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This brochure is about the hit Broadway play, and includes War Horse tickets NYC information.


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War Horse on broadway:

War Horse on broadway Originally written by Michael Morpurgo as a book for children, War Horse was adapted for the stage by Nick Stafford. The horses are represented by puppets created by the Handspring Puppet Company, and have entranced audiences where ever the play has been staged; in both London’s west end, where the show started, to Broadway. War Horse has since been adapted as a movie by Steven Speilberg . War Horse is a definite hit!

The Story of a Horse of War:

The Story of a Horse of War War Horse is the story of a boy from Devon, England named Albert and his horse, Joey. Joey is sold to the British army during World War I. He befriends another horse, Topthorn , as he travels across Europe, serving both sides during the war, ending up entangled in barbed wire before finding himself left in no-man’s land. Albert, who hasn’t forgotten Joey, follows after him in an attempt to find his friend and return him home to England.

War Horse On The Stage:

War Horse On The Stage An very forceful story of a horse and his boy, War Horse spans the terrifying battlefields of WWI. In addition, it tells the story of solidarity and faithfulness. With the animal played by puppets, War Horse is a phenomenon to see! The character of Joey, brought to life by puppeteers is very lifelike. This is why Discount War Horse tickets have been so popular on Broadway!

The War Horses :

The War Horses War Horse has been through many retellings. It started life as a series of accounts by WWI veterans. Originally a novel, it is now an international stage play, as well as a blockbuster movie! That War Horse has reached this kind of acclaim is no surprise. Quality story-telling is always in demand! More Broadway shows you may want to see: Get Wicked theatre tickets here! Find Broadway tickets Book of Mormon , too!

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