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6th Grade World Book Encyclopedia Lesson


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Introduction to Encyclopedias : 

Introduction to Encyclopedias South Scranton Intermediate School Mrs. Lloyd 6th Grade

What is an encyclopedia? : 

What is an encyclopedia? “A book or set of books containing articles on various topics, usually in alphabetical arrangement, covering all branches of knowledge or, less commonly, all aspects of one subject.” –www.dictionary.com

When would I use an encyclopedia? : 

When would I use an encyclopedia? When you need general background information on a topic! An encyclopedia will NOT include as much information as a textbook. It is a place to start your search. Try it instead of Google!

World Book Encyclopedia : 

World Book Encyclopedia “World Book is a tool for learning—a general encyclopedia that tells about people, places, things, events and ideas. It provides accurate information that is easy to find and easy to understand.” –World Book, Volume 1

World Book Encyclopedia : 

World Book Encyclopedia First published in 1917 Revised version published every year Currently 22 volumes Designed for students in elementary school through high school Over 3,800 people are involved with writing and checking the articles Topics are arranged alphabetically

World Book Articles : 

World Book Articles Text Visual aides (photos, drawings, paintings, maps, diagrams, charts, and graphs) List of related articles Suggestions for further reading Author

How to use World Book : 

How to use World Book Think about the question you need to find an answer to, or the information that you are looking for Identify key words in order of importance Choose the appropriate volume and begin your search (remember : alphabetical order)

Important terms : 

Important terms Guide words: located at the top corners of a set of pages, these words are the titles of the first and last articles found on the pages. They will help you find the page where your topic is located (like a dictionary or phone book). Cross-references: sometimes an article will direct you towards another article for more specific information on a given topic (‘see XYZ’ or ‘see also XYZ’). Article headings: longer articles are divided into sections and subsections, so you can focus on specific information instead of the whole article if necessary. Captions: located near the article’s illustrations, this is special text that clarifies or adds information to the article

Wikipedia : 

Wikipedia Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia It is written collaboratively- meaning anyone, anywhere can change the content of an article GOOD: experts from all over the world can contribute their knowledge to any given topic BAD: some people purposely include inaccurate information to mislead others

A Note on Wikipedia : 

A Note on Wikipedia When to use it: for personal entertainment to find references to other online articles (links located at the bottom of every entry) to give you ideas of how to expand your search When NOT to use it: when you need to cite reliable sources in a paper

Alphabetical Order Review : 

Alphabetical Order Review Which comes first? Library of Congress Library Library Journal Rocky Mountains Rock Rockefeller, John Rock video Rock climbing

Slide 12: 

Alphabetical Order Review Answers: 1) Library 2) Library Journal 3) Library of Congress 1) Rock 2) Rock climbing 3) Rock video 4) Rockefeller, John 5) Rocky Mountains

Slide 13: 

Title of Article? Guide Word? Cross-Reference? Caption?

Slide 14: 

Article Headings? Sections/Subsections?

Slide 15: 

Guide Word? Author? Cross-References?

Topic Choices : 

Topic Choices Sports Automobile Racing Basketball Football Gymnastics Hockey Ice Skating Olympic Games Skiing Swimming Holidays Christmas Valentine’s Day Hobbies Comics Electronic Games Magazines Rock Music Theater Animals Dogs Zoo General Locomotives Pennsylvania

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