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In this special edition of August, “The Companies with Most Disruptive Innovation”, Insights Success admires organizations that embrace the change and attempt on giving back to the society. Contributions made by such organizations are worth appreciation and Insights Success takes immense pride in featuring them in this issue.


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THE COMPANIES WITH MOST DISRUPTIVE INNOVATION Volume 08 | Issue 03 | 2019 Innovative Companies in the Space Industry Changing the Status Quo Disruptive Technology and Changing Trends Inuencing Business Infrastructure Transformation

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E o dwell in the current markets and be prepared for upcoming future dilemmas various industries are on a race T to attain advanced innovations for the good of their sectors. As the world is still striving to attain such stature some companies have paved their own way turning out to be flag-bearers in their respective fields. In this edition “The Companies with Most Disruptive Innovation” Insights Success takes immense pride in featuring some companies that are offering most innovative products to their clients. As witnessed by you me and every other market observer it has become essential for business owners to implicate new advancements to step apart from their competition and these companies with their impeccable offerings are helping these businesses and are giving back to their society for better good. Charles Darwin a naturalist biologist and geologist once quoted and I recite “It is not the strongest of the species that survive nor the most intelligent but the one most responsive to change.” This above statement can be taken into consideration as the change is not subjected to adapting eco-system but also the ideologies. Change in here referred as disruption helps an individual and company to push the limits of humans’ capabilities. And those who cope with this ever-lasting change are expected to taste the fruit of success in less time. Yes Disruption do drives Businesses

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In this special edition of August “The Companies with Most Disruptive Innovation” Insights Success admires organizations that embrace the change and attempt on giving back to the society. Contributions made by such organizations are worth appreciation and Insights Success takes immense pride in featuring them in this issue. Filled with overarching enthusiasm towards technology and inventive ideologies these organizations are one step ahead of their respective competition. Let’s unveil such alike inspiring interviews and stories of many such significant companies in this special edition and spread a word about their contribution in making this world a better place. Also flip through the CXO standpoints presented by some of the leading industry experts to taste the glimpse of industrial revolutions. A world without any volatile disruption is forced to dwell on the past offerings put forth on table. “ “ Bhushan Ghate

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ATTOM Data Solutions Helping to Make Better Business Decisions 16 Highfive Reimagining Meetings and the Channel 18 A R T I C L E S Expert’s Outlook 10 3 4 The Revolution of our Roads Driving the UK to Zero Carbon Transportation Leader’s Take Fintech: The Next Big Thing

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MultiTech Transforming the Way We Live 2 4 OnePoint Patient Care Unwavering Commitment and Compassionate Care to Patients 26 Pivotal Systems A Key Player in the Semiconductor Industry 30 Sintetica Promoting Creativity and Innovation Since 1921 32 Women In Trucking Inc Addressing Women in the Trucking Industry Workforce 40 ZorroSign Taking the Electronic Signature to the Next Level 42 22 38 Changing the Status Quo Disruptive Technology and Changing Trends Influencing Business Infrastructure Transformation Innovative Companies in the Space Industry

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G reen number plates for electric vehicles. Zero Emissions Zone trials. Grants for any employer installing EV charge points. Ideas and initiatives for boosting the adoption of electric vehicles EVs have accelerated recently in an effort to make electric vehicles the norm rather than the exception on UK roads. In September Theresa May announced further support for the industry at the very first Zero Emission Vehicle Summit outlining a plan to ensure Britain “leads from the front” in the widespread adoption of electric vehicles committing £106m in funding for research and development into EV technology. She also elaborated on the 2040 target to make all manufactured cars emission-free saying that this should be reflected in all cars on the road just ten years later. Government backing This government’s commitment to electric vehicles is being matched by an increase in interest from drivers as the perceived hurdles - including the initial cost of switching to an electric car and the mile range compared to traditional petrol and diesel cars - are being cleared. Last month EVs accounted for one in every 12 new cars purchased in the UK. That’s been attributed to a number of factors including the availability of a range of cars that do at least 150miles on a single charge EV drivers are Fiona Howarth CEO of Octopus Electric Vehicles Biography Fiona leads the Octopus Electric Vehicle business - a start-up from Octopus Energy. With a passion for renewable energy fantastic cars and using tech to create great customer experiences this is absolutely Fiona’s dream job Having studied Engineering at Oxford University she spent her early career at Dyson and BMW - developing efficient motors and hydrogen powered cars. She then went on to work with major energy companies and government while at Bain Company before joining British Connected Homes start up AlertMe. A move to British Gas saw her take Hive by British Gas from a tech pilot to a household name that today has more than one million customers. “Octopus EV is offering the electric vehicle equivalent of Sweden’s famous baby box” says Octopus Electric Vehicles CEO Fiona Howarth About the Author The Revolution of our Roads Driving the UK to Zero Carbon Transportation 10 |August 2019

