Top 10 Disruptive Companies to Watch in 2019


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In this special edition, "Top 10 Disruptive Companies to Watch in 2019," Insights Success admires the flagship bearers in various industries and sectors, appreciating their impeccable contribution in evolution of their respective industries.


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+ Securing Future Cyber Security: Secure Your Network with Intelligence Digi Connection Benefits of Blockchain in the making of Smarter Energy Grids E-Mobility E-Mobility: Pioneering Transportation with Smart Grid ARIIX tm Disruptive by Design Top 10 Disruptive Companies to Watch Dr. Fred Cooper CEO Founder Vol 8 Issue 11 2019 | |

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he idea to intervene in the immense supply of knowledge in an essence or intention of contribution T helped many generations to oversee obstacles and achieve many great innovations that exists and are yet to come. The information in the form of ideologies or methodologies are meant to evolve as every set of innovations itself consists of some voids. Those who addresses such voids and come up with a better upgradations seems to stand tall in that specific category. Whether be it a personnel or an organization the ones who disrupts market by their cutting-edge technologies leaves a mark in history. These leaders under the banner of various companies make tireless efforts in an attempt to make a dent in the universe. Through a quote—"Great companies start because the founders want to change the world… not make a fast buck" Guy Kawasaki a marketing specialist and Silicon Valley venture capitalist express his ideology on current ventures. Companies become great when they are driven by the thought of giving back to community rather on filling their vaults. The term disruption is but not to be considered lightly as it requires strong ambition and passion to pave the path of success for oneself. This passion drives a person to be persistent enough to engage into such kind of practices. In this special edition "Top 10 Disruptive Companies to Watch in 2019" Insights Success admires the flagship bearers in various industries and sectors appreciating their impeccable contribution in evolution of their respective industries. Its all About Making a Difference E

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Here is the cover featuring Ariix. The company was founded eight years ago on the U.S. Independence Day for a host of reasons — most notably was the fact that ARIIX represented independence from the direct selling companies of yesterday. The company didnt grab a flashy product to launch with a sexy story paired with an MLM blueprint of whats been done before. Instead ARIIX sought to do things differently to bring about true change in an industry overburdened with negative press but one that also holds unlimited potential for the individual business owner. Lets unveil such alike inspiring interviews and stories of many such significant companies in this special edition and spread a word about their contribution in making this world a better place. Also do go through the CXO standpoints presented by some of the leading industry experts to taste the glimpse of the described sector. Have a good read Being disruptive can be coined when an entity decides to contribute for the betterment of the world. “ “ Hitesh Dhamani

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CONTENTS CONTENTS 10 COVER STORY ARIIX Disruptive by Design™ ARICLES Securing Future Cyber Security: Secure Your Network with Intelligence Digi Connection Benets of Blockchain in the making of Smarter Energy Grids E-Mobility E-Mobility: Pioneering Transportation with Smart Grid 20 38 46

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54 Seceon Eliminating Threats in its Real-Time Pivotal Systems A Key Player in the Semiconductor Industry 42 Prescient Co. Inc Revolutionizing the Construction Industry with Digital Technology 48 Prism Global Marketing Solutions Enabling Business Strategies to Successfully Implement the Inbound Marketing Methodology 50 CXO’s Fintech The Next Big Thing Leader’s Take 30 Beyond Automation: AI powered Autonomous Factories of the Future Mentor’s Standpoint 52

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COVER STORY Dr. Fred Cooper CEO Founder ARIIX

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Disruptive by Design™ You can be confident knowing that ARIIX provides you with not only the best of whats out in the industry today but we are also constantly striving to provide you with industry-first resources to keep you on the leading edge of network marketing. “ Top 10 Disruptive Companies to Watch

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needs and interests. ARIIXs products are based on viability advocacy and efficacy. People consume the products based on the value of what the product does for them — they dont just stockpile products in their garage and aempt to make money in their business. When the Target is to Create a Fair Playing Field Dr. Fred Cooper CEO of ARIIX already knew that if the organizaon wanted to be a truly disrupve force in this industry it first needed to get rid of all the "junk" in compensaon plans. According to Fred every network m a r ke n g c o m p a n y c l a i m s i t s compensaon plan is the best plan that pays the most. But the reality is theres not much differenaon between t h e m . A n d t h e y u s e d e c e p v e Reviive personal care products cleanse away impurities without introducing new ones. ARIIX has been consistently ranked in the DSN top 100 and has gone up every year. Each year DSN the leading publicaon for the direct selling industry recognizes the top 100 revenue-generang direct selling companies around the world to assist entrepreneurs seeking opportunies within this lucrave industry. Employing a "House of Brands" Strategy ARIIX isnt known as the "juice" company or the "wellness" company. Rather than being a branded house it e m p l o y s a " H o u s e o f B r a n d s " philosophy that allows the company to provide a diversified product offering with brands that stand on their own and also work together allowing its Representaves to build a business based on products that align with their COVER STORY RIIX was founded eight years A ago on the U.S. Independence Day for a host of reasons — most notably was the fact that ARIIX represented independence from the direct selling companies of yesterday. The company didnt grab a flashy product to launch with a sexy story paired with an MLM blueprint of whats been done before. Instead ARIIX sought to do things differently to bring about true change in an industry overburdened with negave press but one that also holds unlimited potenal for the individual business owner. ARIIX was launched both in the U.S. and in Asia at the same me and that was a winning combinaon. The company has seen progressive growth of 15–40 million USD per year over the past seven years. And it hasnt had a down year yet The best part is ARIIX may not be the fastest growing but it is the most consistent. What grows fast can burn fast but ARIIX is here for the long haul. T h e c o m p a n y i s h e l p i n g i t s Representaves to create a legacy business that they can pass down to their heirs Thats unheard of in this industry The ARIIX Seal of Approval is THE standard you’ve been looking for.

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Jouvé is a revolutionary skin care brand with a selection of high-performance products that reveal true youthful brilliance. markeng pracces to assert that their plan pays out a lot when it really doesnt. Compensaon plans can be so tricky that its hard to see when the balance of power is unequal to the individual business owner. Freds goal is to create a playing field that is completely fair. As an example one company may have a compensaon plan that pays a million dollars to one person and another may have a plan that pays 1 to a million people. Obviously the company that pays a million to one is going to be screaming about how much you can earn. They never tell you that only one person achieves that kind of success. The way ARIIXs compensaon plan is built everyone has the same potenal to make money. ARIIX is also disrupng the network markeng landscape by offering a compensaon plan that works the way its Representave does. Whether a Representave new to ARIIX was previously forced to follow a unilevel binary or matrix compensaon plan

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NuCerity skin care products enhance beauty in intuitive and revolutionary ways. At ARIIX were passionate about human potential. We believe everyone has infinite potential for greatness and our vision is to h e l p y o u u n l e a s h y o u r s . Maximizing your potential is how we measure our success — when you win we win. “

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Nutrifii provides a collection of premium supplements to give your body the nutritional support it needs for optimum health. with their former company ARIIX provides a mul-line structure that allows the Representave to build their business in ways they are most comfortable with. Plus the company truthfully does offer the highest-paying compensaon plan the industry has ever seen. ARIIXs compensaon plan AC TIV8™ was voted the No. 1 compensaon plan in the industry by and is changing the way entrepreneurs experience success. The Revoluonary and Disrupve Contract in Acon When it comes to staying ahead of the compeon the company believes the ARIIX Representave Bill of Rights is a clear winner. No one else in the industry offers this and Representaves throughout the industry are le without a choice when the company they work for decides to implement change — its always mandatory compliance. But not with ARIIX. The company works in collaboraon with its Representaves not in dictatorship against. Heres an example of this revoluonary and disrupve contract in acon. If the organizaon updates or changes a p o l i c y w h i c h i s p a r t o f i t s R e p r e s e n t a v e p o l i c i e s a n d procedures new Representaves to the business must adhere to the new p o l i c i e s . H o w e v e r e x i s n g Representaves get to decide if the updated policy works for them. If they dont like the new changes they can keep their exisng contract. The CEO adds "We arent dictators we are disruptors and we believe in e m p o w e r i n g o u r h a r d - w o r k i n g Representaves with control of their desny." Also everyone must follow the same r u l e s . A R I I X d o e s n t a l l o w Re p re s e nta ve s to ste a l o t h e r Each uniquely effective formula of Priime brings you the best of ancient tradition and modern scientific knowledge. COVER STORY

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Representaves regardless of how big they are. If a top Representave that consistently brings in a lot of money for both themselves and the company performs a terminable offense ARIIX doesnt look the other way because they are big money-makers. They are held to the same standards as everyone else. Valuing Collaboraon and Shaping the Journey When ARIIX opened its door for b u s i n e s s t h e co m p a ny h a d to outsource a third-party data housing system which eventually meant zero control over its data as well as data limitaons. However currently the organizaon has a fully funconal and award-winning in-house IT department. This allows the company to respond to issues in real-me and ensures data is securely held. ARIIXs connued focus is on its Representaves. They work hard for the company and the company works hard for them. Both the Representaves and the company celebrate achievements together because ARIIX is a company that values collaboraon. Together ARIIX and its Representaves have garnered more than 38 growth innovaon and visionary-related awards since 2012. ® As THE Opportunity Company ARIIX is helping families around the world transform their finances transform their health and live lives they never thought possible. From a few extra dollars to help pay the bills to incredible lifestyles for the dedicated full-me business builder ARIIX is helping people achieve their dreams every day So what happens when a company forms with the disrupve concept of working for its Representaves to create a truly collaborave and unique business model It works. ARIIX has successfully disrupted a 100-year-old industry and it isnt the end. To stay Slenderiiz provides a safe and long-term weight loss solution with results superior to those of diet and exercise alone. A new take on weight loss "I have never met a company like ARIIX that cant be compared in terms of products compensation plan and environment." —Toshiya Waki Japan "We are here because we belong to a company that allows us to transform our lives in every possible way you can imagine." —Debbie and Ken Schneider Canada "If you are willing to work then you can be successful. You need to push yourself and realize how lucky you are to have ARIIX in your life. Being successful isnt luck but hard work and willingness. Everyone can do it" —Julie Darbon France COVER STORY Clients Feedback

