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Sunday, 25 October 2009 : 

Sunday, 25 October 2009 To : HR Manager, BuyIT Marketing By : Justin Turnbull Personal Effectiveness Presentation

Introduction : 

The Purpose of This Report Identify personal characteristics Assess likely success as co-workers Make recommendations to facilitate a successful team Introduction

Personal Characteristics : 

Identify personality traits and preferences. 4 areas of testing: Learning Styles Interaction Styles Personality Assessment Self-monitoring Levels Personal Characteristics

Learning Styles : 

4 indicator tests to show learning style preferences Efficient Learning. Does not reflect on learning ability or strength. Many people can use different styles at times. Learning Styles

Learning Styles Results : 

Justin and Suzanne shared common preferences: Left-brain preference Visual/Non-verbal preference Multimodal learning abilities Learning Styles Results Conclusions Process information sequentially and logically Visual aids promote better processing Prefer an individual, quiet work environment

Interaction Styles : 

Preferred methods of interaction and communication. Significant effect on team performance. Poor Group Interaction/Communication Poor Exchange of Information Poor Team Performance Interaction Styles

Interaction Styles Results : 

1st Preference - ‘Chart-the-Course’ 2nd Preference - ‘Behind-the-Scenes’ Conclusions. Formulate plans to stay on track Make informed decisions for best results Calm and patient manner Justin may not involve others Suzanne may lack assertion Interaction Styles Results

Personality Assessment : 

Identify personality traits. Personality traits are the result of : Inherent factors Environmental factors Traits can be modified. Personality Assessment

Personality Assessment Results : 

Common traits: Dependable and organised Practical and efficient Reactive and independent. Introversion – effect on interaction? Personality Assessment Results

Self-monitoring Levels : 

Self assessment of personality, preferences, behaviour and motivation. Addresses strengths and weaknesses. Facilitates personal and professional development. Results: Both Justin and Suzanne have reasonable self monitoring levels Self-monitoring Levels

Summary of Assessment : 

Very similar personalities. Key shared characteristics Multimodal learners with visual preference. Focussed on making informed decisions and plans. Organised, dependable and efficient. Calm and patient manner. Independent, private – introverted. Possible lack of assertion. Reasonable self-monitors. Summary of Assessment

Recommendations : 

Encourage/facilitate interaction. Promote tasks that capitalize on their identified strengths. Provide a quiet work environment. Encourage further personal development. Recommendations

Further information..... : 

Please consult the written report for a detailed list of the indicators used, test results and full recommendations. Further information.....

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