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JPC Kids is Jonesboro Pediatric clinic and the leading Children's clinic in Jonesboro AR. Our clinic is well-equipped and has skilled pediatricians for children's complete healthcare. We provide monthly vaccination schedules for the patients.


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R e g u l a r w e l l h e a l t h c h e c k u p PEDIATRICIANS JONESBORO AR

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A n important way to track your childs health physical emotional and social development are regular checkups. The visits are important for all children even children and youth with special health care needs who may also be under the care of specialists. The conversations can range from sharing your successes and milestones to overall concerns about child development to challenges in daily routines. Think of these visits as your chance to learn as much as you can to help your child grow. By focusing on your childs growth and learning both you and your health care professional make sure your child is developing as expected. Your family and health care professional on a partnership based on respect trust honest communication and understanding your familys culture and tradition Regular well health check up

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Make notes about what youve noticed about your childs health and development. Include any changes in behavior or family routines. Write a list of questions. You will have time to ask them during your visit. You have any questions ask the most important ones first and plan for another time for a long discussion. Gather information that might be helpful for your health care professional. Share information from school such as your chids individualized Education Program or childcare to help your health care professional learn more about your child. To get the most out of your time with the health careteam during the visit take a few simple steps toprepare. How to prepare for the well-child visit For example:

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Determining whether your child has any health concerns Offering ways to keep your child from developing health concerns Providing support for your childs overall health and well-being Talking through health information and offering advice What to expect during your visit A well-child visit is a chance to get regular updates about your childs health and development. Your health care team will take measurements conduct a head-to-toe examination update immunization and offer you a chance to talk with your health care professional.

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