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Puritii protects you from air and water pollutants that directly impact your health every day. ahead in this industry ARIIX has to be extraordinary all day every day. And the company does this because it believes in the transformave power this industry provides. ARIIX doesnt mind shaking things up and consistently disrupng the status quo one bit. Disrupng the Direct-Selling Industry on a Global Scale Since its launch ARIIX is now open in 21 markets across the globe. Japan and Europe are the two fastest-growing markets currently and both of these markets include a large millennial demographic. Recently both markets experienced incredible growth leading the way for an ARIIX record-breaking sales week of 6 million USD. While ARIIX offers a global opportunity the company isnt in a hurry to open markets just for the sake of numbers. ARIIX applies strategic direcon in all open markets to ensure a solid and sustainable opportunity for its Representaves. The company is slowly disrupng the direct-selling industry on a global scale one market at a me.

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Secure Your Network with Intelligence Cyber Security AUGUST 2019 20

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A t present cyber security is playing a vital role in the digital world and it is also known as a standard technology use for the protection of cyber environment of an individual or any organization. It is mainly known for security culture which includes user network drives software process information storage application security and system support which is directly or indirectly connected to the network. The prime objective of cyber security is to reduce continuously growing cyber risks and cyber threats. Cyber security technology consists of a collection of tools policies security concepts risk management actions and training. The technology tracks protected networks data security from data attack along with cyber security and physical security. The core functionality of cyber- security is based on techniques involved protecting information and system from cyber threats. How Cyber Security came into Existence As with the history cyber security has huge network background with its own findings and technology aspects. In the early 1990s a research on information security and policy was been introduced where information was in the form of accuracy and based on system awareness. Under 2016 survey 70 of the organizations in the US were adopted by US Security survey which is comprised of NIFT National Institute of Standards and Technology Cyber-security framework. Origins of Cyber Security Platform Cyber security is defined as a package of safety solutions which provides major security processes. There are many sectors which are consuming cyber security platform as its major functionality for web service network. The fundamentals of cyber security process are Ÿ Application Security Ÿ Information Security Ÿ Network Security Ÿ Operational Security Ÿ Application security is covered with technology that measures the feasibility of the application by finding fixing and preventing security exposers. There are different techniques which are being used as security platform to emphasize safety at different stages of the application cycle. Application cycle includes different segments such as design development deployment upgrade and maintenance. The standard of security process is consequently changing and application cycle has also a different process with different standardization. Techniques used in application security are mainly focused on its exposer of the application security. Whitebox security is used for reviewing the source code and noticing security flaws of the application through manual functionality. Blackbox security audit is used for testing security functions where source code is not needed. Design review is used as an application of threat model and works before the code is written. And Tooling is the technique which includes automated tools that test security flaws with higher positive rate. Ÿ Information security is a core source of information which is confidential integrated and easily available. The primary focus of this security process is to the stable data protection while maintaining a focus on efficient policy application. Risk management process is achieved by identifying assets threat sources and vulnerabilities and is also followed by the effectiveness of the risk management plan. Information security mainly works on confidential information which is highly entitled to the process. Ÿ Network security sets a variety of computer networks used in both public and private sector. It also includes conducting transactions and build communications among businesses government agencies and individuals. All networks are divided into two sections private network and public network. Private networking is used within the company and public network access relates to the open source network. This security culture is highly involved in most of the companies enterprises and other types of institutions. It is mainly used for protecting and overseeing the operations. The 21 AUGUST 2019

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network resource is relatively protected by assigning a unique name and a corresponding password. The process is concerned with authentication of username and password which implements its security concept. Ÿ Operational security is a process that identifies information which is critical and easy to determine by competitor intelligence. It protects individual piece of data that could be grouped together to give a proper set of information. It includes critical information essential for military commanders senior leaders and higher management. The whole process also includes technical and non-technical measures such as use of email encryption software taking precautions against spying data and securing confidential information not to be shared on social media platform. Operational security is a five-step process which assists any organization to specify required information Ÿ Identification of critical information Ÿ Analysis of threats Ÿ Analysis of Vulnerabilities Ÿ Assessment of Risk. Securing Organization Processes Cyber security process plays a crucial role to impact information security of the organization. It also explores the “Relationship between Organization Culture and Information Security Culture” and contributes into the organization’s protection as well as maintains all kind of information. Security process is a never-ending process in which information is used as a resource tool to manage statistics security culture. The security process served five-step processes including pre-evaluation strategic planning operative planning and implementation. The pre-evaluation process identifies the awareness of information security within employees in the organization. Strategic Planning offers healthier awareness program where target gets sets according to the grouping of people. Operative Planning provides good security process which can be established based on internal communication security awareness and a training program. Implementation is four stage process used as security process to implement information. The process is used for management communication with organizational members and current employees. Enhancing Future with Cyber Security Cyber security is aggressively contributing to the IT field concerned with reducing organization’s risk and data break. According to research in 2016 46 of organizations carry "problematic shortage" of cyber security and is increased by 28 compared to 2015. Also government commercial and non-governmental organizations use cyber security for better and secure platform. The demand for cyber security is increasing rapidly as professional security worker in all industries are managing the volume of consumer data of finance healthcare and retail. However the use of the term “cyber security” is more popular in all industrial areas that will help organizations with security process culture. Conclusion Cyber security is equally important for local state and central government as these organizations maintains a huge amount of confidential data and records concerning the country and its citizens. Yet there are many government and commercial organizations that face difficulties in protecting the confidential data due to lack of inadequate secured infrastructure and lack of security awareness. AUGUST 2019 22

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he number of people with T diabetes has risen from 108 million in 1980 to 422 million in 2014. Diabetes is the decease present in every age group and not having a cure is growing significantly . With the celestial vision to deliver a tool to dietetics that prevents borderline diabetes from getting the disease Alertgy was established in February 2016. Most of the founders have a personal experience with diabetes and witnessed the challenges of managing the disease. Pertaining to these experiences the team of experts envisioned a future where diabetics can have a truly noninvasive continuous monitor and alert system that is inexpensive and easy to use. A system that automatically alerts about the blood glucose levels getting high or low. They created a worry free solution giving doctors and patients the best data to help in managing the disease. Alertgy provides the world’s first truly noninvasive continuous glucose monitor NICGM and alert system. The solution is powered with the application of advanced dielectric materials sensor design signal generation/ extraction/ processing technology. There are No Coincidences CEO Marc Rippen is leading the Alertgy team in the successful commercialization of their unique and proprietary technology. He is an effective passionate and truly visionary leader who routinely thinks out of the box to solve difficult problems. He has a proven track record in efficiently program managing complex applied research and development multidisciplinary teams on multimillion dollar contracts to develop fabricate test optimize and deliver working prototype solutions to clients. Alergy came in existence when he discovered his wife a brittle type 2 diabetic and had chances of going into a coma. Desperate to find a solution he developed a noninvasive wearable device that works with a phone app to alert diabetics and their loved ones when the blood sugar levels are dangerously low or high. The app provides continuous data on present blood sugar levels and trends so diabetics can make the best choices to manage their condition. While describing about the experience of innovating a unique solution Marc mentions "When I made it my mission to develop a truly noninvasive continuous blood glucose system my first step was to study what was has been done in the past what is being done in the present and what was being developed for the future." While researching Marc discovered that many universities attempted the same methods that he was studying. He also found a well-documented technology that has been demonstrated by multiple universities to be capable of truly noninvasive continuous blood glucose monitoring Dielectric Spectroscopy. However the universities were not able to come up with a practical means to reduce the system into a wearable device. Before the ideation of Alertgy Marc was the director of engineering of the Marine and Space Technology Group of the Stanford Research Institute. He worked for SOCOM in developing marine submerged electromagnetic sensor networks which co-incidentally held the key to developing a wearable device. The advanced dielectric materials sensor and electromagnetic signal generation extraction and processing he had developed along with his team for military applications was then used to solve the biggest challenge in the diabetes industry to develop an accurate truly noninvasive continuous glucose monitor. After couple of months the first prototype of the solution was fabricated and demonstrated to be funtional. Demonstration and documentation of Real Time Blood Sugar Level Alerts for Diabetics 24 Top 10 Disruptive Companies to Watch in 2019 AUGUST 2019

