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Intercept TeleMed supports off-site intensivist staffing that reduces ICU care costs and higher returns for hospitals. Check other ICU cost reduction factors.


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How Tele-ICU Reduces Cost in ICU:

How Tele-ICU Reduces Cost in ICU

Transformation in the field of Telemedicine:

Transformation in the field of Telemedicine Telemedicine has transformed the dynamics of critical care in the early 1960s. According to American Telemedicine Association(ATA) , Telemedicine is defined as the use of medical information exchanged from one site to another via electronic communications to improve patient clinical health status. A research study states that about 6 million patients are being treated in the Intensive Care Units (ICU) each year in the United States.

Clinical Decision Support:

Clinical Decision Support In Intensive Care Units (ICU), intensivist and their care teams must be prepared to respond promptly and judiciously at any moment and save lives. According to Leapfrog Group Survey results, ICU Physician Staffing (IPS) has huge impact on the mortality rate and Average Length Of Stay among ICU patients. A Tele-ICU system delivers clinical decision support resulting in better patient care with higher probability of faster recovery.

Resource Management:

Resource Management Intensivists are the lifeline of an Intensive Care Unit (ICU). A research study reports that only 10-15% of the hospitals in the country employ full-time intensivists. Intercept TeleMed supports off-site intensivist staffing leading to reduced ICU care costs and higher returns for hospitals. Equipped with one intensivist and three critical care nurses to provide care for about 150 ICU beds simultaneously across multiple locations. On the downside, intensivists experience burn out more often than their colleagues while their work-life balance gets affected due to stress and irregular work hours.

Patient-centered Technology:

Patient-centered Technology Patient experience is evolving owing to patient-centered technologies like Tele-ICU Intercept TeleMed’s IoT-enabled Smart Alerts engine alerts intensivists and critical care providers in the ICUs when the patient vital signals deviates from a set of predefined criteria based on clinical evidence. Tele ICU proves to be a promising technology solution for critical care delivery beyond boundaries of time zones and geographical locations soon.

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