Diabetes Type 2 - Safely Lower Your Blood Sugar by using Moringa

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If you are reading this then I assume that you have or have concerns about diabetes. What is diabetes Diabetes is the name used to describe a metabolic condition of having higher than normal blood sugar levels. There are different reasons why people get high blood glucose levels and so a number of different types of diabetes exist. Most of the food we eat is turned into glucose or sugar for our bodies to use for energy. The pancreas an organ that lies near the stomach makes a hormone called insulin to help glucose get into the cells of our bodies. When you have diabetes your body either doesnt make enough insulin or cant use its own insulin as well as it should. This causes sugars to build up in the blood. Diabetes can cause serious health complications including heart disease blindness kidney failure and lower-extremity amputations. Diabetes is predicted by a clear set of symptoms but it still often goes undiagnosed. The main 3 diabetes signs are: 1. Increased thirst 2. Increased need to urinate 3. Increased hunger Diabetes is becoming increasingly more common throughout the world due to increased obesity - which can lead to metabolic syndrome or pre-diabetes leading to higher incidences of type 2 diabetes. There are two main types of Diabetes

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Type 1 Diabetes - Insulin dependent diabetes  Type 1 Diabetes affects the body such that it can no longer produce insulin.  Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease that causes the insulin producing beta cells in the pancreas to be destroyed preventing the body from being able to produce enough insulin to adequately regulate blood glucose levels.  Type 1 diabetes may sometimes be referred to as juvenile diabetes however this term is generally regarded as outdated as whilst it is commonly diagnosed in children the condition can develop at any age. Because type 1 diabetes causes the loss of insulin production it therefore requires regular insulin administration either by injection or by insulin pump. Type 2 Diabetes - noninsulin-dependent diabetes  Type 2 diabetes is a serious medical condition that often requires the use of anti- diabetic medication or insulin to keep blood sugar levels under control. However the development of type 2 diabetes and its side effects complications can be prevented if detected and treated at an early stage.  Type 2 diabetes is one of the most common long-term health conditions and is one of the most common long-term health conditions  Type 2 diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disorder that results in hyperglycemia high blood glucose levels due to the body being ineffective at using the insulin it has produced also known as insulin resistance.  Type 2 diabetes is characterised by the body being unable to metabolise glucose a simple sugar. This leads to high levels of blood glucose which over time may damage the organs of the body. Many people struggle to lower their blood sugar with type 2 Diabetes even with diet exercise and glycaemic tablets. This information is primarily to learn about an understated and remarkable tree called MORINGA OLEIFERA also known as the ‘Miracle Tree’ or The Tree of Life. The leaves seeds and flowers of the Moringa tree have been discovered to safely and significantly reduce and maintain blood sugar levels. Moringa Oleifera is not a replacement for diet exercise and Diabetes medications it is a natural supplement which combined with your other treatments will regulate your blood sugar to an acceptable level and maintain it. Not only will Moringa greatly assist in your diabetes management but its other properties help promote health and healing with no known side effects or contra indications. It is a tree that grows all around the world and has benefited people with medical and health problems for centuries. Moringa leaves and seeds are one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet.

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There are 13 species of Moringa grown worldwide ranging in size from tiny herbs to massive trees. This publication will deal with the one used in our diabetes management the Moringa Oleifera tree. Moringa Oleifera is one of those multi-purpose vegetal species with exceptional nutritional and therapeutic properties. It can be used to fight and prevent many diseases while improving the sources of antioxidants for humans. The Moringa Oleifera tree is native to the southern Himalayas which has spread to other parts of India Bangladesh Afghanistan Pakistan Sri Lanka Southeast Asia West Asia Arabian Peninsula East Africa and West South Florida Caribbean Central America much of South America and in many the tropical ecosystems of the world. It is found in different sorts of soils and has a capacity to adapt to moderate to dry precipitation and different ranges of temperature conditions. These trees grow quickly and not killed by lack of water or poor soil. Moringa is not a closely guarded secret nor is it an elusive drug hidden by drug companies to stop you finding out about it. Quite the contrary it is a well-known tree that grows in countries with tropical sub-tropical and temperate climates. Tablets capsules and powders made from its leaves are now easily available on line. Many people around the world have known about the healing properties of Moringa for centuries. It is used as a condiment garnish and to treat Malnutrition in many countries. It cannot be emphasized enough the importance of the advice of your Diabetes Consultant or Medical Practitioner as you know diabetes is a lifetime commitment. The information given is for an effective aid a supplement for want of a better word for the control of diabetes. Its aim is to reduce or maybe even assist in reversing diabetes which you must do in conjunction with your Medical Practitioner’s advice. As a diabetic you already know the importance of regularly monitoring your blood sugar level and it will be even more so after you start taking the medicine we are about to tell you about. We all know the dangers of Hypoglycaemia so when you notice your blood sugar levels decreasing you must inform your Medical Practitioner so your prescribed daily medication can be reduced accordingly.

