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Hello guys if you are looking for Lasik eye surgery and want to know what is lasik eye surgery then you need to read this presentation and its FAQs. This is the best surgery for eyes


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Lasik Eye Surgery:

Lasik Eye Surgery Lasik Eye Surgery commonly referred to as laser eye surgery or laser vision correction, is a type of refractive surgery for the correction of myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. The LASIK surgery is performed by an ophthalmologist who uses a laser or microkeratome to reshape the eye's cornea in order to improve visual acuity. For most people, LASIK provides a long-lasting alternative to eyeglasses or contact lenses

FAQs of Lasik Eye Surgery Is the LASIK procedure painful ?:

FAQs of Lasik Eye Surgery Is the LASIK procedure painful ? In most cases, PRK and LASIK does not hurt during or immediately after the procedure. Before your LASIK eye surgery begins, numbing eye drops are used to alleviate any pain or discomfort to the eye during the procedure. LASIK  does not hurt  during the procedure, however you may feel some pressure on your eyes.

Is the laser eye surgery safe ?:

Is the laser eye surgery safe ? Laser eye surgery risks. As with any other medical procedure, laser vision correction carries some risk of complications. However, it is very rare for these to be serious, and it is reassuring to know that there has never been a case of permanent blindness reported with the all-laser LASIK techniques used at Ultralase.

Is Lasik eye surgery permanent?:

Is Lasik eye surgery permanent? In most cases the improved vision LASIK surgery provides is permanent. But in a limited number of cases — usually due to changes that can occur in the lens inside the eye, with or without LASIK surgery — some nearsightedness, farsightedness and/or astigmatism can return over time, causing blurry vision.

How long does it take to have laser eye surgery?:

How long does it take to have laser eye surgery? The actual procedure usually takes less than 10 minutes per eye. Depending on your prescription, and the amount of correction needed, the laser itself only takes 20-50 seconds to correct your vision. However, you should plan on being in the office for approximately an hour-and-a-half on your day of surgery.

What are the risks of laser eye surgery?:

What are the risks of laser eye surgery? Undercorrections. ... Overcorrections. ... Vision returning to pre-surgery vision. ... Visual loss or changes. ... Astigmatism. ... Glare, halos and double vision. ... Dry eyes. ... Flap problems.

Can you drink alcohol:

Can you drink alcohol Fortunately enough you won't have to go cold turkey for too long—in fact, you can be back drinking alcohol the day after Laser Eye Surgery. In terms of drinking alcohol in the days prior to your procedure, sticking to your usually intake shouldn't be a problem at all.

Can I watch TV after Lasik eye surgery:

Can I watch TV after Lasik eye surgery You can read and watch TV as long as you avoid letting your eyes dry out. LASIK patients tend to return to work, but you should keep your eyes well lubricated with artificial tears (staring at computer screens can dry your eyes). This does not affect the outcome, but can cause temporary visual fluctuations.

Can you work out after Lasik eye surgery?:

Can you work out after Lasik eye surgery? Do not drive until you have been examined by your eye doctor the day after surgery. You may begin exercising 2 days after your surgery, but make sure to use eye protection if playing sports. We prefer you avoid public gyms for hygiene purposes for one week during LASIK recovery.

Can you drive after Lasik eye surgery?:

Can you drive after Lasik eye surgery? Most patients will be able to drive the day after surgery. Here, at London Vision Clinic, 98% of our patients are up to the legal driving standard or better on the first day after surgery. ... The surgeon may recommend that you wait a day or two before you drive, until your sight becomes completely stable.


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