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Overview Since 1988,Modern Medical Equipment MFG. LTD. has been engaged in the OEM manufacturing in the medical industry, providing its customers With the highest level of quality and service . Today , Modern Medical maintains itself as a well-rounded, diversified company in serving the industry. We response actively to the requirements of the industry by offering them advanced capabilities in tooling, injection molding , assembly and clean room Manufacturing with unparalleled customer satisfaction. Fully integrated With the CAD/CAM system, advanced equipment and highly Skilled workforce , Modern Medical able to build and assemble high quality Medical devices at a very competitive cost-even at huge volume and with Complicate design . Our manufacturing capabilities are complemented by Design and development ,packaging ,sterilization ,quality control And more. We capable of producing a comprehensive range of products for Minimal Invasive Surgery , Closure Device , Respiratory Specialty, Arthroscopy, OBG ,Dermatology ,Cardiology , as well as specialized items for electro-surgery. With continually strive for excellence, Modern Medical keep on embracing Innovative approaches to manufacturing in order to provide even better services to its OEM customers.


Design and Engineering Modern Medical with its engineering centers specialize in design, research and develop medical devices, solutions, private labels, and other medical products that meet customers' requirements and cater for market needs. We support all phases of product development and manufacturing, from R&D, through clinical trials. Our dedicated engineering team, with the aids of sophisticated CAD systems, such as Pro-E, Solid Works, AutoCAD, we are confident that the final product exceed customer cost, quality, delivery, service expectations. Prototyping In the early development stage, before that particular product is made, a prototype is surely helpful for the study of the product characteristics from esthetic, technical, functional aspects, materials used and etc. We employ advanced technology in rapid prototyping, stereo lithography, helps reduce preparation time significantly, as well as cost on materials, tooling and production.


Powder coating is an advanced, environmental friendly technique of applying insulation Layer to metal parts by means of electrostatic. Powder Coating is electro-statically charged and sprayed on to the parts. The powder contains no solvents, thus it will not be causing air pollution and over-spray will be reused and maintaining a high material usage. The powder liquefies and adheres to the metal surface, once the part was cured it has finish with no runs or drips. It can adapt to very unique contour & Shape of metal instruments Modern Medical equip with more than 20 horizontal & vertical molding machines ranging from 50 - 250 ton, and we are actively expanding our molding capacity by investing in the state of the art equipments to cater for large volume and rapid turnaround order. With through understanding of various polymer's characteristics and its applications, we are capable of manufacturing high quality plastic parts by stable processes. We have extensive experience in molding a wide range of polymers for different applications, such as ABS, PC, PP, HDPE, LDPE for disposable and PEEK, PPSU, PP + Fiber, ULTEN for reusable products. Powder Coating Injection Molding


Taking both the advantages of plastic injection molding technology and the wide range powder metallurgy materials, Modern Medical is capable for large scale production of small and highly complex components with a board spectrum of materials. We achieve it by applying the advanced technology - Metal Injection Molding (MIM) Technology and Ceramics Injection Molding (CIM) Technology. With minimal number of secondary operations, labor cost and production lead time reduced significantly compare with using conventional manufacturing processes. Near net shaped components could be made by the technology with the final density of the molded parts are above 98%. Applications do not limit to the manufacturing of complex components of medical device, it is also applicable for making medical implants. Wide range of materials are available for Metal Injection Molding, e.g. Stainless steel 316, Stainless steel 420, Titanium, Nickel Iron and even metal alloys such as Alumina and Zirconia. Ceramics such as Aluminimum Oxide, Zirconium Oxide and even more are available for Ceramics Injection Molding. MIM & CIM Technology


Modern Medical has 10K Class clean room and skilled workforce for performing mechanical assembly and second operations. We keep constantly monitoring of the temperature, pressure, humidity, particles and bio-burden level of the clean rooms to ensure these facilities are under well control. This department performs a variety of services including general machining, sonic welding, sewing, mechanical assembly, packaging and more. Our assembly management team constantly reviews production process with emphasis on quality and productivity. Modern Medical offers gamma radiation and EO gas sterilization capacity. We develop sterilization protocol for specific product. All facilities operated under ISO13488 standard with EN550/EN552 certified. Our high quality traceability control provides a reliable sterilized product at world class standard. Sterilization 10K Class Clean Room Assembly Facilities


To provide a world class medical devices support, our factory is certified ISO 9001:2000 (quality management standard), ISO 13485:1996 (medical device-specific standard) and GMP system. We own several regulatory licenses to simply the regulatory issue to sell worldwide. We have a regulatory team to assist our client to applied various kinds of regulatory and license around the world. Our solid experience in application of: █ 510k for USA market █ CE mark for Europe market █ CMDCAS for Canada Market █ MHLW for Japan Market █ SDA for China Market Regulatory


The high-speed presses and well trained technicians at Modern Medical are ready to produce precision metal stampings of any shape with different kind of material such as copper alloys, aluminum, stainless steel and etc. We are capable of joining of metal stampings with other components right in the press offering high precision and cost advantages of automated assembly. Moreover, secondary operations are available for your selection, they include de burring, tapping, heat treating, plating, etc. We have a particular expertise in wire-forming, with many years of experience in manufacturing components, with a wide range of applications on various instruments. We are capable of bending most metals, most commonly including mild steel, carbon spring steel, stainless steel (and all other non-ferrous metals). Also, we facilitate to cope with your precise requirements on you customized design of wire form or spring. Wire Forming Metal Stamping


Our Experience Electrosurgical Instrument, including..... Electrosurgical Pencil Electrodes LLETZ Electrodes Ground Pad Bipolar Forceps Monopolar and Bipolar Cables Adaptors Suction Coagulator OBGY Products, including...... LLETZ Electrode Speculum Propap Pessaries Catheter Dilators Respiratory Accessories, including...... CPAP Accessories Nebulizer Filter Mask Special Facial Mask Tubing Connector Cardio Instrument, including...... Suction Wand Emboli Filter Aortic Punch Aortic Knife Closure Devices, including...... Skin Stapler and Remover Wound Dressing Wound Others, including...... Sensor Pad Medical Lights

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