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Thinking for solar installation? Do you know there are two methods of solar installation i.e. On Grid and Off Grid installation. Go through this presentation to know about what is Off Grid Installation and what are the advantages of Off-Grid compared to On grid installation.


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About Off-grid Solar

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Imagine getting electricity without a monthly bill… 0.0

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…and where power cuts have no impact in your life!

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or you get electricity where there is no power from traditional main line at all.

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Where you generate your own power independently and …

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..that too without hurting the environment!

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That’s what Off-Grid S olar PV System is all about.

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An  off-grid  or standalone photovoltaic (PV) system is when.. ..your  solar PV system is not connected to the utility grid or main line  and ... ... you are producing your own electricity using energy from the sun .

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Wait. Before you decide to install off-grid solar PV system, there’s something you must know clearly.

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Going off-grid means you will have no connection with the main utility grid. You will be literally “off-grid” and must make all the electricity necessary for the home, business, or application.

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Storage batteries are required to generate and store power from sun, and use when required. The excess power generated is stored in the batteries.

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Thinking of going solar?

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