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HP HPE6-A67 Aruba Certified ClearPass Associate 6.7

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Don’t you want to succeed in your first attempt at getting Aruba Certified ClearPass Associate ACCA V6.7 certification If so then grab on this chance to train better with Dumpspedia. We will provide you with all the basic essential to ace the exam in just one try given that you train through our Aruba Certified ClearPass Associate 6.7 Practice Exam Dumps there is nothing that can stop you from passing. We have specially collaborated with high professionals to get you these fantastic HP HPE6-A67 Practice Test Questions. HPE6-A67 Dumps Questions HPE6-A67 Questions Answers Dumps

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You don’t need to take any stress about your HPE6-A67 Dumps Questions. We will provide you latest updated test engine and some demo questions and answers of HPE6-A67 Exam Dumps here. HPE6-A67 Dumps Questions HPE6-A67 Questions Answers Dumps

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HPE6-A67 Dumps Questions HPE6-A67 Questions Answers Dumps

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Question NO 1 What is the purpose of ClearPass Onboarding A. to remotely control devices B. to provision and revoke device credentials C. to control loT device access D. to manage firmware and patches Answer: B www.dumpspedia.com/HPE6-A67-dumps-questions.html

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Question NO 2 Your boss suggests that you configure a guest self-registration page in ClearPass for the Conference Events SSID Which advantages will this give Select two. A. It will allow guest users to create a login account for the web login page. B. It will stop employees from putting their corporate devices on the event network. C. It will allow employees to get their own devices securely connected to the network. D. It will allow the Conference center to collect extra information about the guest. E. It can be pre-loaded with guest information from the conference registration. Answer: A D www.dumpspedia.com/HPE6-A67-dumps-questions.html

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Question NO 3 Which collectors can help to distinguish between an iPhone and an iPad Setect Two. A. RADIUS B. MAC OUI C. TCP header capture D. HTTP E. IF-MAP Answer: C D www.dumpspedia.com/HPE6-A67-dumps-questions.html

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Question NO 4 When using an Active Directory authentication source you must configure a Bind DN Which two statements are true about Bind DN Select two. A. The Bind DN needs to be a Service Account Type B. The Bind DN must be an Administrator Account. C. ClearPass Uses the Bind DN to search the Directory. D. ClearPass Uses the Bind DN to update User Attributes. E. The Bind DN needs Read/Write access to the Directory. Answer: B C www.dumpspedia.com/HPE6-A67-dumps-questions.html

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Question NO 5 An organization wants to ensure a clients antivirus is installed and up-to-date prior to allowing guest network access which ClearPass feature can be used to meet the organizations requirement A. OnGuard with Persistent Agent B. ClearPass Onboard with sponsorship C. Guest with sponsor approval D. Guest with serf-registration Answer: C www.dumpspedia.com/HPE6-A67-dumps-questions.html

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Question NO 6 Select three elements that are part of the authorization process. Select three. A. Send a RADIUS accept to the Access device. B. Verify client credentials against your account. C. Determine posture status. D. Validate the user account attributes. E. Filter by endpoint device type. Answer: B C D www.dumpspedia.com/HPE6-A67-dumps-questions.html

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Question NO 7 What is the primary use of the ClearPass Onboard Application A. Connect company-issued devices. B. Configure network profiles for BYOD Devices. C. Enforce endpoint device profiling. D. Provide for system validation of client posture. Answer: A www.dumpspedia.com/HPE6-A67-dumps-questions.html

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Question NO 8 What is RADIUS Change of Authorization A. It allows ClearPass to change the user role for the client without disconnecting. B. It allows ClearPass to transmit messages to the NAD/NAS to modify a users session status. C. It forces the client to re-authenticate upon roaming to an access point. D. It is a mechanism that allows ClearPass to assign a new VLAN to a wired user. Answer: B www.dumpspedia.com/HPE6-A67-dumps-questions.html

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Question NO 9 Which statements describe subnet scans for static IP device discovery Select two. A. To run an On-Demand Subnet Scan you must first configure a subnet scan in the profile settings. B. The On-Demand option provides the ability to trigger a one-time scan in specified network subnets C. The On-Demand option provides the ability to scan and profile devices only with static IP. D. Only SNMP can be used for subnet scans for subnets configured for DHCP. E. Subnet scans can be scheduled to execute a scan every 24 hrs for configured subnets. Answer: B E www.dumpspedia.com/HPE6-A67-dumps-questions.html

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HPE6-A67 Dumps Questions HPE6-A67 Questions Answers Dumps

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