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Starting in 1979, International Star Registry made the heavens available to anyone wishing to name a star that had only been numbered in previous star catalogs. The star names are indexed alphabetically in our star catalog with their telescopic coordinates and are permanently recorded in our published.


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International Star Registry :

International Star Registry starRegistry

International Star Registry:

International Star Registry The International Star Registry offers customers with unique opportunities to name your own star. T here are billions of stars in the universe, the Star Registry has star-naming kits that allow you to single out one of these distant celestial orbs to call your own. Whether you decide to name a star after yourself, surprise someone special. The star-naming kit allows you to find a star, view its coordinates and receive a map as to where it exactly it lives in the sky.

Product Catalog:

Product Catalog A wide variety of gift packages to name a star available, each offering its own special qualities, you’re sure to find a perfect choice for anyone in love with the stars. These products available in our catalog. 1. Star Naming kit 2 . Photographic sky charts 3 . Black framing star naming kit


4. Heirloom Star naming kit 5. Star couple 6 . Star Gift Certificates 7 . Personalized Items 8 . Pet Rocks

Gifts A Star:

Gifts A Star Boy’s Birthday Gift Girls Birthday Gift Newborn baby Gift Anniversary Gift Baby Shower Gifts

Our Client’s are:

Our Client’s are Prince William and Kate Middleton named in 2010. President George Bush star named in 2016. Coretta Scott star named in 2002. Princess Diana star named in 1997. President Barack Obama star named in 2009.


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