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companies from seed to public in variety of high technology industries developing prototypes manufacturing healthcare human factors biomedical engineering implementation clinical trials and C-suite experience in Fortune 100 companies. Marc believes Alertgy can become a billion dollar company in less than 5 years. This is validated by the fact DEXCOM whose only product is a very invasive and expensive continuous blood glucose monitoring system has a valuation of over 10 billion dollars with just a type 1 diabetic market Which is less than 3 percent of the total diabetic market. The NICGM Alertgy product gives type 2 diabetics a means to track their blood glucose totally non-invasively and continuously without chemical reactions on their skin or expensive needle sensors implanted under their skin that must constantly be replaced. The type 2 market is the other 97 percent of the obvious diabetic market. Then there is the borderline diabetic market which is one-third of the world’s population. In addition the unique Alertgy solutions have a promising future where their technology can be used to monitor for many other diseases and be used to diagnose them and better manage them. the innovation was crucial in moving forwardt. Most of the staff of Alertgy was healthy and had no symptoms of diabetes or high blood glucose levels. Thus Marc volunteered himself for the device test. His father had died from complications from diabetes thus he thought he can be probably be on the borderline. He drank a 44 oz coke slurpy and feasted on 2 Boston crème donuts and gave the test. The team used three different glucometers to compensate for the fact that the results vary by up to 20 in the readings they give and the device uses the average to calibrate the system. After pricking Marc two glucometers diagnosed HIGH and one read 587. Marc was over range. While discovering the solution he discovered he himself was in diabetic. He started this to help his wife and all the other diabetics in the world and saved his own life. Set to Make the Mark Alertgy harnesses the application of advanced technology efficiently by truly using out of the box thinking. By using a highly multi-disciplined approach with a can do attitude Alertgy can take an idea and reduce it to practice from a concept drawing on a napkin to functional prototype in literally a few days. The company constantly strives to improve its solutions and listens to strategic partners and potential customers to see what it need to change or how it need to approach. With its commitment Alertgy brings the needed expertise and experience for success that span innovation taking “ Alertgy uses innovation to improve the health and quality of life of people. 25 Marc Rippen CEO AUGUST 2019

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W ith the aim to arm businesses and consumers with the most current and accurate property data needed to make better business decisions ATTOM Data Solutions came into foray. The organization provides premium property data to power products that improve transparency innovation efficiency and disruption in a datadriven economy. ATTOM multisources property tax deed mortgage foreclosure environmental risk natural hazard and neighborhood data for more than 155 million U.S. residential and commercial properties covering 99 percent of the nation’s population. A rigorous data management process involving more than 20 steps validates standardizes and enhances the data collected by ATTOM assigning each property record with a persistent unique ID — the ATTOM ID. The 9TB ATTOM Data Warehouse fuels innovation in many industries including mortgage real estate insurance marketing government and more through flexible data delivery solutions. Solutions that Make Life Easier ATTOM Data just became the first property data provider to offer Data- asa- Service DaaS a cloud-based property data platform that streamlines data management. The organization also offers Ÿ Bulk data licensing Ÿ Property Data API’s Ÿ Match and Append Ÿ Market Trends Ÿ Marketing Lists The company is slowly transforming the future of property data by offering a robust and comprehensive list of premium property data that fuel various industries. Who Leads the Pack Rob Barber is the CEO of ATTOM Data Solutions. Under his leadership over the past year the organization has completed multiple strategic initiatives including the addition of best-in-class neighborhood data through the acquisition of Onboard Informatics and launching multiple new products and solutions to bring more comprehensive real estate data to the marketplace. ATTOM List a new marketing list creation tool the introduction of a new lender-grade but cost-effective automated valuation model A VM as well as a new streamlined API that allowed it to consolidate its premium property neighborhood and boundary data into one self-service platform. Most recently however under Barber’s leadership was the acquisition of ATTOM Data Solutions by Lovell Minnick Partners a private equity firm specializing in financial and related business service companies. Since this acquisition ATTOM has unlocked the power of DaaS and continues to disrupt the marketplace with various datasets and solutions. Barber has also been named a 2018 HousingWire Vanguard for his outstanding executive leadership contributions in the housing finance industry. He was also a recipient of the 2019 RISMedia Real Estate Newsmaker and named a Futurist for his ongoing curation of the nation’s premier real estate database and product innovation that leverages ATTOM’s data data licensing and customer service. As well as being named a winner of a Gold Stevie award in the Tech Innovator of the Year category for the 17th Annual American Business Awards. Bringing Innovation to the Table Employees of ATTOM Data Solutions are encouraged to broaden their minds with company paid courses and/or seminars to strengthen their skillset or Helping to Make Better Business Decisions 26 ATTOM Data Solutions Top 10 Disruptive Companies to Watch in 2019 AUGUST 2019

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forward. with Most Helping to Make Better Business Decisions We strive to arm businesses and consumers with the most current and accurate property data needed to make wise decisions. Client Feedback “The entire sales process was a pleasure since we were treated like partners versus prospects.”-Arup Banarjee CEO Windfall Data “With the ATTOM implementation DIMONT has gone from 1.75 ood reviews per hour per employee to 5-plus per hour per employee…allowing us to save our customers time and money.” -Denis Brosnan CEO DIMONT “The data is updated every day and always arrives on time. Predictably good. ATTOM has done a good job of standardizing the data.” -Bryan Copley CEO CityBldr ATTOM Table of Elements learn new ones. ATTOM believes that you still must invest in your employees because in order to grow as a company you must start from within. ATTOM Data strives to make sure its employees take time away from work to recharge and relax. A strong work-life balance has also been established through unlimited PTO flexible schedules various company sponsored events team building activities a casual work environment and comprehensive health benefits. Innovation is fueled through the collaborative environment that has been created with open work spaces cross-departmental work flow and open conversations among the executive teams. Tackling 21st Century Problems According to ATTOM Data Solutions the volume of data companies need to deal with is huge so working with a company like ATTOM to provide clean consolidated and integrated data eliminates the need to go to multiple sources. ATTOM believes matching disparate data is complex and needs constant attention. Therefore the organization has built algorithms to automate much of this and they are continually applying new thinking to this area. The company also believes that adoption of new technology such as APIs and Data-as-a-Service is always challenging and ATTOM is leading the market in these areas in many ways continuing to push the industry “ We strive to arm businesses and consumers with the most current and accurate property data needed to make wise decisions. 27 Rob Barber CEO AUGUST 2019

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The Next Big Thing Fintech The Next Big Thing Fintech e are at a time in which technology advances at an incredible pace unlike other generations today’s society is W accompanying technology allowing it to develop without fear of looking back. Unfortunately regulation and laws cannot advance at the same speed and that is creating dangerous gaps that can destabilize the economy as we know it today. The crisis we have experienced during the last decade has shown the shame of the economic system and its fragility in some aspects such as its banking dependence. The latter has allowed alternative investment to hatch and with it many fintech tools blockchain systems tools based on peer to peer etc. Francisco Mariscal Co-founder CEO 30 AUGUST 2019

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The problem we are experiencing is that with the mentality of breaking the rules so as to write them again something that in principle should be positive for society we are forgetting the basic rules on which our society is based data protection right to privacy capital controls or protection of retailers are basic rules that should not be forgotten because if we do so we are going back in time despite being in the most advanced technological cycle in history. And this can lead to a spiral as much or more dangerous than the crises we have experienced in recent decades. Do not mistake the passion necessary to advance in a disruptive business with moving forward at any price the next decade will be marked by major changes in many sectors: Fintech Insurtech Foodtech Legaltech etc. As we can see in their names they all rely on technology in which in most of the cases there is no regulation or jurisprudence so we must be cautious with the rules on which we write because if we do it in the wrong way we will be wasting the opportunity that is being given to us. A clear example of the above is that the majority of cryptocurrencies which as we all know are written under Blockchain technology. The blockchain technology is very reliable but it is not infallible and unfortunately the states are not prepared for its supervision and control so even though its survival and development is clear here the market is not ready to hatch and unfortunately we are seeing how it advances at a speed of madness and possibly we will see scary situations because the vested interests are very high and possibly some are not entirely licit. Another example are the famous ICOs in 2017 we have seen how the volume under management with this type of product has multiplied by 5 in direct investment on the same type of asset I do not say that that is bad in itself. But when we see that companies that have not been able to finance themselves by normal alternative investments manage not only to do it by this method but also obtain three times the capital they needed it looks like we are facing a bubble and that if it is not controlled can only bring problems to the system and possibly the ones that will pay for this will be the usual ones the retail investors. All this will bring fear into the tools that are being born now and could end up becoming a mere frustrated attempt instead of a complement of the future. Both examples described above are allowing us to generate inflation in value and price something which we all know what it will bring us. It is clear that crises like wars generate poverty although in the long term these allow the pillars upon which the economies are built to be more solid and with that comes certain economic evolution and improvement at least to date. Therefore my insistence on control at least in what affects citizens the companies can take risks but without transferring them to people. In general the fintech sector has a huge market for its development potential disintermediation and the creation of value for the user will mark the next decade. The new generations want products that provide value and that do not generate captivity of anything or anyone. And this is my reflection to generate value to the user it is something more than just to provide a friendly and easy to use tool we must protect the users and explain the risks to be assumed. We are seeing how many investment platforms sell high- risk products to their users through marketing tools. It is clear that we could not live on a banking product eternally. But what can not be allowed is that the rules of protection for retail investors are violated because in doing so we will be destroying a complement of value to the traditional banking product. As a conclusion of all the above almost all the Fintech tools have a long life ahead the regulation is tracking behind but if we want it to last over time we must not forget the basic rules of user protection in all its aspects. Although there are no rules in most cases we must use common sense which in many cases we are demonstrating that it is the least common of all the senses. Users are our loudspeaker to change things and if we mistreat them all they will say is that we are another failed attempt at evolution. Francisco Mariscal is a Founding Partner of Fellow Funders. Telecommunications and industrial organization engineer from Universidad Europa he has a master’s degree in Quantitative Finance from AFI and an Executive MBA from EAE Business School. About the Author Leader’s Take 31 AUGUST 2019

