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IAVE National Volunteer Centre-Bangladesh Centre For Development Services (CDS) 38/1, Block-F, Ring Road, Shyamoli, Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh. Tel:(88-02)9127507,9120152 Fax:(88-02) 8115512 email: & Welcome to the presentation of Country Report BANGLADESH

Table of Contents: 

Table of Contents Introduction and Background Strategic Plan Structure of IAVE-Bangladesh Locations of IAVE Centres in Bangladesh Activities of IAVE Bangladesh Challenges and Lessons Learnt IAVE BANGLADESH

Background Information: 

Background Information Bangladesh has long history of voluntarism e.g., liberation war, natural and social disaster , etc. at family, community and state levels. Mary Ripley ,Margaret Bell and Kenn Allen visited Bangladesh to witnessed the voluntary activities Centre for Development Services (CDS) was chosen by IAVE Board as National IAVE Centre –Bangladesh in 1995 Bangladesh has more than 3000 NGOs working in deferent social sector with the help of huge number of volunteers. Some of these NGOs have been selected as Local Volunteer Centre and Regional Volunteer Centres. Till date we have around 20 international members. The numbers are reducing for various reasons. IAVE BANGLADESH

Strategic Plan for IAVE-Bangladesh: 

Strategic Plan for IAVE-Bangladesh The strategic plan has been developed after series of exercises. Salient features of strategic plan are; Vision: A sustainable Volunteer Resource Centre Mission Promote Volunteering nationwide by establishing Local, Regional volunteer Centre and to build capacity of volunteer centres for strengthening Volunteer network and activities in the light of World IAVE Mission statement. Goal By the end of 2010 IAVE-Bangladesh will be a pioneering organization for strengthening Volunteering in the country in line with World IAVE. Strategies Conducting training on Volunteer management Provide dynamic leadership for promoting volunteerism within the country. Undertaking country wide program through its RVC and LVCs Mobilizing resources within the country and outside the country to make IAVE - Bangladesh a sustainable institution Maintain good Communication and Liaison with World IAVE, Regional Coordinator and other countries. IAVE BANGLADESH


Operational Structure of IAVE -Bangladesh National IAVE Centre Governed by the elected representatives from Regional and Local Volunteer centre Regional Volunteer Centre(RVC) Governed by the elected representatives from local centres and members Local Volunteer Centre (LVC) Governed by the elected representatives of local members World IAVE Secretariat Community Based Activities BANGLADESH IAVE


Location of Regional Volunteer Centres (RVCs) and Local Volunteer Centres (LVCs) IAVE BANGLADESH

Activities of National Volunteer Centre : 

Activities of National Volunteer Centre IAVE -Bangladesh has already established two Regional Volunteer Centres (RVC) and 11 Local Volunteer Centres (LVC). Conducted orientation for RVC and LVCs as well as newly recruited volunteers Prepare strategic plan Plan for National Workshop Drive to recruit more international Volunteers A total of eight meetings were held Communication with World IAVE Conducted a diploma course on Volunteer management with the help of AusAid and Asia Pacific School of Volunteer Management (APSVM) IAVE BANGLADESH

Activities of Regional Volunteer Centres (RVCs): 

Activities of Regional Volunteer Centres (RVCs) Two Regional Volunteer Centres (RVC) namely, Voluntary Association for Rural development (VARD), located at the divisional headquarter, Sylhet, and Young Power in Social Action (YPSA) in Chittagong, who have undertaken different activities , some of the activities are; Capacity building workshop for Community Volunteers A total of 10 days long workshop on Capacity building of Volunteers were conducted by regional Volunteer Centre (RVC) A total of 200 participants attended out of which most of them are from local volunteers and from other civil society groups, i, e, Journalist, Social worker, opinion leaders etc. Representatives from National Volunteer Centre played the facilitators role in the workshop. Tree Plantation RVC distributed 1080 fruit bearing and other plants among 500 rural poor women. The plants were distributed free of cost. Volunteer training for Rural Youth: A 3-day long training were provided in 10 batches. 100 volunteers participated in the said training. IAVE BANGLADESH

Activities of Regional Volunteer Centres (RVC): 

Activities of Regional Volunteer Centres (RVC) Legal Aid Training Legal Aid training was conducted for the group leaders for 5 days. Three sessions were held where 30 participants attended the training. Tube well repairing & distribution IAVE volunteers of RVC have repaired 42 tube wells and installed 20 new Tube-wells to ensure safe drinking water for 400 families of 10 villages Support to Flood victims The Centres provided services to flood victims in the form building houses and rehabilitation of the victims. Day Observance The RVC s have taken initiatives to observe different days like, World Volunteer day, World Health Day, International Language Day, Human Rights day, "World AIDS day“ etc. IAVE BANGLADESH

Activities of Local Volunteer Centres (LVCs): 

Activities of Local Volunteer Centres (LVCs) Workshop on Volunteering and Volunteer Centre Management Several workshops were conducted on volunteering and volunteer centre Management by the Local Volunteer centres. What is IAVE (emergence, background, network , etc) Vision of World IAVE Mission & Strategies of IAVE for celebrating IYV 2001 Vision of IAVE-Bangladesh and its strategies for 2001 What is volunteering? Why should we volunteer? Benefits to volunteer. Responsibilities of a volunteer Who are young volunteers? Recruitment of Membership both national and International Roles and Functions of Local volunteer centre (LVC). Job Description of Local Volunteer Centre Representative Operational structure of IAVE - Bangladesh IAVE BANGLADESH

Activities of Local Volunteer Centres (LVCs): 

Activities of Local Volunteer Centres (LVCs) Volunteer Teachers There are more than 600 Volunteer teachers who identify school drop out children and provide them Non-Formal Education (NFE). Peer Volunteer A total of 120 peer volunteers from among the sex workers are proving volunteer counselling to other sex workers on the prevention of HIV/AIDS as well as establishing their basic rights in the society. Scale up the behavioural change activities and health promotion interventions for high risk behaviours and vulnerable groups, seeking to achieve a high coverage; Reduce discrimination of those infected with HIV, or groups engaging in high risk behaviours, by creating and enabling environment through implementation of appropriate advocacy, policies and related measure IAVE BANGLADESH

Challenges and Lessons Learnt: 

Challenges and Lessons Learnt Challenges Recruitment of International member is a big challenge Respect and Recognition of Volunteers Rich people do not want to involved in volunteering Lessons Learnt International Members should get due attention from both national and International IAVE Mobilisation of local resources can make a big difference in the national as well as international volunteering. IAVE BANGLADESH


Wishing you all a very happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year 2008 IAVE-Bangladesh

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