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Want To Invest In Stocks But Afraid Of Risk? Meet Out Capital Bonds Planner Who Will Clear All Your Doubts About Capital Bonds. Visit Us Today.


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What Are Capital Bonds What Is Our Role In Capital Bonds Capital bonds are for those people who are very much interesting in the stock market but are afraid to invest in the stocks due to high risk. A capital bond does not give investor the ownership but they provide you with steady income. When stocks are compared to the capital bond then we say that the capital bonds are safer then stock market. As per the capital invested investor will get the periodic interest payment or may get an amount which is greater than the purchase of the bond. There are different maturity levels for capital bond some take 30 year to mature but some get matured even in a month too. What Are The Types Of Capital Bonds Reach Out Our Capital Bonds Advisor There are two types of bonds such as coupon bonds and zero coupon bonds. Coupon bonds: In Coupon bonds the investor has to pay the full face of the bonds while purchasing it. In coupon bonds the investor will receive the periodic payment in the form of interests throughout his life of bonds. On the maturity of the bonds the investor is returned the full face value of the bonds. Zero coupon bonds: In zero coupon bonds the bonds can be bought at the discounted price. In these bonds the investor is not given periodic payments. On the maturity of the bonds the investor gets the original amount of the bonds from the issuing authority. What Is Our Role As Capital Bonds Consultant We check all you financial condition and then provide you with the best advice about which

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bonds to be purchased and which bonds not. We do not give a chance for you to keep any kinds of doubts in your mind about any financial planning. Meet our capital bonds consultant and get the best advice from our expert capital bonds planner. Source: Investing Capital

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