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WHO WILL BENEFIT MOST FROM THE PROGRAM Flying Lessons is ideally suited for women who: WHY A WOMEN-ONLY LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM While the ‘leadership experience’ is unique to different women all women face challenges due to stereotypes lack of suffcient role models and the pressure of family responsibilities. When organisations don’t acknowledge this and provide differential support it makes the workplace an uneven playing feld for women. Organisations aiming to improve gender balance and help women advance in leadership roles must invest in focused and customised support. After all preparing women to feel entitled to seek and exercise leadership is a skill that they must consciously build as opposed to men. Failing to recognise and bridge this gap can put women at a disadvantage. Have 3-10 years of work experience Have the right functional and technical competence Want to fast-track their career but are struggling with work-home management Want to work on more exciting projects but are unsure of managing the load Want to soar to greater heights

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Once these goals are identifed it’s time to prep for the fight to success. And communication has an integral role to play in ensuring that women reach their destination. Flying Lessons equipped with innovative ideas and engaging activities prepares women to: Fuelling-up Taking-off 1 2 • Break roadblocks to confdent and impactful communication • Present themselves with confdence at formal and informal occasions • Balance assertiveness with femininity The frst step before taking fight is to help women unlock their fears step out of their comfort zone and take responsibility for their growth. Employing interactive sessions to actively engage participants the frst module will help every woman identify her destination. More specifcally she will be able to: • Defne success and identify factors that characterise it • Recognise personal expectations and legacy • Establish an action plan in line with personal goals WELCOME TO FL YING LESSONS Flying Lessons is a series of workshops and interventions to help working women break traditional boundaries and develop a sense of desire legitimacy and entitlement for leadership. Using a unique and holistic approach the four modules and optional interventions are designed to be the wind beneath her wings as she weathers the exciting and possibly turbulent journey to leadership.

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To ensure a smooth journey to success women must hone their networking and infuencing skills – knacks that will help them to better manage teams and deal with inevitable power plays. This module is designed to help participants: • Infuence outside their direct sphere of authority • Sustain career optimism by balancing speed and stability • Build visibility and networking skills • Perfect personal brand and presence Given the social conditioning women are subjected to they often fnd themselves face-to-face with both external and internal conficts at the workplace. For a woman who is aspiring to reach for the skies it is imperative that she learn to overcome these turbulences. This module uses insightful activities to pre-empt and help her: • Master work-life balance • Manage dilemma guilt and other internal insecurities • Resolve conficts and confrontations • Take stock and set priorities for different life stages Cruising Managing Turbulence 3 4 I am easily the best performer in the team but I always downplayed my contributions. Didn’t realise how it was hurting my career. Turns out I was always capable of larger roles. Now I have the confdence to say Yes

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MORE IN FLYING LESSONS The intent is to help women stretch their career aspirations improve skills and gain confdence to become an all-weather pilot. These optional sessions are designed to further help navigate through challenges. Co-Piloting This highly recommended initiative engages the key stakeholders in a woman’s personal and professional eco-system to help keep her career growth on track through coaching and mentoring. Refuelling Targeted short-term initiatives designed to augment the course with inputs on areas that have traditionally been challenges or career derailers for women. These challenges include personal confdence skilful negotiation managing guilt dealing with offce politics and honing voice modulation for impactful communication. Outbound Training This end-of-course module is designed to test participants’ readiness to step out of their comfort zones in a psychological and physical sense for a transformative experience. Juggling home and work is always a challenge. These tips and tricks will help me balance it all.

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CONTACT US Phone: +91 80 4148 2787 | +91 80 2593 2516 Website: www.interweave.in Email: interweavesolutionsinterweave.in ABOUT INTERWEAVE India’s inclusion partner of choice for 150+ companies since 2007 Interweave has been at the table with leaders of organisations to help them think through and implement interventions for a sustainable inclusion journey. Customised to the specifc needs of clients our signature services include: Women’s Leadership Development Certifed Diversity Professional DI Consulting Safe Workplaces POSH LGBT Inclusion Maternity Coaching and Support Gender Intelligence and Competence

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