The London Eye

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Find out how ICT is used at the London Eye, one of the UK's biggest tourist attractions.


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The London Eye : 

The London Eye

About the company : 

The London Eye is owned by British Airways Is operated by the Tussauds Group It aims to provide visitors with a high quality leisure experience Their need is to make a profit - after operating and maintenance costs About the company

Booking online : 

Web based Managed by another company Tickets purchased online can be posted for an extra charge Most tickets are collected from the ticket machines in the booking Hall Booking online

Booking hall : 

Visitors who have not pre-booked tickets can purchase tickets from the booking hall located inside the County Hall building Booking hall

Buying tickets in the booking hall : 

Buying tickets in the booking hall An automated queuing system is in operation in the booking hall

Buying tickets in the booking hall : 

Buying tickets in the booking hall Payments made by credit card are processed using a chip and pin machine.

Buying tickets in the booking hall : 

Buying tickets in the booking hall Staff in the booking hall use computer terminals with TFT monitors - staff are accessing the same booking system as customers access online - only they have enhanced access privileges. These are called:

Tickets : 

Tickets are blank on one side and are printed when payment is made with the date, flight time, ticket type and a barcode. Tickets purchased from the internet state "internet booking" tickets purchased from a person in the booking hall have the name of the person who served you printed on them. Tickets

Sample ticket : 

Sample ticket

Boarding : 

After buying a ticket you join the boarding queue. London Eye aim to have a queue no longer than 30 minutes at any time Boarding

Ticket checking : 

Ticket checking Tickets are scanned by a radio frequency barcode scanner to check that they are valid Staff manually check that the ticket type matches the ticket holder - i.e. that a child's ticket is not being offered by an adult. All passengers on a flight are issued a ticket - even under fives who go free.

Security : 

Security Boarding passengers are scanned with a metal detector. Manual security checks are done for unidentified metal objects and for bags.


CCTV Passengers in the queue and around the boarding area are monitored by CCTV cameras.

Boarding : 

As the capsule reaches the boarding platform the doors open and the passengers leave There is a manual, mirror security scan done of the capsule Passengers waiting to board a capsule need to line up behind electronic barriers As the capsule moves past sensors automatically open the barriers Boarding

The capsule : 

Inside the capsule there is a variety of technology to ensure maximum security and enjoyment of the flight. This includes: Smoke detectors Climate Control Security cameras Intercom system The capsule

Embedded systems : 

Embedded systems In the ceiling you can see circuitry and security cameras Smoke detectors are also mounted on the ceiling

Intercom system : 

Intercom system Capsules are fitted with an intercom system which allows communication with the control room in case of an emergency. The speaker in this system is also used to play automated messages during the flight - one such message is played when the capsule is approaching the photo point to allow people to have a souvenir photo taken.

Souvenir photos : 

Souvenir photos Photographs are taken automatically at either end of the capsule - these can be purchased after leaving the eye (See sales section). Digital imaging systems are used to ensure a quick turnover of photos.

Control : 

The control room of is located directly in front of the wheel Someone reads the information sent to the computers from the Eye. Control

Sales : 

Sales at the London Eye fall into three areas: Tickets Souvenirs gifts Sales The gift shop is located by the queuing area for the Eye and stocks a range of London Eye souvenirs' ranging in price from 50p to a few hundred pounds. As with the other areas a computerised EPOS system is used with a credit card machine and till drawer.

Photos : 

Photos When you are nearing the end of your flight on the London Eye a photograph is taken of the passengers in the capsule. As you disembark from the Eye you then arrive at the photo booth where digital images of the photographs taken are displayed. If you wish to purchase the photo it is printed using a photo printer, one colour at a time and then you pay by cash or credit card. The EPOS system used here is the same as in the booking hall, computers linked to credit card machines and till drawers process the transaction and produce your receipt.

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