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oday Artificial Intelligence is T an evolving technology playing a very important role in shaping the future of almost every aspect of every industry. Business Development is no exception. Founded in 2017 provides automated business development and always on prospecting™ powered by artificial intelligence. Scale to the power of artificial intelligence. Introducing AI for Sales was launched in 2017 at an average selling price of 40000 for 30000 sales activities 3 years of outbound delivered in 3 months at a 75 lower cost and 5X faster pace than in-house resources. signed nearly 50 clients in less than 12 months. The executive team at discovered that many of the buyers could not justify a 40000 investment and they would have invested up to 6000/month the cost of a typical SDR/BDR if offered such a service. This is how was born – out of the desire to serve more clients at a lower price point and to disrupt the SDR/BDR role by providing Always On Prospecting™. 5X the Digital Reach provides virtual BDRs to execute the digital selling motions including: researching data sending personalized email social outreach and providing agent-assisted dials for quota carrying sales professionals. These are activities that most quota carrying sales professionals should do but quite oftent don’t have the time to do. envisions replacing onsite BDRs who average less than 50 sales activities perday with virtual BDRs who average more than 250 sales activities per day at a cost up to 2/3 lower than hiring full-time employees. Powered by Artificial intelligence’s virtual BDRs drive up to 5X the digital outreach including through multiple channels including phone email and social. Personalized Email Execution Having an extensive experience in managing inside sales teams of 50 – 100 people for the past decade CEO of Chad Burmeister was not happy to see the low-level work that had done by the SDR and BDR teams researching prospects to reach out to researching information about them and then customizing each digital outreach by persona. Committed to create a substantial solution he developed along with the team of experts. eradicates the issue of SDRs and BDRs of spending more than four productive working hours of the day on unnecessary researching and writing 10 - 15 emails. aligns a virtual BDR to a salesperson to deliver up to 100 personalized emails per day sent from the salesperson to prospects that meet their ideal customer profile. is a solution of The difference between and is easy to explain. delivers a full service BDR to deliver phone email and social sales activities on behalf of its clients delivering calendared meetings for the sales team. A typical company invests 32500 in a 90 day pilot for 30000 guaranteed sales activities which typically results in 50 – 150 meetings booked for our client. delivers data leads 100 personalized emails/day and then executes up to 100 or more social sales activities/day on behalf of its clients. Transmitting Excellence Chad Burmeister CEO of ScaleX- has been voted a Top 25 Inside Sales Professional by the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals 9 of the past 10 years. He has written 3 books on sales including SalesHack 1 Automating Business Development with Artificial Intelligence 32 a solution Top 10 Disruptive Companies to Watch in 2019 AUGUST 2019

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me to our best prospects. For those who say that AI won’t replace Sales Development Representatives you are wrong.” - Patrick Donlin President and CEO “AI for sales is one of the most exciting things happening now and in fact is going to give professional salespeople higher value work to do”- Lori Richardson CEO Score More Sales “ delivered nearly 200 meetings for us in 2018. We were so impressed with that we brought in to power up our quota carrying sales professionals with AI for Sales.” – Frank Swain CRO Instana 2 and ScaleX – Multi-Channel Sales Acceleration Powered by Artificial Intelligence. Chad is a regular speaker at sales conferences and events around the world including SalesForce Dreamforce Frost Sullivan the AA-ISP Enterprise Sales Forum and more. Disrupting BDR Role is disrupting the BDR role by delivering 5-10X more sales activities at a higher quality using AI for personalization. Most recently launched e- Commerce on the website so that new customers can sign up for services directly on the site without the need to speak with a BDR. Expansion Opportunities will continue to innovate to bring efficient ways for its clients to penetrate new customers and build pipeline. It envision utilizing additional expansion opportunities to provide a way to record videos and send them to prospects a deeper integration with Agent-Assisted Dialing technology we call One-Click Conversations and an integrated physical mailer channel. Client Admirations “ has eliminated the need for us to hire entry level SDRs and BDRs who take a lot of time and energy to ramp up and then turnover in a matter of months. We hired two virtual BDRs powered by artificial intelligence from to execute 200 personalized emails/day sent from “ sends up to 100 personalized emails/day on your behalf so that you can focus on higher value work 33 Chad Burmeister CEO AUGUST 2019

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T here are many reasons why people start using legal or illicit drugs like opioids. Oftentimes the reason is to deal with life stressors or to address physical pain. According to available data as much as 20.6 million people are abusing drugs in the U.S alone. Although the initial decision to consume drugs may be voluntary or due to legitimate prescriptions its continuous use can lead to addiction for many. There is a serious opioid epidemic facing the US and other countries and one company is trying to make a difference. BioCorRx Inc. is an addiction treatment solutions company offering a unique approach to the treatment of substance use disorders. The ® BioCorRx Recovery Program is a medication-assisted treatment MAT program which consists of two main components. The first component of the program consists of an outpatient implant procedure performed by a licensed physician. The implant delivers the non-addictive medicine naltrexone an opioid antagonist that can significantly reduce physical cravings for alcohol and opioids and can prevent opioid overdose following relapse. The second component of the program developed by BioCorRx Inc. is a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy CBT program tailored specifically for the treatment of alcoholism and other substance use disorders for those receiving long-term naltrexone treatment. The Company also conducts RD under its controlled subsidiary BioCorRx Pharmaceuticals. A Competent Leader The CEO of the company Brady Granier has an academic background in Nursing and his career includes various managerial and directorial roles in media corporations where he dealt with many popular brands. Prior to joining BioCorRx in June of 2013 Brady Granier had been involved in sales management media sales and business development. He was employed at Clear Channel Media Entertainment "CCME" which is now iHeart Media where he had served in several positions starting from Account Executive to Director of Business Development and Local Sales Manager. He has also served as the Healthcare Category Manager for the Los Angeles division of CCME the largest media company in the United States. Integrated Treatment Therapy The company started out only treating alcoholism but the emergence of the opioid epidemic directed its focus to combatting this problem as well. The opioid crisis began in the United States in late 1990s. Opioids are a class of drugs which includes prescribed painkillers as well as illegal heroin. The potency of such drugs has made them highly popular for both medicinal and recreational uses and their addictive nature has fueled the epidemic. Deaths due to drug overdose rose to more than 50000 in 2015 and almost half of those were from prescription drugs. Such high numbers are more than sufficient for the problem to be categorized as an epidemic by several governmental agencies. The epidemic has cost the United States economy over 500 billion in 2015 alone. In an attempt to curb this continuing threat BioCorRx offers naltrexone in the form of a biodegradable implant that dissolves over months thereby releasing naltrexone into the bloodstream in a sustained manner. The opioid antagonist medication can reduce cravings for alcohol and opioids and can also block many of the effects of such substances. With the widespread problem of addiction due in part to prescription drugs this treatment has the potential to make a real difference to society. The implant can work well to remove cravings and protect from relapse while the implant is releasing therapeutic levels of naltrexone but once the cravings are reduced or eliminated the underlying reasons for the addiction should be addressed. This can be challenging as Improving life with Extensive Addiction Recovery Service 34 BioCorRxInc. Top 10 Disruptive Companies to Watch in 2019 AUGUST 2019

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Ÿ Recovery Program is distributed by partner clinics across the US and fees are paid to BioCorRx per program sold by independent treatment providers. At present there are approximately a dozen partner clinics available. Notable Feats BioCorRx expects to get FDA approval for its lead candidate BICX102 which is a naltrexone implant similar to the one used in the BioCorRx Recovery Program. The company secured a grant from the National Institute on Drug Abuse NIDA for nearly 5.7 million dollars in Q1 2019 for that product. The company also recently announced the upcoming launch of a new weight loss program called UnCraveRx as well as a 6 million funding related to this new program. Clients Beating Addiction with BioCorRx Former child actor Jeremy Miller said "I finally found something that worked for me". Jeremys mom found the naltrexone implant procedure by BioCorRx on the internet. Jeremy went ahead and had the naltrexone implant procedure done and the medication assisted treatment blocked his cravings for alcohol. "I have to tell you it worked amazingly. It absolutely saved my marriage and my wife thanks God for it each and every day." Jeremy now helps other patients that enter the BioCorRx Recovery Program. each situation is different. To address this BioCorRx developed a cognitive behavioral therapy CBT and peer recovery support program around the naltrexone implant to aid in addressing the psycho-social aspects of the addiction and provide ongoing recovery support. The combination of this medication withCBT and peer support is called the BioCorRx Recovery Program. Cutting Edge Offerings BioCorRx offers a medication-assisted treatment MAT recovery program which is used to treat both alcohol and opioid use disorders. The following are the unique offerings of the company Ÿ Proprietary Naltrexone Implant is used per patient prescription under state and federal compounding rules. The process of treatment is a simple outpatient procedure performed by a licensed medical professional. During the procedure the doctor inserts the implant in the patients fatty tissue usually in the abdominal area. The entire procedure usually takes only 20-30 minutes and patients typically report that within hours they notice as reduction in cravings. Ÿ Proprietary Cognitive Behavioral Therapy CBT Program/Peer Support/Tracking in which patients have access to 35 treatment modules designed to be completed in 16 private sessions in under 90 days. The modules are now available to patient via mobile app or in workbook form. The peer support is done via mobile app that tracks engagement and patient progress. “ BioCorRxInc. uses innovation to improve the health and quality of life of people. 35 Brady Granier CEO AUGUST 2019

