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The Happy Play School Iris Educare is proud to introduce Iris Florets a play school designed around the child.

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The InterSchool Competition organized at Tarnaka centre was mesmerizing. Children from 11 centres have actively participated in many competitions like Reading Handwriting Spell Bee Quiz Rhymes storytelling Clay moulding Science experiment Hula hoop and Running race. The zeal that children had in them to win the competitions had lit the environment. Children had lots of fun taking part in different competitions. We organize such events to make sure that every child gets an opportunity to give their best. We have designed these competitions like Quiz Cognitive development Sports Physical development Rhymes storytelling Emotional intelligence Spell Bee Reading... Read More

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One of the biggest responsibilities that a parent faces during early child rearing is behavior management in young children. Children learn most forms of behavior by aping the adults that surround them. Behavioral Management in children is the sum total of all behavioral techniques that act as a guiding force for the child’s behavior. Although debates have raged over the years over the best parenting strategies and the best behavioral management techniques it is widely accepted and backed up by numerous studies that a constructive positive approach towards molding a child’s behavior is the most productive technique. ... Read More

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The very first IrisGlobal Cultural Exchange session held on 2nd November 2018 Iris Florets the happy play school Iris Sakalya Academy Kalyan Nagar Hyderabad. Mr. Hilbert Pustilnik from Berlin Germany interacted with the PP1 Grade I students of Iris. This is a unique cultural exchange program which enables all iris schools to host international travellers into our classrooms for meaningful conversations with students and teachers. It was a 75 minute session between Mr.Hilbert Pustilnik and the students. He shared about Germany’s work culture family studies opportunities and lifestyle at Germany with the students who in turn asked... Read More

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