Field Trip

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Instructional Presentation by Jeremiah


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Field Trip:

Field Trip Instructional Strategy Prepared for PIDP 3205 By Jeremiah Williamson


Definition Field Trip or excursion is a journey by a group of people to a place away form their normal environment . “Wikipedia”

Types of Programs:

Types of Programs Arts, Medical, Sciences, Business and Trades Adult Professional Development

Intent of Strategy:

Intent of Strategy Course – Related Realia Experience Invigorate the subject matter Application of Theory Create Community in the group

Setting of Field Trips:

Setting of Field Trips Museums, Medical Institutions, Municipal Facilities Environmental Facilities Hydro Generation Plants Virtual Field Trips – Internet

Learning Styles:

Learning Styles


Disadvantages Time Sensitive subject Matter Lack of Student Enthusiasm Transportation Outcomes/Evaluation

Student’s Role:

Student’s Role Pre-knowledge of material Pre-Trip Activities Focused Reflection Answer questionnaire or field notes Protocol Summary

Educator’s Role:

Educator’s Role Logistics of the trip Prepare the students for tour Provide assignments Participate in the tour Conclusion of trip

Personal Examples of Application:

Personal Examples of Application Water Treatment Plants Hydro Generation Dams Construction Sites – New homes Community Projects – Firefighter Museum


Summary Pre- Planning Student Involvement Allowing enough time Learning benefits Experience

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