Abstract Art by Izabella.


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Geometrical abstarcts by artist Izabella Pavlushko Abstract Art Gallery, Portrait painting, Abstraction, Picture, Contemporary art, Artist, Painting Image Geometric abstraction, Izabella Pavlushko


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Abstract Art by Izabella Pavlushko www.ArtIzabella.com

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Geometrical Portrait of Mona Lisa

Slide 8:

King and Priestess

Slide 9:

The Mask

Slide 10:

Caribbean Sailor Woman Pirate

Slide 11:

Cleopatra. Between Rome and Egypt

Slide 13:

Eastern Princess

Slide 14:

Aztec Chieftain

Slide 15:

Portrait of an artist Lady in the Mask

Slide 17:

Lady on a Motorbike

Slide 18:

Postman on a Motorcycle

Slide 19:

Mechanical Venus

Slide 20:

Lost time Clown

Slide 21:

The East. Saleswoman of spice

Slide 23:

Other Reality

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