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VMware 2V0-41.19 VMware Professional NSX-T Data Center 2.4

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An NSX administrator wants to create a Tier-0 Gateway to support equal cost multi-path ECMP routing. Which failover detection protocol must be used to meet this requirement A. Host Standby Router Protocol HSRP B. Beacon Probing BP C. Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol VRRP D. Bidirectional Forwarding Detection BFD Answer: D Question NO 1 www.dumpspedia.net/2V0-41.19-exam-dumps.html

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An NSX administrator is troubleshooting a connectivity issue with virtual machines running on an ESXi transport node. Which feature in the NSX Manager Simplified UI shows the mapping between the virtual NIC and the hosts physical adapter A. N-VDS Visualization B. Activity Monitoring C. IPFIX D. Port Mirroring Answer: A Question NO 2 www.dumpspedia.net/2V0-41.19-exam-dumps.html

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An NSX administrator is applying QoS to guarantee bandwidth for critical production workloads. Which three actions must be taken Choose three. A. Edit the exported JSON file. B. Export transport node NIOC profile. C. Create a QoS segment profile. D. Specify QoS parameters. E. Change Segment QoS profile. F. Upload the JSON file and apply configuration. Answer: B C D Question NO 3 www.dumpspedia.net/2V0-41.19-exam-dumps.html

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Which two IP Discovery mechanisms are supports in KVM-environments Choose two. A. IGMP Snooping B. Packet Snooping C. DHCP Snooping D. ARP Snooping E. ND Snooping Answer: C D Question NO 4 www.dumpspedia.net/2V0-41.19-exam-dumps.html

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Which two commands are used to query the arp-table of a logical switch Choose two. A. get logical-switch logical-switch-uuid arp-table B. get logical-switch vni arp-table C. get logical-switch arp-table vni D. E. get logical-switch arp-table Answer: B C Question NO 5 www.dumpspedia.net/2V0-41.19-exam-dumps.html

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Which two commands could be used on an ESXI transport node to validate connectivity to the NSX Manager Choose two. A. nsxcli --cmd get manager status B. esxcli network ip connection list I grep rabbitmq C. nsxcli --cmd get managers D. nsxcli --cmd get manager connectivity status E. esxcli network ip connection list I grep 5671 Answer: B E Question NO 6 www.dumpspedia.net/2V0-41.19-exam-dumps.html

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Which two statements describe the characteristics of the Services Router SR component of a Tier-0 Gateway Choose two. A. Edge cluster is mandatory for SR to be created. B. SR can exist on both hypervisor transport nodes and Edge transport nodes. C. SR is automatically created when stateful services are enabled. D. Edge transport nodes are required for SR to be created. E. SR can be created from the NSX Advanced Networking Security tab in the UI. Answer: A E Question NO 7 www.dumpspedia.net/2V0-41.19-exam-dumps.html

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Which is correct when deploying a NSX Edge in a KVM only environment A. deploy NSX Edge VM with QCOW2 image B. deploy NSX Edge VM with ISO image C. deploy NSX Edge on a bare-metal server D. deploy NSX Edge VM with OVF template Answer: A Question NO 8 www.dumpspedia.net/2V0-41.19-exam-dumps.html

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