Ariel Natural Gas Compressors A User’s Guideline


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Ariel Natural Gas Compressors: A User’s Guideline Ariel natural gas compressors from the stable of Ariel Corp are used worldwide in over 100 countries with a reputation for excellence. Acclaimed for reliability and the ability to withstand wear and tear the compressors provide long-lasting value to customers. Here is what you need to know more about the model and brand. How It Works Ariel natural gas compressors are used in CNG services providing a range from 1250 plus to 125 scfm or 2 hundred to 2 thousand plus nm/h. Ariel CNG compressors can be additionally used alongside drivers across a vast range. From 1200 to 50 BHP or 37 to 895 Kw to be precise. The massive cylinder size permits units to operate with inlet pressure ranging from 0 to 2 hundred psig. Outlet or discharge pressures more than 4500 psig can be easily tackled by this compressor. Apart from this the compressor design is balance opposed. This ensures completely covered auxiliary drives. This in turn ensures smooth seamless operations free from any vibrations. The natural gas compressors are easy to maintain with extended warranty and parts easily available for use. Ariel CNG compressors offer large coverage range flow and suction pressure. Setting Global Standards Ariel is currently the biggest manufacturer of reciprocating gas compressors across the globe with the best standards when it comes to quality products excellent customer support and round-the- clock reliability. Ariel Corp is credited with creating one of the most robust compressors in the industry. Built to last these natural gas compressors perform beyond expectations and specific needs and requirements with cutting edge modern advanced technology using non-cooled cylinders. Each unit has been tested across multiple steps and procedures to ensure smooth flawless and efficient functioning. Vital checks and quality assurance tests performed ensure that the compressor operates as per the highest standards of quality. The number of processors produced since 1966 number in few hundreds of thousands. Its long lasting hydrodynamic mains and rod bearing with service life intervals exceed 48 thousand hours of running time. The completely pressurized frame lubricating system with spin on oil filter and different pressure gauges provides support to critical movement related components when it comes to clean oil supply. Its cylinder is especially designed for CNG services permitting high flow

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of volumes at pressures that come in low suction. Tandem cylinder settings including the head and crank end permit multiple compression in a single throw. There are 4 stages of compression on this two-throw machine. This allows for easier maintenance low discharge degree and extended component life. Why Ariel Compressors are Better Than the Best Choosing the stroke length permits maximum efficiency because the rated RPM of the driver reduces energy cost and lowers maintenance needs. The lower pressure range means the compressor can work from some degree of vacuum to more than 750 psi. Ariel Corp’s compressors find use across a wide range of SCFM and across numerous CNG applications. High pressure forged steel cylinder in this compressor ensures an efficient long operation. It also leads to less maintenance. Smooth quiet operations set Ariel CNG compressors apart from the competition.

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