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EMC DES-6332 Specialist - Systems Administrator VxRail Appliance Exam

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Did You Know DES-6332 Practice Dumps DES-6332 Dumps Questions

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Question NO 1 What are all the activities that can be performed from the Node Information panel of the VxRail Manager Physical back view of a VxRail E series node A. Replace Disks Shut down B. Add Disks Shut down Toggle Chassis LED C. Replace Disks Shut down D. Toggle Chassis LED Add Disks Toggle Disk LEDs Answer: A

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Question NO 2 Which VxRail model series supports only hybrid disks A. S Series B. P Series C. E Series D. G series Answer: A

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Question NO 3 Which level of data protection can be configured across sites in a VxRail Stretched Cluster A. RAID1 B. RAID 5 C. RAID 1/0 D. RAID 6 Answer: D

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Question NO 4 Which software component is used to collect real-time log activity for VxRail A. Platform Services Controller B. vRealize Log Insight C. vCenter D. VxRail Manager Answer: A

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Question NO 5 A VxRail administrator has been asked to configure fault domains for an All-Flash VxRail cluster The application VMs must be able to tolerate two failures and use capacity as efficiently as possible. What is the minimum number of fault domains that must be configured A. 4 B. 5 C. 6 D. 7 Answer: C

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Question NO 6 The VxRail administrator has been given the task of migrating the current production environment to a VxRail cluster with external block storage. The VMs must remain online during the migration. Which VMware feature can be used A. Storage vMotion B. vMotion C. VMware Converter Software D. High Availability Answer: A

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Question NO 7 A VxRail administrator wants to search for VxRail related knowledge base articles through the VxRail Manager user interface Which action must the administrator perform to use this feature A. Register for a VxRail Community login and set the credentials in VxRail Manager B. Work with Dell EMC to register the VxRail appliance in the Install Database C. Set the Dell EMC Support username and password in VxRail Manager D. Configure proxy settings in VxRail Manager for access to the Internet Answer: A

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Question NO 8 You are a VxRail system administrator and have received an email alert that a power failure on the VxRail has occurred. You contact Dell EMC Support and they ask you to run VxRail system diagnostics and send them a log. Under which tab in VxRail Manager can you find the appropriate Diagnostics button A. System Diagnostic B. System Health C. Config Health D. Config General Answer: D

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Question NO 9 As a VxRail administrator you must determine how long the rebuild will take after experiencing a hardware failure in the cluster. Where could you locate this information in the vSphere Web Client A. Monitor vSAN Physical Disks B. Monitor vSAN Resyncing Components C. Monitor vSAN Health D. Monitor vSAN Virtual Objects Answer: A

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Question NO 10 A VxRail administrator wants to monitor vSAN Backend IOPS Throughput and Latency in the vSphere Web Client What must be turned on to monitor these metrics A. vSAN Performance Service B. vSAN Health Service C. vSphere Distributed Resource Scheduler D. vSAN Disk Management Answer: C

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DES-6332 Practice Dumps DES-6332 Dumps Questions

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