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IoTree SMART SENSING SOLUTIONS FOR PALM TREES PROTECTION Unique pest sensing technology that detects threats in palm trees before they cause damage


2 IoTree - SMART SENSING SOLUTIONS FOR PALM TREES PROTECTION The Challenge : Early Detection The Red Palm Weevil and Paysandisia Archon are insects whose larvae are fed from the inner core of palm trees. Thus, the attack itself is invisible and the infested palm tree does not show any visual signs of distress, until a few months after the infestation. At this point, it is too late to save the tree. Early detection of the infestation is the only key for a successful treatment. However, today there is no effective early detection tool and the pest is causing a worldwide catastrophe. The Solution: Seismic Early Detection of Red Palm Weevil The IoTree® is a Cutting-edge solution for early detection of pests attacking trees. Using seismic sophisticated in-tree sensors, our partner provides early detection alerts of early stage tree infestation. The IoTree® enable farmers to protect their palm trees, increase the yield, save unneeded pesticide treatments and eliminate the costly replacement of dead trees. The solution is based on 3 stages: Highly sensitive sensors detect the slightest movements of pests inside the trees at the early stage PCT Pending No. PCT/IL2017/050373 “Improved System and Method For Detecting Agricultural Pests” Sophisticated low-energy sensor, easily attached to every tree DETECT Sophisticated algorithms process the data, filtering false alarms and validating pest’s activity PROCESS Real-time alerts and data is sent to your computer or mobile device, presented on a intuitive platform ALERT Competitors in the field of Early Detection Canine detection is a system based on dogs who smell the chemical residues from the in-tree larval activity Thermal detection: the physical damage to the palm trees create temperature gradients through the tree stem which can be detected by using thermal scanner. Acoustic detection: a microphone is implemented on the tree to detect the sounds of larvae Aerial detection: using images from satellites and drones a CV based system can look for anomalies in the shape of the trees, which can indicate on an in tree infestation The UN-backed regional fund seeks to raise $20m in fight against the red palm weevil as UAE food security minister calls on nations to come together to protect vital date palms. “It is a huge threat,” Mariam Al Mehairi , UAE Minister of State for Food Security, told The National on March 9th 2019. For over 2 years, we have been exploring and analyzing the seismic activity of pests, with our partner in the US and we were able to recognize those vibrations inside the trees. The outcome of this research –is the IoTree ® sensor, a revolutionary low cost and energy efficient in-tree sensor. The IoTree ® sensors can give Palm Tree Plantations’ owners, an early detection of infestation in every individual tree, thus allowing a precise and accurate pesticide treatment that saves money and reduces environmental pollution. The precise and efficient monitoring of the treatment present significant advantages over traditional pest management approaches, together with lucrative ROI for the owners. Pest Management Strategies The current common methodology of managing the red palm weevil and paysandisia archon infestation is called ‘spray & pray’. This methodology calls for repeating preventative pesticide treatment that is applied at least 4-6 times per year, regardless of the level of the tree infestation. This approach results in: i ncreased expenses (labor and money), environmental pollution, people exposure to hazardous material, and create resistance for treatment among the pest population


2 IoTree - SMART SENSING SOLUTIONS FOR PALM TREES PROTECTION IMPACTS OF PESTICIDES IoTree ® EARLY DETECTION SENSORS: THE EFFECTIVE ANSWER Pesticides can be acutely toxic that can cause respiratory tract irritation, sore throat, cough. It can be also chronic toxic (long term) with continuous exposure can cause fertility and reproductive issues, diabetes, obesity, degenerative diseases, e.g. Parkinson’s disease, asthma, depression and anxiety, cancer, attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). This group is particularly sensitive as exposure can cause disruption to endocrine systems, childhood cancers, neuro-developmental issues and other disorder. HEALTH WOMEN & CHILDREN Pesticides are toxic chemicals designed to be deliberately released into the environment. It can run-off contaminates surface and ground water. Soil microorganisms and earthworms are poisoned, affecting soil fertility, and drift and vitalization contaminates air, ran, fog and snow. Pesticides have been linked to declines in bees and pollinators, beneficial insects, birds, mammals, aquatic animals and non-target pants, etc. ENVIRONMENT SAVE THE TREES A Palm Tree generates an average of $125 per annum of dates in the MENA Region (our current estimates based on local farmers interviewed) MONITOR PALM TREES TREATMENT T rack the infestation status in real-time and over time PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT U se chemicals only when needed REDUCE THE COSTS P recise agriculture methodology, i.e. spray only what’s infested Protect the environment: use chemicals only when needed EASY DEPLOYMENT O ne time Plug-n-Play installation INCREASE YIELD E liminate the costly replacement of dead trees and Increase Biological Dates’ production and its yield Pesticides cause illness and injury resulting in lost work days. Exploitative markets keep farmers on the pesticide treadmill, crops develop resistance, and incorrect use affects yields. DRAINS ECONOMIES


