled automatically. This tech can incredibly reduce energy costs in the home. During the day you can tint the glass to keep solar radiation from your home. When coupled with quality glass th at ’ s energy efficient this technology can take your windows and glass doors to the next level.

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EASY-CLEAN GLASS COATINGS Maintenance is an important factor to consider when buying glass for your windows and doors. Regular glass stains easily and requires frequent cleaning to keep it looking attractive. If you are not a cleaning enthusiast you may shy away from glass for this reason. Luckily there are products on the market that can ease the work for you. These are permanent coatings that can be applied on the surface of the glass. The coatings bond to the glass and cause dirt to sheet off rather than clean to the glass. They make cleaning easy and reduce the chances of spotting and clouding. There are various types of glass coating brands on the market today. As you buy glass ask about these coatings that make glass easy to clean and maintain its beautiful look for prolonged periods.

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HIGH-SECURITY HARDWARE Finally it is impossible to talk about doors and windows without mentioning the hardware. Door and window locking systems play a critical role in determining aesthetics and security levels. Therefore as you shop look out for high-security hardware. These are locking systems that are burglar deterrent. They may include automated locks deadbolts for the doors combination window locks side hinge units and many more. As aforementioned security screens can also go a long way in increasing the security of the doors and windows. Remember the hardware is only useful when used on high-quality door and window framing. Therefore choose your materials wisely as well. For wooden doors select high-end hardwood species such as mahogany and oak. Use high-quality wood for the door and window frames as well. When coupled together with high-security hardware the frames will make your doors and windows impenetrable.

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FINAL THOUGHTS Selecting doors and windows for your home is an engaging process. You need to strike a balance between aesthetics and functionality. Issues such as energy efficiency thermal performance acoustic performance glazing and security are critical when investing in new fixtures. Also you need to ensure that they fit correctly and are visually appealing. Understanding all these terminologies and working around them to find the best doors and windows can be overwhelming for most homeowners. Hometech Windows and Doors specialize in providing readymade and custom doors and windows at competitive prices. By opting for their doors and windows you not only get top-notch beauty and style but also high performance and functionality. Their windows and doors are manufactured by some of the best designers and engineers in the industry so rest assured that they will not only serve for long but will also withstand even severe climatic conditions. Besides their experts will handle the installation delivery and any customizations that you may need until you are satisfied. aThey are the biggest windows and door centre in Greater Edmonton and its environs so you will always get the style of door that you are looking for —whether it is insulated doors solid wood doors or fibreglass doors. Contact them today and talk to their specialists concerning your needs or visit their showroom at 18528 111 Avenue N.W the biggest in the whole of Edmonton. You can also book a free estimate by filling a small form on their website. Here is a link that you can use: estimate/. Give the company an opportunity to transform and modernize your home today

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