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Huawei H35-210 HCIA-Access V2.0

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H35-210 Questions Answers Dumps H35-210 Dumps Questions

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Question NO 1 single Which of the following does not belong to the ONT product A. HG510V B. HG8010 C. HG8245 D. HG8247 Answer: A www.dumpspedia.com/H35-210-dumps-questions.html

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Question NO 2 single Is the following description correct The larger the return loss the better. In general the return loss of APC is greater than that of PC type connector. A. True B. False Answer: A www.dumpspedia.com/H35-210-dumps-questions.html

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Question NO 3 single Which of the following scenarios can the HG8245 product use A. Outdoor type B. Family user type C. SBU commercial user type D. MINI-DSLAM Answer: B www.dumpspedia.com/H35-210-dumps-questions.html

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Question NO 4 single What kind of remote acceptance function does the MA5600T/MA5680T still support A. FTP simulation test B. DHCP simulation test C. V oice call simulation test D. BTV simulation test Answer: A www.dumpspedia.com/H35-210-dumps-questions.html

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Question NO 6 single Is the following description correct The MA5600T/MA5680T GPON Internet service simplification method optimizes the number of templates and complex configurations in the template mode reducing user configuration workload and post-maintenance costs. The simplified mode currently only supports the GPON FTTH scenario. For the newly created GPON FTTH scenario and scenarios with low QoS requirements the simplified mode can be used for service configuration. A. True B. False Answer: A www.dumpspedia.com/H35-210-dumps-questions.html

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Question NO 8 single The default tag conversion rule that is the tag-transform is set to default of the MA5600T for the three different attributes of the VLAN that is common QinQ and stacking. Which of the following is incorrect A. The default mode of all QinQ VLAN traffic flows is add B. common vlan service flow for the service flow without tag the default is add for the service flow with tag defaults to translate C. stacking vlan service flow the default is add-double for tags without tag the default for translate- and-add for tagged traffic D. None of the above Answer: D www.dumpspedia.com/H35-210-dumps-questions.html

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Question NO 9 single By default which type of queue is the queue scheduling mode on the OLT A. WRR B. PQ C. WFQ D. CQ Answer: B www.dumpspedia.com/H35-210-dumps-questions.html

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Question NO 10 multiple When the MA5600T is newly deployed and connected to the network management what are the following descriptions correct A. The IP address of the interface used by the A.MA5600T must be on the same network segment as the network management IP address. B. The SNMP version should be configured the same as the U2000 side. C. The configuration of reading the community name and the writing community name is the same as that of the network management side. D. Add a static route the destination address is the network segment where the network management IP is located. Answer: B C D www.dumpspedia.com/H35-210-dumps-questions.html

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H35-210 Questions Answers Dumps H35-210 Dumps Questions

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