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E-Mobility: Pioneering Transportation with Smart Grid T he electric automobile is associated with the integration of transportation which is resulted according to the customer needs. Customer demands are initiated towards renewable energies in terms of a zero-emission and sustainable mobility. The “Smart Grid” could be a hypothetic methodology with electrically collected from vehicles that run on renewable resources. However E-mobility consequently specializing in customer demands and build an effective source of energy through mobility. Electro mobility or E-mobility suggests clean and environment-friendly transport through electric vehicles. It conjointly delivers climate-friendly technology with massive growth potential. In the automotive industry electricity suppliers and government influencers are also pushing e-mobility within the field of standardization. For sequencing to the perfection utilities and network operators are heavily investing under development of ‘intelligent’ electricity distribution systems. Smart Grid Communication for economical E-Mobility In smart grid smart energy network depends upon comprehensive communication with integrated charging stations. The communication with the smart grid is incessantly measured and controlled through an IP-based connection. It additionally permits load compensation with the assistance of interconnecting charging stations. Additionally vehicle-to-grid communication makes it potential to integrate special charge models and supply new services. Moreover in future the vehicles connected to the smart grid unit expected to perform batteries for storing extra energy as needed. Rendering ahead with Smart Grid The move towards a low-carbon society would require progress in renewable energy production and in e-mobility. The success of e-mobility is connected to smart grid development that helps intelligent charging infrastructure for big scale acceptance of electric vehicles. The dependency works both ways in which comparable to massive scale acceptance of e-mobility helps massive scale infrastructure investments to be profitable. Functionalities of E-Mobility There are two different kinds of plug-in electric vehicles such as plug-in hybrid vehicle and pure electric vehicle. Were plug-in hybrid vehicles are equipped with a combustion engine and pure electric vehicle encompass pure electric connectivity. The proper electricity-production drastically reduces CO2 emissions compared to traditional combustion engine cars. From the perspective of the electrical grid people’s habits and daily schedules can probably cause peak demand at certain times of day which may cause electricity network congestion or voltages below normal. Revolutionary Trends of Electrical Grid In an electrical grid the energy system becomes progressively relied on renewable energy sources. The wants to the electrical grid are ever-changing with latest trends. The alternative energy is generally non-controllable suburbanized and unsteady. E-mobility brings purposeful technology which reinforces the transportation medium and efficient method. 38 AUGUST 2019

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Flexible property of E-Mobility E-mobility may be a versatile electrical transportation medium immensely capturing client demands. The flexibility of e-mobility helps to reduce costs of network investments and electricity bills with grid operators. The network has the flexibility to deal with worst case situation. It additionally reduces energy and absorbs excessive energy generation and additionally things and voltage issues. Nissan Integrates E-Mobility with Smart Grid The well-known automobile brand Nissan is introducing its own electronic vehicle or e-mobility vehicle with smart grid technology. Nissan additionally proposes to introduce technology and business ties between electric driving and smart grid. Moreover Nissan is on the point of introducing energy storage for a vehicle for domestic usage supported second-life batteries. Nissan’s is aiming to provide concerning one hundred electric vehicle charging stations for each non-public and business purpose. The automotive users are ready to offer the battery capacity to vehicles and to create energy for grid. Hence Nissan drives its e-mobility vehicles effectively with unified consumer experience. Confronting Future with E-Mobility The future of electric vehicles is remodeling within the field of energy and quality happening in the fields of energy and quality. E-mobility is influenced by market factors and forthcoming trends that are nearly unbeatable. The conjunction of e-mobility and smart grid is a chance for many automobile industries. Through automobile businesses have many possibilities to head in the market. Henceforth e-mobility delivers significant solutions to automobile industry comprises with a smart grid. It’ s a revolutionary step towards automobile segmentation comprises with electric transport mobility solutions. E-Mobility 39 AUGUST 2019

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ne of the world’s greatest O basketball legends Michael Jordan once quoted “Talent wins games but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” A committed team is the key to transforming vision into reality. Whether it’s on a basketball court or the continually growing business world teamwork always pays off. If you have an inimitable vision and a team of professionals who take no time to convert strategies into implementations success in anything becomes predictable especially in business ventures. With the vision of it’s Founder Jon Hathaway and the execution of his highly skilled team – HATech could be the Business Transformation partner youve been looking for. HATech is a renowned full-service DevOps consultation company headquartered in Las Vegas NV . It provides a series of customer centric business transformation solutions that assure customers their desired success. Within four years of its inception the company has been able to gain nationwide attention pertaining to its remarkable collaborations with clients from a range of industries. A recent expansion into the city of Phoenix AZ has helped solidify the need for HATech’s skills and expertise in helping Enterprises become more nimble and realizing the need to transform. A Relentless Drive Prior to establishing HATech Jon Hathaway built several DevOps teams operating across Enterprise organizations but performing with a startup mindset within the larger business. During this time he recognized the need of an all-inclusive tailored solution that can enable a business to drive their growth. While answering the question what inspired you to create HATech Jon wittily reveals ‘Bad Companies’ His experience is that most often DevOps solution providers introduce tools to address customer concerns. However someone else downstream has to deploy these new tools quickly and effectively for the overall process to be considered a success. All too often new tools require training additional investment from a team that is already under a great deal of pressure to provide business value. HATech leads with people first processes then tools. Inevitably automation will speed up good AND bad processes. HATech keeps their clients focused on improvement from the inside out. Contrary to the popular trend in the consultation industry HATech chooses not to diversify its target audience. The appeal of diversification is greater market share and consequently increased revenue. For HATech those concerns are secondary. Hence the company focuses on offering piercing insights that clients can leverage to transform their work culture maximize the effectiveness of people and processes and ensure the glitch-free performance of platforms and products. A client can expect HATech to work in sync with them at every stage of their business cycle from product inception design and build to deployment and getting it into customers’ hands in the shortest possible time. Being fully embedded with a clients’ teams gives HATech the insight to help mentor and coach those teams of individuals in to how to be successful. Considering the factors like agility and distinctive customer needs HATech focuses on creating a roadmap and plan iteratively producing the most amount of value for its customers instead of architecting a solution for 3 years in advance. This speed of HATech became a major game changer for many industries where instead of an 18 month endeavor to catalog requirements and architect a solution HATech delivered the most important features and requirements within months and in some cases even a week or less. Employee Focused In a rather competitive field HATech stands out with its emphasis on a culture-first mentality driven by concepts and an extraordinary focus on Transforming Businesses with DevOps 40 HAT ech Top 10 Disruptive Companies to Watch in 2019 AUGUST 2019

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customer to be successful. Everyone appreciates the importance of the projects as a unit and they all invest their time voluntarily. The credit is due in large part to the leadership team at HATech as well. They get their hands dirty with the rest of the team and this sets a great example for everyone else to follow. Securing Future with Positive Integrations DevOps solution providers around the world recognize HATech for its innovation and futuristic approach. Jon believes HATech’s focus on its core offering i.e. business transformation solutions is the greatest strength of the company. He asserts “We are one of the few companies that specialize in the DevOps cultural transformation facet of business development. "We add new features and capabilities and that helps us help other companies adopt DevOps in a reliable and scalable way.” The company envisions leading the way in DevOps with positive integrations and evolving partnerships in times ahead. employees. HATech’s office infrastructure is an open- concept. Engineers business analysts consultants support team marketing team customer success management even the CEO sits out on the floor. The company creates an atmosphere were a complete DevOps team work together everyone including associates contributing in development and engineering operations systems support IT product assurance and product managers. This allows an easy flow for communication questions opportunities to learn and a lot more fun. No more silos and no more finger pointing. The whole team is responsible for building and adding value to the business and their customers. Leading By Example HATech is one of the worlds renowned DevOps solution providers. It is distinctively recognized amongst the industry leaders for its unique culture and employee driven approach. It is evidently a reflection of their leader Jons personality. There is no separate CEOs office and he is with the team out on the office floor every day. Jon recalls his exceptional background has played a vital role in his approach towards business. He is not a business school graduate in fact he has never been to university. Everything that he knows about the industry is the product of personal experience getting his hands dirty and working his way up. The simplicity and honesty he brings to the table has created its deserving impact over employees. As HATech have never missed a deadline for a customer project the entire team are committed to doing whatever it takes for the “ We drive change demonstrate excellence and deliver results. 41 Jon Hathaway Founder CEO AUGUST 2019

