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Amazon Web Services CLF-C01 AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

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CLF-C01 Braindumps CLF-C01 Dumps Questions

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Question NO 1 Which AWS service provides a customized view of the health of specific AWS services that power a customer’s workload running on AWS A. AWS Services Health Dashboard B. AWS X-Ray C. AWS Personal Health Dashboard D. Amazon CloudWatch Answer: A

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Question NO 2 How do customers benefit from Amazons massive economies of scale A. Periodic price reductions as the result of Amazons operational efficiencies B. New Amazon EC2 instance types providing the latest hardware C. The ability to scale up and down when needed D. increased reliability in the underlying hardware of Amazon EC2 instances Answer: A

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Question NO 3 Which AWS Cost Management tool allows you to view the most granular data about your AWS bill A. AWS Cost Explorer B. AWS Budgets C. AWS Cost and Usage report D. AWS Billing dashboard Answer: C

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Question NO 4 What is the benefit of using AWS managed services such as Amazon ElastiCache and Amazon Relational Database Service Amazon RDS A. They require the customer to monitor and replace tailing instances. B. They have better performance than customer-managed services. C. They simplify patching and updating underlying OSs D. They do not require the customer to optimize instance type or size selections Answer: C

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Question NO 5 Which of the following is a component of the shred responsibility model managed entirely by AWS A. Patching operating system software B. Encrypting data C. Encryption multi-trac authentication Answer: A

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Question NO 6 A solution that is able to support growth in users traffic or data size with no drop in performance aligns with which cloud architecture principle A. Think parallel B. Implement elasticity C. Decouple your components D. Design for failure Answer: B

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Question NO 7 Which of the following is a benefit of using the AWS Cloud A. Permissive security removes the administrative burden. B. Ability to focus on revenue-generating activities. C. Control over cloud network hardware. D. Choice of specific cloud hardware vendors. Answer: B

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Question NO 8 A customer is using multiple AWS accounts with separate billing. How can the customer take advantage of volume discounts with minimal impact to the AWS resources A. Create one global AWS account and move all AWS resources to that account B. Sign up for three years of Reserved Instance pricing up front C. Use the consolidated billing feature from AWS Organizations. D. Sign up for the AWS Enterprise support plan to get volume discounts. Answer: C

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Question NO 9 If a customer needs to audit the change of AWS resources which of the following AWS services should the customer use A. AWS Config B. AWS Trust Advisor C. Amazon CloudWatch D. Amazon Inspector Answer: D

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Question NO 10 Which AWS support plan includes a dedicated Technical Account Manager A. Developer B. Enterprise C. Business D. Basic Answer: B

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CLF-C01 Braindumps CLF-C01 Dumps Questions

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