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Bilingual Education : 

Jasmine Patterson Bilingual Education

Bilingual Education : 

Bilingual Education Con mi investigación y experiencia, he realizado que la educación bilingüe es muy beneficiosa para los estudiantes jóvenes. Through my research and experience, I have realized that bilingual education is very beneficial for young students.

What is bilingual education? : 

What is bilingual education? Bilingual education involves teaching most subjects in school through two different languages. In many countries, a second language, and sometimes a third, is taught in primary school. In public schools of the United States, a second language is offered in high school.

Bilingual Education in the U.S. : 

Bilingual Education in the U.S. The bilingual education system that is currently in place in the U.S. is inadequate because a second language is not introduced until high school.

Bilingualism Improves Academics : 

Bilingualism Improves Academics The best time to learn a language is from ages 2-10. During this time, children are developing language skills at a rapid rate. Bilingualism helps students to gain language skills and an understanding of grammar in both languages. Studies prove that students who learn bilingually have higher test scores in English, math, science, and history.

Monolingualism is Outdated : 

Monolingualism is Outdated Rubén G. Rumbaut, a Professor of Sociology at the University of California, stated that “Monolingualism is a curable disease”. Many countries around the world, including the ones that have an official language, have advanced bilingual education systems. Canada, Israel, Israel, and the majority of European countries all have bilingual education systems. 60-75% of the world is bilingual

The U.S. is Multicultural : 

The U.S. is Multicultural The U.S. is a country of opportunities for everyone. Many different ethnicities and cultures exist in the United States. The U.S. has been a country of many different languages for hundreds of years. Bilingual education helps to introduce different cultures to students, and encourages tolerance among different ethnic groups.

Bilingualism Opens Doors : 

Bilingualism Opens Doors There are currently about 33 million Hispanic people in the US, and that number is expected to triple over the next 40 years. The need for bilingual proficiency in the workplace is greatly increasing. Bilingualism opens up job opportunities both in the United States and worldwide.

Circulo de Amigos : 

Circulo de Amigos I teach Spanish for a local after-school program called “Circulo de Amigos”, or “Circle of Friends”. This bilingual education program has shown me the enthusiasm that children have for learning a second language. I learn along with the children as I teach them.

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