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emiconductor devices influence S our lives on a daily basis and are all around us. They can be found in just about every commercial product we touch from the family car to the pocket calculator. They are contained in television sets portable radios stereo equipment and much more. Science and Industrial space also rely heavily on semiconductor devices. Research laboratories use these devices in all sorts of electronic instruments to perform tests measurements and numerous other experimental tasks. Industrial control systems such as those used to manufacture automobiles and automatic telephone exchanges also use semiconductors. Even today heavy-duty versions of the solid-state rectifier diode are used to convert large amounts of power for electric railroads. This creates a need for handling controlling and manufacturing semiconductor applications. Pivotal Systems provides the best-in-class gas flow monitoring and control technology platform for the global semiconductor industry. The company’s proprietary hardware and software utilizes advanced machine learning to enable preventative diagnostic capability resulting in an order of magnitude increase in productivity and capital efficiency for existing and future technology nodes. The platform includes Pivotal’s Gas Flow Controller GFC product lines that offer high-accuracy real-time monitoring and control of the most critical parameters difficult to control in wafer processing today: Gas Flow and Chamber Condition. Inception Story The Executive Team at Pivotal Systems has decades of experience in the semiconductor industry working at the leading process equipment companies. John Hoffman CEO of the company has over 30 years of global high technology management experience building growth organizations in both semiconductor and information technology markets. Dr. Joe Monkowski was the President of Lam Research and Officer at Advanced Energy. Nori Kobayakawa was an executive at KLA-Tencor the leading metrology and Inspection Company in the world. All of them came together understanding that the singular goal of the largest global semiconductor manufacturers and largest global equipment companies was to enable the manufacture of better semiconductor devices per hour of production. They all understood that speed and repeatability of existing gas flow control systems was a significant limiter and it was a technology segment that was ripe for innovation. An All Encompassing CEO Prior to joining Pivotal Systems John was a Senior VP with Spencer Trask Ventures a New York based venture capital firm. While at Spencer Trask John was primarily involved in the solar and integrated circuit efforts of the firm. Prior to Spencer Trask John was the Chief Executive Officer of RagingWire Enterprise Solutions an Inc. 500 fastest growing private company. John reorganized the company and enabled record growth in revenue and profitability during his tenure. John has also been an officer at Applied Materials for 18 years and ran several of their largest business groups while there. John was the President of the billion dollar "Etch Product Business Group" VP and GM of the Process Control and Diagnostic Business Group and the General Manager of the Customer Service Division which grew by over 300 during his tenure. John has a B.S. from the United States Military Academy at West Point and an Executive MBA AEA from Stanford University. He currently serves on several Boards of Directors and Advisory Boards. Overview on Innovative Products Pivotal Systems is driven by Innovation coupled with continuous A Key Player in the Semiconductor Industry 42 Top 10 Disruptive Companies to Watch in 2019 AUGUST 2019

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Pivotal Systems’ technology and innovation paves the way for the future of gas flow control. The flow control technology combines Pivotal’s patented high accuracy ™ GFM system with patented control valve technology. As such it leapfrogs the current MFC technology by offering an order of magnitude improvement on key flow parameters thereby enabling high efficiency advanced wafer-manufacturing processes. Future Trends and Sustaining Competency Pivotal Systems’ future is just like every other company in the world it is what the employees and management make it to be. The organization collectively needs to show up every day and continuously support its customers by bringing them continued value. If the company is able to work in this manner its future is bright. Pivotal Systems future is driven by a shared vision of excellence and innovation coupled with relentless pressure to execute. New integrated circuit designs and new materials are continually bring introduced to make the next generation of devices. Pivotal’s engineering team is focused on continuously optimizing and improving both the hardware and the software platform in conjunction with strategic customer requirements. improvement. When the company was established it approached the gas flow control problem from an entirely different direction. It used nanotechnology and machine learning to effectively change the competition. The key point to remember is that if a company uses something for the first time in an Industry every improvement it makes is effectively continuous innovation. Pivotal’s Gas Flow Controllers and Flow Ratio Controllers solve key semiconductor manufacturing issues through a proprietary hardware design which is underpinned and driven by an internally developed and proprietary software operating system. This provides accurate and repeatable flow control and real-time measurement no matter the dynamics of semiconductor wafer processing. Ultimately Pivotal’s products enable there billion dollar customers the ability to make more money while preserving resources. Wide-reaching Pivotal Systems Applications Much of the electronics and technology that is used by corporates and consumers today contains either IC and/or OSD devices. Pivotal’s current product portfolio controls the flow of gas into process tools used in the production of ICs. Pivotal’s devices are either sold to: Ÿ Original Equipment Manufacturers OEMs: to be used in both deposition and etching process tools supplied to Integrated Device Manufacturers for application in the semiconductor manufacturing process. Ÿ Integrated Device Manufacturers IDMs: to retrofit existing process tools installed in semiconductor fabrication plants. “ Pivotal Systems will be the leader in gas flow control in the Semiconductor Industry. 43 John F. Hoffman CEO AUGUST 2019

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Smarter Energy Grids Benets of Blockchain in the making of 46 AUGUST 2019

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H uman beings have always looked up to nature and made efforts to learn from its basic principles. Sonars were inspired by dolphins light bulbs by fireflies suction cups by octopus and robots itself to replicate human beings. One such instance that has been enthused by microorganisms is distributed ledger technology DLT widely known as blockchain. “The blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record not just financial transactions but virtually everything of value.” -Don Alex Tapscott. It records transactions between two clients without any third party authentication which is an efficient process when it comes to stable data. Blockchain provides data management without the threat of unauthorized access or manipulations. It is proving to be a solution for frequent problems in various fields. Blockchain technology has the capability to disrupt approximately every industry ranging from finance to education to power. Blockchain Technology in Smarter Grids One of the areas in the energy industry where blockchain technology can disrupt the market is smart grids. Lately blockchain has been well-thought-out as one of the developing technologies that can be used for developing decentralized grid topologies and revising the distributed management of energy businesses. Blockchain database is shared by all the nodes in the system. A node is an active device which can be connected to internet and has an IP address. Examples of devices include computers tablets phones and even printers. The job of a node is to upkeep the network by maintaining a copy of the blockchain and process transactions. Benefits of Blockchain in Smarter Grids Blockchain can aid numerous utility industry requirements. It can act as a foundation stone with the possibility of disrupting the prevailing ecosystem. With the promotion for e-vehicles and individuals shifting to electric cars supply and demand of energy needs to keep pace. Here blockchain comes in the scenario with its peer-to-peer interconnectivity and sharing. This balances the demand from several foundations and makes the grid smarter by directing sharing. As there are small and compact smart grids consumers with the help of blockchain can simply trade energy with one another thus saving time and earning a few dollars. In the power industry blockchain technology can ensure a 5D Impact: decentralization digitization democratization distribution and deregulation. Smart Meters Smart meters are used to record electrical usage. These meters enable us to monitor our electrical consumption more precisely which will help consumers make better energy choices. Through blockchain clients can directly get the amount spent which eradicates middleman thus saving money. This creates a more resilient network for gadgets to run on. Smart meters can also provide accurate data to the provider without needing a direct link to the meter of particular users. With the help of blockchain producers of smart grids do not have to invest a humongous amount. Here the producers get paid instantly which leads to less capital expenditure. Besides this blockchain can play a serious role in adjusting power flows through the amalgamation and optimization of local grids measured by the public or consortium modes. It can aid in the maintenance of permanent records by servicers giving a flawless view of a particular object or part of infrastructure at any given time. This information can be retrieved easily as the structure is built on a shared platform while retaining the authenticity of the record. While the possible benefits of the Smart Grid are usually discussed in terms of renewable energy goals economics and national security it has the potential to help save money by managing your electricity usage and choosing the best times to purchase electricity. Consumers can save even more by generating their power with the help of blockchain. Lately due to the speedy growth in the deployment of DEPs the smart grid organization problems can no longer be proficiently addressed using centralized approaches thus the necessity for visionary decentralized methodologies and architectures is widely recognized. It is assessed that the blockchain technology will add another 3.1 trillion by 2030. Lately due to the speedy growth in the deployment of DEPs the smart grid organization problems can no longer be proficiently addressed using centralized approaches thus the necessity for visionary decentralized methodologies and architectures is widely recognized. Lastly blockchain technology may eventually fast-track the evolution to what the power industry calls a “distributed world.” It is the sum of both small and large power- generation structures for communities businesses and home. To prosper in capitalizing the potential of distributed generation and supervising less foreseeable and more capricious renewable power sources the trade’s infrastructure must first become more agile and less centralized. Digi Connection 47 AUGUST 2019

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T he word ’home’ itself conjures the feeling of coziness and comfort. Now the concept of home is changing and so are the construction trends. Today’s homeowners have different priorities than homeowners of the past. Meeting those demands in an affordable way is increasingly challenging. Advancement in technology brings flexibility in residential construction market where costly time-consuming projects are now completed more quickly and cost effectively. Prescient Co Inc. a digital design-build construction company is transforming the shape of residential construction through emerging technologies with its vision of attainable housing for all. In the construction business multifamily construction is plagued by rising costs decreasing productivity acrimonious relationships between participants with slim margins all while the need for attainable housing is increasing globally. Prescient’s mission is to revolutionize this environment. Prescient is the only digital designbuild company which harnesses proprietary technology to link the discrete disciplines of architectural design engineering manufacturing and construction. It creates an efficient transparent coordinated and collaborative process in the building of up to 180-foot light gauge steel structures in multi-unit housing and hospitality. The company accomplishes this through standardized design data sharing precise off-site manufacturing just in time and accurate placement of inventory on site with a QR-coded framing component system for rapid assembly. An Ideal Service Prescient has a proprietary digital thread technology that links the entire design planning engineering manufacturing and assembly process of multifamily construction. This approach significantly reduces the time cost and risks associated with typical development projects. The light gauge steel building components are manufactured at state of art facilities to tolerances less than 1 mm. It’s a combination of software and hardware solutions that continue to evolve to meet a greater set of customer and industry needs. Prescient’s design and engineering team will integrate with the rest of the project design team including providing the necessary information for the design and engineering of the foundation and/or podium of the project. They will produce the required stamped drawings and calculations at all major design milestones. Prescient’s automated production of the building super structure provides the ideal platform to model other major building systems economically and effectively. The structural model can be produced very early during the design phase enabling more accurate information to be available when it is most needed. The company also offers additional modeling services that can lead to significant cost savings by streamlining project coordination eliminating conflicts on site and providing more accurate information for detailed pricing exercises. A High Flying Executive Magued Eldaief spent 27 years as a senior executive in GE before arriving as Prescient’s CEO in 2017. He has built a world class leadership team from within the industry coupled with executives from other industries with deep functional experience. He has been instrumental in improving project and manufacturing execution and defining a clear technology and investment roadmap. Striking Appearance Since its inception Prescient has grown from a few employees with a 6000 SF pilot plant in 2013 to 400 employees and two 120000 SF plants with 12M SF of annual production capacity. It has completed 37 buildings and over 5.9M SF of residential space and discovered additional customer Revolutionizing the Construction Industry with Digital T echnology 48 Prescient Co. Inc Top 10 Disruptive Companies to Watch in 2019 AUGUST 2019

