Benefits and Application of Solar Batten Lights

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If you are living where the power grid is not available then it is necessary to know about Solar Batten Lights. You can know all about Solar Batten Lights here.


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Peek preview about the Solar Batten Light Set Batten lights are prevalent since the old time. CFL tube is an old example of this batten lighting. Buying a light today is not the same way. Today we prefer energy effcient lighting like an LED solar batten light set. LEDmyplace presents a 12W LED Solar Batten Light set for everyone. This light set is all-in-one solar outdoor lighting set comprising of the lighting lamp along with a solar panel a battery and a microwave sensor. Rated IP65 this product is suitable for all- weather conditions. This batten light set is a 12watt LED light that comes with a 30watt solar panel. it is built to last for 50000 hours or more. This product is quite an energy-effcient product and the use of solar panel saves 100 of energy along with a wider beam angle of 120 degree that illuminates wider areas. Delivering a lumen output of 4200 lumens with color temperature option as 6000K gives it a bright daywhite light-with cool effect. Then the lithium battery also lasts for 1000 deep cycles. This is a low maintenance product with no cabling or onsite assembly required and is pretty easy to install. The microwave sensor also provides for an effective way of security by alerting you of any intruder. Product Features ◆ This 12w batten light is an Eco-Friendly Lighting Product and it is free from any toxic waste products as it does not leave any carbon footprint thus saving the environment at all costs. ◆ Absolutely high energy-effcient lighting the product gives 116/watt output and saves around 95-100 of energy thus bringing you a lower utility bill every month.

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◆ Perhaps a cost-effective approach the light gives low cost on its maintenance and operation because the only time you will have to make replacement of the lamp is after 50000 hours to work with the same solar panel. ◆ This product lasts for 50000 hours or more with solar panel usually lasting for 15-20 years. ◆ It is a reliable product which provides for protection against over-charging over-discharging or over-voltage. ◆ Its wide 120 degree beam angle is utilized for wide area lighting along with non-directional lighting: which it provides within general area and completely UV or infrared free light. ◆ The light gets instantly on but does not compromise on light quality because it still maintains a high CRI above 80 which promotes better viewing of objects and surfaces by portraying them as clear real and natural. ◆ After all this is an easy Installation light. By mounting this product on the wall and with the help of wall mounting brackets the installation can be undertaken quite easily. ◆ You can also install motion detection to help secure your home from human intrusion in any outdoor environment. Benefts: ◆ Ecofriendly product ◆ Low maintenance ◆ Motion detection ◆ Cost effective light ◆ Highly effcient ◆ Easy Installation.

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Applications ◆ Open areas ◆ Sporting arenas ◆ Ports ◆ Facades ◆ Parking lots ◆ Construction sites ◆ Outdoors

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