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A balance diet and exercise are very important but any help in ways to combat this life changing condition is well worth knowing and this information you will find invaluable. Although I don’t claim or guarantee that this will work for you the same as nobody can guarantee that an Aspirin will get rid of a headache I can emphatically state that it works for me and many other Diabetics I know who use it. These are the best value and highly recommended Moringa Products PLEASE TAP IMAGES 10.93 23.95 19.95 8.54 Don’t despair I was terrified when I was diagnosed with diabetes over five-years-ago. I knew my life would and had to drastically change. I live in Cambodia and I spent the next few years trying unsuccessfully to control my blood sugar levels I was prescribed the maximum daily dose 2000mg of Metformin and other glycemic drugs with little success. Watching my diet and trying to exercise was difficult as I like chocolate and I am bone-idle. However hard I tried nothing seemed to work. My daily EAG Estimated Average Glucose Level would be anywhere between 10 - 18 mmol/l range on my daily Gluco-Sure check but my 3-month Hb A1c was anywhere from 8 - 16 mmol/l. Then a few years ago my Medical Practitioner told me that unless I lowered my blood sugar levels I would need to start taking insulin. A friend then told me about a tree that grows all over Cambodia and worldwide with leaves that help lower blood sugar levels… He told me that I could buy this in pill capsule powder and fresh easily in Cambodia. To my surprise he was right. I bought a pot of green 100mg Moringa capsules. Although sceptical I took them at the recommended dose. Although I noticed no change in my daily blood sugar checks for the next few weeks I felt a lot better. It wasn’t until after about a month that I saw my readings drop slowly at first but after another few weeks taking the capsules in conjunction with my prescribed meds my daily reading went constantly between 6.0 – 7.5 mmol/l throughout the day and still is. After several months of taking the capsules and leaf powder which I drank with freshly

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squeezed carrot juice my next 3-month Hb Alc reading was 6.4 mmol/l When I had my next check-up my surprised Doctor reduced my daily meds. I eat chocolate and candy again in moderation but don’t tell my Doctor. My previous high cholesterol is now at an acceptable level. Another important observation is Moringa’s healing properties. Prior to taking Moringa whenever I got a cut it tended to bleed a lot and it took some time to heal due to the humid climate where I live. Now however I find that any cuts or abrasions now heal significantly faster. Tap Images to review and purchase best blood Glucose testers FREE BOOK I wrote the book below after taking and researching Moringa and telling other diabetes sufferers about it. We all now have very significant changes in our blood Glucose levels Diabetes Management with many Health Benefits. Rather than get the message across by just telling a few people it is the hope that this publication will get the information to the many people who struggle to control their diabetes. It is FREE to download for a limited time on KOBO. That way you do not have to send me your email details unless you want to. What a refreshing change PLEASE TAP HERE OR IMAGE

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Here are other ways to enjoy the benefits of Moringa in Food and Drinks along with other preparations made from this amazing tree. PLEASE TAP IMAGES. 22 delicious easy Moringa recipes Moringa Superfood Smoothies

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Moringa Oil by Leven Rose Mummys Miracle Moringa Butter Cream Pure Organic Cold Pressed All Natural for Face Skin Hair Learn more about Moringa in Diabetes management 2 : More Recipes : How to grow : How to make powder from leaves: Ongoing research. Diabetes Management 3 -New information about reversing Diabetes: Research: Instructions: Diet and Recipes. Coming Soon MORINGA OLEIFERA FAQ’s Can you guarantee Moringa will work for me I can’t claim or guarantee that this will work for everyone the same as nobody can guarantee that an Aspirin will get rid of a headache but I can emphatically state that it works for me and many other Diabetics I know who use it. Will I get instant results when I use Moringa No Moringa needs time to get into your system this varies from person to person and the results may not be apparent at first so be patient you will notice a significant difference over time Moringa is more effective if  You follow the recommended dose  Do not mix with boiling fluids. use warm water  Do not take with alcohol Is Moringa safe for children and pregnant women

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Moringa Oleifera is a natural product used worldwide for its health benefit properties. It is not a drug but more of a vegetable or herb. If you would like to know more about Moringa: Please visit http://www.travellershelpers.com and ask me what you need to know on the contact form. I will reply within 24 hours unless I am eating chocolate. Stay Healthy and Safe Rob

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