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seismic project to feature the company’s approach is the 1.4M SF UC Davis student housing project. It’s the largest student housing project anywhere in the US. And now the company is working to get accredited to build up to 12 stories in seismic regions. In that pursuit it has collected over 500M data points for 842 different tests spent over 4M and used over 15000 engineering consulting hours to prove the integrity of company’s system. Testimonials “Generation Atlanta will be the first building in the city to utilize the Prescient structural system. The technology will reduce construction costs by 20 to 25 percent compared to using concrete enabling the development to comply with the City of Atlanta’ s initiative to provide more affordable housing.”— Kaplan Residential “We have converted multiple projects from other structural systems to Prescient for the simple reason that we would not have been able to finish the projects on time and on budget without Prescient on the team. Our clients have been so impressed with Prescient they frequently bring their peers and consultants to the construction site.” — Chris Hirst Senior Vice President for CBG Building Company 01 needs with every project. This has led the company to launch many new products such as integrated stairways elevators metal decking balconies and now external sheathing. Each of these new products has helped to reduce the time and cost of completing projects. Enticing Strategy Prescient’s system touches and affects not only the developer architect and GC but also all the MEP trades working on the building. In many of its early projects it was able to assemble the building at its accelerated pace up to 20k SF/week but the other trades weren’t prepared to keep up. Thus the developer and GC really didn’t save anything from the speed at which the company framed the building. Now the company holds pre-project summits where the GC brings all the trades to one of its current sites and describes how the project will work. The company makes sure everyone knows what to expect and how to organize their teams to operate at a pace consistent with it. Comprehensive Future Offerings In the opinion of Prescient upcoming tech solutions will be addressing more and more of the industry’s needs and customer pain points. That’s why Prescient continues to innovate to solve a greater proportion of customer and industry challenges and will soon launch new digital portals which will bring even greater power and ROI to developers. The system has just recently been accredited to build structures up to 65 feet/5 stories in seismic regions. The first “ Changing the process of construction starts with changing how buildings are designed. 49 Magued Eldaief CEO AUGUST 2019

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G one are the days when businesses used to rely on traditional marketing tactics to reach out to their potential customers. After the evolution of digitalization businesses are moving toward inbound marketing strategies that attract the attention of qualified prospects convert those individuals into leads and convert them into happy customers. Taking this into consideration an inbound marketing agency Prism Global Marketing Solutions stepped into the market in the year 2013 to help businesses achieve marketing success through a combination of inbound marketing and sales best practices and tactics. Prism Global Marketing Solutions is a HubSpot Platinum Partner that provides global organizations with integrated and comprehensive inbound solutions to drive website traffic leads and customer growth. They work with their clients to develop and implement unique inbound marketing programs that encompass all aspects of the buyer’s journey including: Content Development Lead Generation Lead Engagement Email Marketing Marketing Automation Sales Enablement and Closed-Loop Analytics. They use this approach to focus on the goals of the organization first to develop a plan that connects marketing activities with sales initiatives to drive business growth. Through this they intend to deliver programs that will help their clients reach their revenue targets by connecting with the right person at the right time with the right content. Emphasizing the Buyer’s Journey Prism Global Marketing Solutions provides complete inbound marketing strategy and support for organizations around the globe. What makes them different and unique is that while some agencies focus exclusively on web development or paid advertising etc. Prism creates comprehensive plans that take into account the entire buyer’s journey for their clients. This includes buyer persona development the decision-making journey and content that will walk buyers through their purchasing and decision process in a cohesive fashion. In addition they leverage a technology stack that includes automation and machine learning to ensure they are maximizing technology which plays a major factor in a comprehensive inbound marketing and sales plan. Driving Organizational Growth The founder behind Prism Global Marketing Solutions is its President and Founder Elyse Flynn Meyer. From her background in technology and healthcare marketing her vision was to create a more seamless way for organizations to take their vast amount of content and leverage it to engage website visitors and prospects to drive organizational growth. Through partnering with organizations such as HubSpot Seventh Sense Wistia Databox SurveyMonkey and many more Elyse’s vision was to create a technology stack for her clients that enable them to automate repetitive processes stay in touch with prospects and customers at the right time and scale their businesses in a more sustainable fashion. Scaling to Continually Innovate Throughout the journey of Prism’s growth the company has learned that scaling efficiently is the most important part of the process. Scaling enables companies to build processes and operations that can grow with the organization to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction and continual innovation at every stage. In addition Enabling Business Strategies to Successfully Implement the Inbound Marketing Methodology 50 Top 10 Disruptive Companies to Watch in 2019 AUGUST 2019

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Marketing Solutions comes in. They build a complete strategy around automation and the appropriate technology tools so that each part of the process is optimized. Testimonials from Clients “Prism Global Marketing Solutions has set an example for how businesses everywhere should be transforming their marketing with inbound. Their strategic approach to attracting engaging and delighting customers has not only built valuable relationships with their audience but has driven growth for their agency and the inbound movement. Our team here at HubSpot is proud to call Prism Global Marketing Solutions a Partner and recognize them with the HubSpot Impact Award.” - David Mcneil VP Global Partner Program and Strategy HubSpot Inc. “Finding Prism Global Marketing has been instrumental in taking our marketing program to an entirely new level using a range of digital inbound tools. The Prism team have been excellent guides to our journey in utilizing Hubspot to its full potential for our inbound programs and campaigns helping to connect with our customer community faster at a deeper level of engagement and with more effective analytics that allow us to continually improve our program. All that and the fact that the Prism team is easy and fun to work with make for inbound marketing success. Like I said finding and working with Prism has made all of the difference” – Peter Ruzicka VP of Marketing Agrice receiving awards such as various HubSpot Impact Awards one of the Top 10 HubSpot Providers of the Year and many more has reinforced their focus on marketing technology as a main driver in helping their clients to put together comprehensive and sustainable marketing programs. Creating Seamless Solutions Oftentimes the biggest barrier to providing unified tech solutions is the initial hesitation of organizations to embrace new technologies. This is understandable as technology has an impact at each and every level of the organization and is critical to get right the first time. To tackle this challenge they only work with the most innovative technology companies to deliver the technology part of their services. Prism does not implement a technology that has not been tested and proven by their team. This is critical because technology roll-outs need to work the first time or else there can be major issues and friction within an organization. Forming a Comprehensive Strategy Machine learning and AI are at the forefront of tech solutions. While these are already in place through things such as chat bots conversational marketing send time optimization dynamic content and much more the need is only growing. But companies need to remember that there needs to be a team behind those tools. While they are automated there needs to be a very comprehensive strategy to ensure it is done right every time so the consumer experience is not interrupted. That is where Prism Global “ As a HubSpot Platinum Partner we work with our clients to strategize and implement holistic inbound marketing programs to drive revenue. 51 Elyse Flynn Meyer President Founder AUGUST 2019

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BEYOND AUTOMATION: AI powered Autonomous Factories of the Future R ise of the industrial robots in 1980s led to a major evolution of Henry Ford’s assembly line concept. Routine tasks that were being handled by factory workers started to be performed by robots with greater accuracy and efficiency. With the spread of device-to-device communication and IoT protocols robots started taking a serious amount of responsibility from factory workers. This movement was initially led by th German high tech firms that branded this shift as the 4 industrial revolution. On the opposite side there was China taking advantage of their access to low cost human labour as an alternative to automation. Very recently a few years ago China flipped their strategy 180 degrees becoming the biggest advocate of automation by starting to invest aggressively on buying robots and developing their own robotics know-how led by government initiatives. So the technology won. There is no question about the need for automation anymore and major manufacturing companies including the ones in China Germany and rest of the world are racing to automate their industrial processes to increase productivity. Everything that can be automated will be automated according to Zuboff’s law. However some things are more difficult to be automated than other things. Those are non-repetitive tasks which require higher level of cognition and ability to adapt into unknown conditions. These tasks can be defined as the last mile in factory automation. Tesla the electric car manufacturer was recently criticized by analysts for automating their assembly line more than necessary. The reason of the criticism was the fact that the cost of automation exceeded the cost of a human led assembly Daghan Cam Co-founder CEO Ai Build 52 AUGUST 2019