Case studies: A. The process of tree infestation, in the eyes of the sensor: IoTree® sensor can sense the true different signals that are inside a tree, this is demonstrated in the following illustration, where the blue line represents the sampled infestation seismic signature over time. One can see that the seismic activity sampled inside the tree indicated in the beginning is very low, hence, tree is not infested –since the infestation level is below the threshold. At a certain moment in time, an increase in the seismic activity was sampled. Shortly after the infestation crossed the threshold (Red line, A), the tree was cut down (B) and small larva, shorter than 1 cm was found during a physical search throughout the tree. Alternatively, if the tree was sprayed with pesticide shortly after the infestation was detected, the tree could be saved without any substantial damage created by the weevil attack. This is a true validation of the early detection capabilities of the IoTree ® sensor 3 IoTree - SMART SENSING SOLUTIONS FOR PALM TREES PROTECTION B. The recovery of an infested tree after treatment: On the graph below, we see the seismic activity in an infested tree that had an IoTree ® sensor installed. This sensor has detected an infestation of palm weevil larvae. The pest’s seismic activity on the graph is represented via the blue line (a) over time. At a certain moment in time (b), a treatment was given to the tree, followed by a substantial drop in the seismic activity sampled , below the level of the infestation threshold: In several cases, few days after a treatment was applied to the tree, the sampled level infestation signals were restored to a level above the threshold . Thus, an additional treatment was needed in order to eradicate the pest entirely. System & communication Capable of detecting even few larva in a tree Detecting larvae in their first weeks of life after hatching (<1 CM length) Designed and tested for rigorous outdoor conditions Detection accuracy of 95% and up * Low level of false-positive alerts (<5%) * Super-easy installation: around 1 min per tree Work life span (batteries) of 3 years The system offers some flexibility with the configuration and positioning of the system elements. This is possible thanks to a unique topology of the system’s Mesh connectivity , where every element in the system is also a transceiver for other elements. All of the infestation reports from the sensors arrive to one main spot, where the data can be collected manually via dedicated smartphone app, an automatic 3G/WIFI or alternately via Satellite for remote areas using based Gateway. The IoTree ® sensor is the only solution which can provide this on-going monitoring followed by treatment proofing capabilities.


IoTree ® App Screen Shot 4 IoTree - SMART SENSING SOLUTIONS FOR PALM TREES PROTECTION The collected information is sent to the cloud, where it is further processed. The relevant infestation insights are delivered directly to the Palm Tree Plantation Owner’s computer/smartphone through an interactive interface. After the data is analyzed on our partner’s servers, the reports and insight on infestation are presented on a dedicated app: All of the important information with regards to the trees is now available to the farmer in his pocket: Infestation statuses, locations, problems & action items . The app can guide you to a specific infested tree, help you collect the data from different sensors, and notify immediately for every change in the tree status. IoTree ® BLE TMesh IoTree ® App


IoTree Service consist of: Item No. Description Amount (USD) 1 Sensors Prices will depend on order quantity 2 Wifi / 3G/ Manual/ Satellite Gateway 3 Subscription Fee TERMS AND CONDITIONS: 1. Price, Net USD - No VAT or Customs Duty included 5 IoTree - SMART SENSING SOLUTIONS FOR PALM TREES PROTECTION The green dots are the healthy palms and the red one the infected with the Red Palm Weevil ▼ IoTree ® App Screen Shot RELATED ARTICLES: Red Palm Weevil threatens food security and livelihoods , but it can be contained and also eradicated Source: http:// UAE pledges $2M in fight against killer date palm pest Source : https://


IoTree - SMART SENSING SOLUTIONS FOR PALM TREES PROTECTION PALAZZO ROMANO GENERAL TRADING LLC IoTree Technology Division Tecom I-Rise Tower Office No. 9C14, Dubai, United Arab Emirates P.O. Box 212509 Tel. +971 4 3617827 info@ Contacts: M arco Moscardi Business Partner Mob. +971 50 7881651 marco@ Andrea Longinotti B uitoni Business Partner Mob. +39 338 7162097 andrea@

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