What Do You Mean By Ajax Gas Compressor

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Ajax is the oldest brand of engine-compressors in The United States. It is owned by Compression Systems Group of Cameron Corporation.


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What Do You Mean By Ajax Gas Compressor Ajax is the oldest brand of engine-compressors in The United States. It is owned by Compression Systems Group of Cameron Corporation. It has been serving the oil and gas industry for 130 years. Ajax engine-compressors are gas compressors that have built-in reciprocating engines. The gas driving system and compact design make them a preferred choice for field installation and work. History: ‘The Ajax Works’ started manufacturing steam engines in 1877 in Corry Pennsylvania. The company added gas engines to their product line in 1895. However the production of gas and steam was discontinued when World War II began. The company restarted production in 1946 and their gas engines became popular in growing oil and gas industry. In 1958 the company introduced its first integral engine/compressor that was specifically designed for field applications. The product was a DPC 230 and Ajax’s product line continued to become versatile with several types of engine/compressors of varying horsepower. The company was bought by Cooper Cameron Corporation now Cameron in 1963 and Ajax engine/compressors have continued delivering exceptional performance. Design: Ajax gas compressors are known for their problem-free operation owing to their unique two-stroke design. These are reliable machines that are exclusively designed for providing efficiency even in tough field conditions. Ajax gas compressors are low-maintenance and do not involve excessive operating costs. Environmental requirements and constant challenges related to the working conditions require the engines to be tough and reliable and Ajax compressors are designed to account for these factors. Their patented exhaust expansion chamber is able to recover up to 19 reduction in BHP and up to 75 reduction in NOx. However the efficiency of the compressor largely depends on the operation and user requirements. Features: Industry-leading Ajax compressors have a unique 2-stroke design that ensures reliable operation. Businesses looking to purchase it do not have to worry about availability. They can buy it in almost any part of The United States. The highly efficient Ajax compressors result in increased revenue for the companies when properly maintained. Their integral net compression efficiency is significantly higher than any other gas compressor in the market. Ajax gas compressors are also versatile in terms of fuel sources. They can be operated with a wide range of fuel gasses including sour gas up to 3.0 mo. Ajax compressors are also easy to install and operate. They are essentially plug-and-play and can be easily relocated on the field. The ownership cost of Ajax gas compressors is low as well. This is mostly because they have fewer parts and a proven design that is able to provide high-quality performance even in the toughest situations.

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