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Large Outdoor and Rectangular Rooftop Planter Boxes are the best option for your indoor and outdoor plants. We have a good selection of Planter Boxes you can choose from. Shop now!


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Rooftop Planters - Modern Indoor Planters

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Give Everyone Green Envy with Modern Planters, ash/trash containers, Furniture and Accessories from IAP International Art Properties. Get a Quote Today! We Are Commercial Outdoor Planters Of Fibreglass Pots, Square Fiberglass Planters, Large Commercial Fiberglass Planters, Fiberglass Garden Urns, Fibreglass Bowl And More! PLANTERS IAP’s signature process of fusing natural metal to strong lightweight fiberglass forms create uniquely beautiful as well as durable containers. Each object is manufactured to meet our exact standards, then custom finished in your choice of Bronze, Copper, Zinc, Cast Iron or Stainless Steel. The metals will age gracefully over time by developing a soft patina.

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Fiberglass Planters Commercial Planters Commercial Planter Commercial Plant Pots Large Fiberglass Planters Large Commercial Planters Fiberglass Outdoor Planters Commercial Outdoor Planters Commercial Planters For Trees Wholesale Commercial Planters Extra Large Rectangular Planters Boxes Rectangular Fiberglass Planters

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RECYCLING / TRASH Our items are modular and can be used as planters, recycling, or trash containers. By simply changing the style of the top and sometimes the quantity of liners, we can modify the item to suit your needs. IAP can provide 3M decals with the appropriate signage to identify the use of each multi-purpose container (i.e. trash, recycling, etc.). If you have a custom requirement, please contact us directly so we can make the decal to your specifications. 

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FURNITURE To keep up with the needs of modern interiors and landscape architecture, the building materials for premium containers have become something of a science. The all weather IAP containers combine natural and synthetic materials to create lightweight, sculptural forms that can be used both indoors and out. Carefully made by hand, each piece is constructed from a fiberglass shell with a natural metal finish applied over the top. They are then hand polished (Fusion finishes only) to achieve a rich, ...

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Inspired by Asian influences, mid-century and modern design Chris Collard incorporates these elements to create unique and beautiful products. The philosophy underlying the company is to understand the needs of our clients and to interpret them through our vision. We strive to constantly improve our products and company. Since 1974, IAP has created and provided products for the design industry covering hospitality, residential, contract and visual design. For the past several years the popularity of our containers has reached new markets such as the interiorscape industry and landscape architecture. It is IAP's vision to continue to move ahead to impact our industry with new ideas, designs, and undoubtedly, beautiful and affordable containers, furniture and accessories. About Us

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