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Innovative Career Options To Pursue With A Degree In Mechanical Engineering A degree in engineering offers a multitude of career opportunities and more so with a mechanical background. Mechanical engineering degree enables students to pursue a career in industries like construction metal chemical automotive aerospace and electronics. Mechanical engineers design develop and test thermal sensors and devices. Invertis University offers a full-time degree course in mechanical engineering for four years. Structural Analysis Fluid Mechanics Aerospace Robotics and thermodynamics are some of the fields that a mechanical engineer can pursue. Mechanical engineering has also branched out into other disciplines like nanotechnology biomedical applications energy and environmental conversations. Pharmaceuticals Defense Marine and Railways are some of the employers that would be keen to hire a mechanical engineer. A mechanical engineering applicant must have scored at least 50 marks in 10+2 in mathematics and physics along with chemistry/computer science. The selection criteria for this degree will be entrance exams like UPSEE or JEE. Some of the jobs that a mechanical engineer can apply would be:  Mechanical Engineer  Teacher/ lecturer in mechanical engineering courses  Nuclear Engineer  Maintenance Engineer  CAD Technician  Automotive Engineer

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 Aerospace Engineer  Control and instrumentation engineer Other innovative career options for Mechanical engineers are Water Engineer Mining engineer Patent Attorney Production Manager Technical Sales engineer Land-based engineer Acoustic Consultant and Corporate Investment Banker. Analyzing problems of mechanical and thermal devices designing redesigning and analysis of devices and subsystems. Investigating diagnosing equipment failures developing and testing prototypes of devices and analyzing the test results and overseeing the manufacturing processes are the job details of a mechanical engineer. A mechanical engineer can also pursue non-engineering careers in areas like supply chain logistics finance and management. Manufacturing companies hire mechanical engineers in their research labs to enable many technological innovations in the mechanical industry. Materials engineers are another career option for mechanical engineers. A materials engineers job involves processing developing and testing materials that are used in products like biomedical devices and computer chips. Materials engineers study the characteristics of nanomaterials ceramics plastics and metals. A mechanical engineer can pursue career opportunities as:  Architectural and Engineering managers - To plan direct and coordinate architectural activities.  Drafters - To draw technical drawings that convert the designs of engineers and architects. Drafters work on drawings that help to design microchips and skyscrapers.  Mathematicians and Statisticians - Analysis of data and applying in mathematical and statistical techniques.  Nuclear Engineers - To research and develop processes instruments and systems of equipment used in medical diagnosis.  Sales Engineers - To sell scientific and technological products.  Petroleum Engineers - To design and develop various methods for oil and gas extraction from below earths surface.  Mechanical Engineering Technicians - To draw sketches and analyze data and to report findings.

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Mechanical engineering is a very lucrative profession and a degree in it would provide a multitude of opportunities in a variety of fields. Mechanical engineering was previously looked up as a degree with limited opportunities however in recent years the scenario has changed and there has been a surge in the number of students pursuing the mechanical engineering degree.

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