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Salesforce CRT-550 Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Consultant Exam

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CRT-550 Dumps Questions CRT-550 Dumps Questions and Answers

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Question NO 1 Collect addresses through Smartcapture segment the data send emails referencing data from a data extension. What skillset is needed A. AMPScript B. HTML C. CSS D. SQL Answer: D

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Question NO 2 A user in the MC wants to use salesforce custom object data for segmenting and personalization. How should the consultant approach this requirement A. Export report data from the sales cloud and import into a marketing cloud synchronized data extension. Use a filter activity to produce a sendable data extension. Create an email send activity in Automation Studio B. Sync contact and custom objects with Data Stream and send from Synchronized Data Extension with Salesforce email send. Ensure there is a lookup relationship to a contact or lead record. C. Create a custom report type that contains the contact or lead ID email address and custom object data then from the marketing cloud import into a Salesforce Data extension. Use AMPScript in the email to call data D. Map the custom objects to the profile center and use the email editor to insert the custom data. Create a user- initiated send to associate the email to the largest audience and return tracking data. Answer: C

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Question NO 3 Northern Trail Outfitters NTO wants to better understand subscriber behavior on their website upon arrival via an email message. A local member of a Marketing Cloud user group mentioned the Web Analytics Connector. Which benefit is offered by installing the Web Analytics Connector in a Marketing Cloud account Choose 3 answers A. Use the web analytics platform to trigger behavioral remarketing emails. B. Track web activity from a click on an email URL back to a specific email campaign. C. Pass web conversion data back into Marketing Cloud for use in email reporting. D. Recognize web traffic as originating from email instead of another channel. E. Match subscribers to web activity by passing Subscriber ID through email links. Answer: B D E

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Question NO 4 Which three statements about Send Log Data is correct A. Uses Measures filters and programs B. Accessed using query C. Can be viewed in standard report D. Can be stored for periods of time E. Added to a standard view Answer: A B D

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Question NO 5 A customer executes a large number of sends via Marketing Cloud Connect and is concerned about API Limits. What should the consultant suggest to minimise the impact of Marketing Cloud Connect on daily API limits Choose 2 A. Filter target audiences based on mapped profile attributes to reduce Bulk API calls B. Upgrade the Marketing Cloud Account to ConnectedApp Authentification C. Use Data Stream to sync object data into a Data Extension in the Marketing Cloud D. Share Sales Cloud user licenses across Marketing Cloud users Answer: A D

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Question NO 6 A consultant is configuring Marketing Cloud Connect in Marketing Cloud. The customer requires that integrated users only have access to Sales Cloud data visible to them in their Salesforce account. How would the consultant ensure that this requirement is met A. Check the Scope by User box in Marketing Cloud. B. Create a User in Sales Cloud with a System Administrator Profile. C. Ensure that the User has the correct profile in Marketing Cloud. D. Ensure that the User is assigned as System Administrator in Sales Cloud. Answer: A

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Question NO 7 A customer wants to automate a series of three emails as part of a Membership renewal drip campaign. Email 1 will be sent one month prior to the members renewal date Email 2 will be sent one week prior to the members renewal date Email 3 will be sent on the members renewal date A master audience is updated in real time via the API Which steps should be included in the customers automation A. Import activity - Three filter activities - Three send definitions to the filtered audiences B. Three send definitions to the master data extension C. Import activity - Three send definitions to the master data extension D. Three filter activities - Three send definitions to the filtered audiences Answer: D

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Question NO 8 Northern Trail Outfitters NTO experienced a 24-hour website outage beginning on a peak shopping day as a result a number of logged-in customers shopping sessions were disrupted. When the site is back online the retailer would like to encourage those shoppers to return the site and continue their shopping. What action should NTO take Select One A. Import a file of logged-in customers into NTOs existing abandoned cart journey in Journey builder. B. Do not send an email as outage may have increased negative sentiment resulting in unsubscribes. C. Create a user-initiated message to logged-in customers to send once the website is restarted D. Create and send an apology email that includes a discount for a future purchase to all customers. Answer: C

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Question NO 9 Northern Trail Outfitters NTO has doubled in size over the last couple of years. Because of this growth they have decided to organize their company into Business Units to better manage operations. Which statement is correct regarding the Business Unit functionality within Marketing Cloud Choose 2 answers A. Business Units can have more than one parent Business Unit. B. Subscribers can only appear in one Business Unit. C. Business Units can mirror an organizations operational structure. D. Business Units can share information with other Business Units. Answer: C D

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Question NO 10 What statements are correct regarding Attribute Groups Choose 2 answers A. They link data extensions to subscriber lists. B. They link data extensions to contacts. C. They link data extensions to other data extensions. D. They link subscriber lists to contacts. Answer: B C

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CRT-550 Dumps Questions CRT-550 Dumps Questions and Answers

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