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line. This may be a valid argument for today but the solution should be found in increasing the bar for commercially viable automation and not by going back to lower levels of automation. So if we are moving towards full automation and lights-out manufacturing how can the last mile in factories be automated without overspending and over engineering Autonomy seems to be the answer therefore Artificial Intelligence… There is a slight but important difference between Automation and Autonomy. Autonomy is the state of being able to make independent decisions in situations that were not experienced before. By definition autonomous systems are always automated but the other way around is not always the case. A system may be fully automated but not autonomous. “Blind Automation” is the term we use for this category. Systems that are blindly automated are based on hard coded rules as in expert systems and they tend to be very difficult to be reconfigured if the conditions or requirements change over time. Autonomous systems in contrast generalize the rules for decision making in different scenarios by allowing a higher level of abstraction in their programming. For example in the blind automation scenario a robot may be programmed to go to coordinates x y z in order to pick up an object. This will work without problems as long as the object is found precisely at coordinates x y z. However if for any reason the object is positioned at a slightly different location the robot will still go to x y z fail to pick the object up and continue executing the rest of its commands without noticing this problem. Eventually every step subsequent to this failure will also fail. A better strategy for performing the same task is using a robot with vision sensors and programming it to go to the object’s position as a variable to pick it up. Regardless of where the object is positioned robot will localize it using its sensors and successfully pick it up. This difference between the two programming paradigms “go to x y z” and “go to an object’s position” makes a big difference in making the system less prone to making mistakes in unexpected conditions which is crucial for last mile factory automation. Robots making hundreds of decisions every second and receiving hundreds of measurements from the environment and from other devices also require massive computation and storage capabilities. Despite the popularity of cloud computing in most applications today a decentralized compute power is necessary for most robotic applications and for IoT devices in general. The throughput between the edge and the cloud through internet connectivity is simply not enough to process all data generated by sensors and make sensible decisions in real- time. So edge computing or fog computing - dedicated servers on premise as a layer between individual devices and the cloud - will likely be the norm in autonomous factories of the future unless we experience a breakthrough in science that leads to infinitely fast and reliable internet connectivity. However unlike compute power storage of important data that is filtered on the edge should be centralized in order to achieve the best decision making models at every location. As a summary a few conclusions and predictions about the future are: Ÿ We are moving towards an autonomous black-box factory model where the factory robots are operated by themselves without human intervention. Ÿ These factories will be powered by the data that is generated by themselves and their productivity will increase over time exceeding human performance in every process involved in manufacturing. Ÿ Factories will compute on-premise / on-edge and they will push important data to cloud for benefiting from a shared pool of data with other factories. In this scenario where robots make autonomous decisions by using real- time sensor data a feedback loop is established between physical and digital environments. The constant flow of information from physical to digital and vice versa create immense amounts of structured data which is the fuel for AI powered autonomous factories of the future. Such action- measurement-action strategies allow the systems to self-improve over time creating a data network effect in manufacturing. The more one process is executed the more efficient it will get. This allows super-human performance in almost every domain given enough data. Daghan Cam is the Co-founder and CEO of Ai Build a London based startup developing Artificial Intelligence and Robotics technologies for the construction industry. He is also a visiting lecturer at University College London doing research on robotic fabrication large scale 3d printing and parallel algorithms with GPU computing. His work focuses on developing intelligence for automating complex tasks in design and manufacturing by using computer vision and machine learning techniques. About the Author 53 AUGUST 2019

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n an interview with Insights I Success the Founder CEO of Seceon Chandra Pandey shares his great insight towards organization’s journey and its specialized solutions and services. Also he broadly discussed about company’s core competencies and about how company is establishing in the market. Below are the highlights of the interview conducted between Chandra and Insights Success: Give a brief overview of the company its vision. Seceon was founded with a clear vision of delivering "Comprehensive Cybersecurity for the Digital-Era" and solving the biggest cybersecurity challenges faced by digitalization. Traditionally enterprises have built their security posture by layering with multiple security tools from firewalls SIEM User Behavior Analytics SOAR EDR DLP Email/Web Filtering etc. and having a well- trained SOC team. With the shift towards cloud computing and IoT the attack surface is growing exponentially. Unlike these siloed solutions Seceons platform was created to proactively detect breaches and threats via comprehensive visibility of all assets users applications services and hosts and their interactions and automatically contain and eliminate those threats in real-time. What inspired Seceon to enter into its respective segment In 2014 I co-founded Seceon after having been personally affected by a data breach that resulted in the loss of private identity and credit card information. Along with Seceons co- founders I soon realized that conventional perimeter an overlay of silo solutions and half-measure behavioral cyber security approaches were incapable of protecting enterprises from inevitable attacks. This motivated us to build a cutting- edge platform that would enable businesses to proactively detect and stop threats in real-time instead of hours days or weeks later. What are the cutting-edge products/services offered by Seceon Seceon provides the industrys first fully-automated solutions offering real- time proactive threat detection containment and elimination for all threat categories including Cybercrime malware ransomware spyware APTs Insider threats compromised credentials insider threats privilege misuse UEBA Denial of services for applications protocols Vulnerability exploits for web/emails/OS applications Data breaches and exfiltration Detect IT mistakes IIoT/IoT Cybersecurity IDS and Network Behaviors. Seceon offers two solutions: aiSIEM™ and aiMSSP™: Ÿ Seceon aiSIEM™ platform ingests raw streaming data – logs from all devices OS Apps and Services in the ecosystem on-premise cloud Flows such as NetFlow IPFix sFlow jFlow from network infrastructure and subscribes to identity management infrastructure such as Microsoft® Windows® Active Directory™ service LDAP DNS DHCP Azure AD etc.. This streaming platform has functionalities of traditional SIEM SOAR user and entity behavioral analytics UEBA Network Traffic Analysis NTA Network-Based Anomaly Detection NBAD Intrusion Detection System IDS threat intelligence feeds for correlation and enrichment advanced machine learning ML. It also has AI with actionable intelligence and proprietary feature engineering Policy 2.0 to proactively detect threats/breaches automatically or via push button containment and elimination of threats in real-time and continuous compliance reporting. The aiSIEM platform generates meaningful alerts with context and situational awareness and enhanced accuracy from the scores of threat indicators otherwise analyzed by the security experts. Ÿ Seceon aiMSSP™ enables Managed Security Service Providers MSSPs to offer outsourced security services that include security monitoring for 24x7 threat intelligence proactive threat detection containment and elimination in real-time at minimal and expected charges. It empowers MSSPs to deliver affordable managed / co-managed security services - aiMDR aiSIEM and aiSOC - to all size organizations. aiMSSP enables MSSPs to grow without having to make significant upfront investments of resources pay-as-you-grow model and become a Master MSSP by acquiring new MSSP customers. What strategies have Seceon undertaken to stay ahead of the competition Eliminating Threats in its Real-Time Top 10 Disruptive Companies to Watch in 2019 54 AUGUST 2019

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other platforms did not detect. Leveraging Seceons aiMSSP solution we are now processing more than 700 million events per day with less than one percent rate of false positives and have increased the efficiency of our IT and SOC personnel by 37." - Grigoriy Milis Chief Technology Officer RFA "By combining our Overwatch Security Platform-as-a- Service with Seceons real-time detection containment and elimination were enabling our partners to immediately begin delivering world-class security to SMB enterprises" - Mark Porter President and Chief Executive Officer High Wire Networks. "Some tools we reviewed were presented as turnkey but they neglected to tell us that they need 15 people to turn the key. Seceon can handle the lion share of the work looking for breaches that happen within our system and has reduced our workload from security standpoint being able to assure that the patient data is secured" – Richard Maier Senior V .P. Information System Operations Caduceus Inc. About the Leader Chandra Pandey Founder and CEO of Seceon is passionate about cybersecurity and renowned for developing innovative solutions. He works closely with customers to define and address the problems implications and solutions for defending corporate assets in todays highly-connected enterprise. Chandra holds multiple patents in security networking and computing. Thus Chandra and his team created comprehensive cost-effective and quick to deploy cybersecurity solutions that would solve the tough cybersecurity issues companies have been struggling with. I foster continued innovation at Seceon by empowering all team members with decision-making capacities advocating open and respectful communications and building a culture of continuous improvement. Seceons award-winning solutions are the result of 50+ passionate professionals on mission to do Cybersecurity Done RIGHT instead of doing another "me too" product. Describe the experiences achievements or lessons learnt that has shaped the journey of the company. Seceon decided to create a comprehensive cybersecurity platform from day one. Many people advised us to include certain features that would make Seceon attractive to strategic buyers but we believed that would get in the way of solving the tough cybersecurity issues that companies have been struggling with for the last two decades. Seceons team is all about "Cybersecurity Done RIGHT" and making it happen each and every day. Today Seceon aiMSSP and aiSIEM are deployed across the globe protecting thousands of customers and processing more than 50 billion transactions/events each day. Seceon is on track to reach 1 trillion transactions per day by the end of 2019. Seceon has won more than 80 cybersecurity awards since it launched its platform in April 2016. Where does Seceon see itself in the long run and what are its future goals Seceon is empowering enterprises to defeat known and new cyber-attacks in real-time. Seceon will continue to provide the most effective and affordable real-time cyber threat detection containment and elimination solutions so that any organization regardless of size can be properly protected. Clientele Testimonials "When we did a side-by-side comparison between Seceon and some of the other solutions from larger providers Seceon was able to detect real-life security threats that the “ Seceon empowers organizations of any size to proactively detect and automatically contain and eliminate breaches and threats in real-time. 55 AUGUST 2019 Chandra Pandey Founder CEO

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