mein haus

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Mein Haus

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The little words ‘the’ and ‘a’ In English there is only one word for ‘the’ which is ‘the’, e.g. There is the kitchen 2. In German, the article ‘the’ can be masculine = derfemine = die neuter = dasplural = die 3. To learn the vocabulary just remember the colour of the word and you know whether it is masculine, feminine, neuter or plural!SIMPLE!!

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Also, in English there is only one word for the indefinite article ‘a’ and that is ‘a’ (or ‘an’ before a vowel), e.g. that is a cat and not an owl. The little words ‘the’ and ‘a’ 2. In German, the indefinite article ‘a’ can bemasculine = einfeminine = eineneuter = einplural = ---

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Ich wohne in einem Reihen-haus. Hier sind die Zimmer

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der/ein Garten der/ein Flur

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die/eine Küche die/eine Toilette

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die/eine Dusche die/eine Treppe

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das/ein Kinderzimmer das/ein Badezimmer

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das/ein Schlafzimmer das/einWohnzimmer

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das/ein Arbeitszimmer

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