Constructivist Social Theories of Instruction

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A powerpoint that gives a description of the theory and examples of teaching practices that exemplify the theory.


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Constructivist Social Theories of Instruction : 

Constructivist Social Theories of Instruction Developed by Lev Vygotsky Places emphasis on learning as a socially mediated activity The Zone of Proximal Development are skills that children can perform with others. Vygotsky said, “What the child is able to do in collaboration today he will be able to do independently tomorrow." Vygotsky’s theory involves an active teacher who serves as a guide to children but is also a participant in the classroom.

Guiding Principles of Constructivism : 

Guiding Principles of Constructivism Make content relevant to students lives Focus learning on relevant concepts Seek and acknowledge a student’s point of view Modify curriculum to meet student’s perceptions Assess student’s learning while teaching

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