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If you want to hire a digital marketing agency or work with a freelancer, you need to manage your Adwords campaign, don’t bring anybody on board until you have done your homework.


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INTRO If you want to hire a digital marketing agency or work with a freelancer you need to manage your Adwords campaign don’t bring anybody on board until you have done your homework. Sixty-one percent of PPC campaigns fails to produce a single conversion and your behaviour diligence will show whether you want to generate a successful result or you want to waste your hard-earned money. PPC Nottingham based agency to assess who is the right fit for your business.

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DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY QUERIES Your digital marketing agency should always follow the webmaster guidelines to help Google find index and rank your website. Following these guidelines will also assist your site to avoid penalties. DO YOU FOLLOW GOOGLE WEBMASTER GUIDELINES Optimistically the agency won’t have any clients who have been penalised but they may have had new clients come to them needing help recovering from a Google algorithm penalty. HAVE YOU EVER ASSISTED A WEBSITE RECOVER FROM A PENALTY

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The agency won’t be able to give you an accurate date. But the actual SEO campaigns should start efficiently to affect your website within three to six months. HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE TO SEE RESULTS Discover what information you can give the agency to make your SEO promotions as useful as possible. A good promotion is not that promotes the product it is one which promotes the benefits you will get from it. WHAT WILL I NEED TO DO TO MAKE THE PROMOTION POSITIVE

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Can You Show Us Some Writing Samples Any Digital marketing agency that offers content marketing services should be able to show you examples of their writer’s best work.

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Learn about the content marketing team’s strategies with your target audience. 1 HOW DO YOU IMPROVE YOUR CONTENT FOR READERS AND SEARCH ENGINES Find out how closely they work with the SEO team and how will they optimise the content for relevant keywords. 2

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WHAT SOCIAL CHANNELS SHOULD MY COMPANY BE ON The chances are that you don’t need to have a social media account on every network. Your agency should be able to recommend you the right systems that are relevant to you based on your business goals and audience.

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A decent social media crew should be ready to reply to remarks and expedite discussions on all your social channels—and to look for ways to associate with clients across those channels. WHAT IS YOUR COURSE FOR PUBLIC MANAGEMENT ACROSS PLATFORMS Your organisation should be thoughtful of social media approaches that are relevant with your brand. Rather than just resorting to strategies they’ve used for other clients as every business is different. HOW WILL YOU GUARANTEE OUR SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE PROMOTES OUR BRAND

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HOW CAN WE BE SURE ALL POSSIBLE CHANCES FOR DEVELOPMENT ARE TAKEN We read a wide range of PPC and SEO related web papers to make sure we’re staying aware of the evolving business. We likewise have Google Yahoo and MSN mediators that let us know whether new beta tests are accessible or if another advancement is available.

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Not all PPC firms will have the same answers that I do. Therefore be that as it may they should all be for the most part indistinguishable. I think one of the essential elements of employing a PPC Nottingham agency is the measure of straightforwardness they offer. CONCLUSION

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