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reducing their fuel spend by 90 and with an increase in the number and visibility of charge points and a decrease in the cost of the electric vehicles themselves. There’s also been better proof of the environmental impact of EVs such as a recent European Climate Foundation- commissioned report which found that EVs emit half the CO2 emissions of a petrol or diesel car through the course of their lifetime and the overall effect has now been shown to be positive. A new breed of EV One company is on a mission to help drive the adoption of electric vehicles. Octopus Electric Vehicles is pioneering an ‘EV bundle’ which will give drivers everything they need to make the switch for one monthly price. The innovation has come from energy supplier Octopus Energy which is driven by a mission ‘to make buying energy as easy as buying cornflakes’. Similarly the team at Octopus EV wants to help to make the switch to EV as easy as possible for as many people as possible. CEO of Octopus Electric Vehicles Fiona Howarth says: “For us the EV journey begins long before we start talking about leasing options and charge point installation. There’s a big education job to do - many people still believe that they’ll need to stop every few miles to recharge and that the range of models is limited. Our Drive Day roadshow has proved enormously popular touring the country and letting people come and see the cars for themselves as well as question EV experts about exactly how it all works” These events have not only demonstrated the massive leap forward that the industry has taken in the past few years but also provided people with a chance to test drive the latest models. From the sporty BMW i3 to the family friendly Nissan LEAF the cars have been carefully selected as the best EVs on the market with each offering at least 150 miles of driving per charge. Continues Howarth: “We’ve found that people are often surprised at what an electric car can do. I think there’ s a general misconception that the technology and the pricing has stayed largely the same since EVs came to market a few years ago whereas in fact today’ s electric car is almost unrecognisable from its older incarnation and a hell of a lot cheaper. Battery costs came down 80 in six years – unlocking a better range of electric vehicles at a fraction of the cost.” All-in-one EV solution After education the challenge has been how to best help customers with the changes needed to go electric. Here Octopus Electric Vehicles is pioneering adoption with their ‘EV bundle’. “We’re offering the electric vehicle equivalent of Sweden’ s famous baby box giving the driver everything they need to make the switch” says Howarth “and unlike babies our vehicles come with instructions” Fiona Howarth CEO Octopus Electric Vehicles Expert’s Outlook 2019| 11 August

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As well as the monthly lease of an electric vehicle Octopus EV organises the installation of a home charge point and smart meter. The monthly lease cost can also include insurance service and maintenance as well as help and support for the duration of the contract. There’s even a bespoke electricity tariff designed specifically with EV drivers in mind. Dubbed Octopus Go it offers renewable electricity at just 5p/kWh between the hours of 12.30am and 4.30am allowing people to charge their cars for just a fraction of the daytime cost for 70 less than a standard variable tariff from a Big 6 supplier. Octopus EV has also partnered with myenergi to offer the innovative Zappi charge point which automates charging to take advantage of these prices. Octopus can arrange the installation of the Zappi via trusted installers that can help unlock the £500 home charge point grant from the government. This world-first tariff is possible thanks to Octopus EV’s relationship with Octopus Energy. The supplier is already taking advantage of the potential of smart meters with the Agile Octopus tariff which lets customers see the fluctuations in wholesale energy prices and adjust their usage accordingly. It’s just the beginning of how the company intends to use smart meter technology which allows them to measure and record electricity usage in real-time and offer cheaper electricity when demand on the grid is low. Fiona Howarth believes this will be a landmark year for electric vehicle adoption in the UK. “Tesla has revolutionised the market and now all other vehicle manufacturers are rapidly bringing their EVs to the market. Think of the switch from analogue phones to smart phones - we’re in a similar transitory phase. If the Government can deliver on their EV plans and we think they can the carpark of tomorrow is going to look very different to the gas-guzzling lot of today.” About Powerloop How Vehicle-to-Grid is changing the game Electric vehicles have been criticised for placing more demand on an already overloaded grid. But a consortium of industry experts is hoping that electric vehicles could be the solution to the grid’s capacity issues rather than a problem. Led by Octopus EV and Octopus Energy the consortium has won over £3m of funding from Innovate UK backed by government departments DfT and BEIS to test the viability of vehicle-to-grid charging on UK roads. The Powerloop project offers EV drivers the chance to help balance demand by supplying the grid with power from their car batteries during the peak hours of 4-7pm before recharging in the early hours of the morning while demand is lowest. In return for plugging in their cars 12 times a month to supply charge during the evening Powerloop drivers will get money off their monthly leasing cost. 12 |August 2019

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W ith the aim to arm businesses and consumers with the most current and accurate property data needed to make better business decisions ATTOM Data Solutions came into foray. The organization provides premium property data to power products that improve transparency innovation efficiency and disruption in a data- driven economy. ATTOM multi- sources property tax deed mortgage foreclosure environmental risk natural hazard and neighborhood data for more than 155 million U.S. residential and commercial properties covering 99 percent of the nation’s population. A rigorous data management process involving more than 20 steps validates standardizes and enhances the data collected by ATTOM assigning each property record with a persistent unique ID — the ATTOM ID. The 9TB ATTOM Data Warehouse fuels innovation in many industries including mortgage real estate insurance marketing government and more through flexible data delivery solutions. Solutions that Make Life Easier ATTOM Data just became the first property data provider to offer Data-as- a-Service DaaS a cloud-based property data platform that streamlines data management. The organization also offers Ÿ Bulk data licensing Ÿ Property Data API’s Ÿ Match and Append Ÿ Market Trends Ÿ Marketing Lists The company is slowly transforming the future of property data by offering a robust and comprehensive list of premium property data that fuel various industries. Who Leads the Pack Rob Barber is the CEO of ATTOM Data Solutions. Under his leadership over the past year the organization has completed multiple strategic initiatives including the addition of best-in-class neighborhood data through the acquisition of Onboard Informatics and launching multiple new products and solutions to bring more comprehensive real estate data to the marketplace. ATTOM List a new marketing list creation tool the introduction of a new lender-grade but cost-effective automated valuation model A VM as well as a new streamlined API that allowed it to consolidate its premium property neighborhood and boundary data into one self-service platform. Most recently however under Barber’s leadership was the acquisition of ATTOM Data Solutions by Lovell Minnick Partners a private equity firm specializing in financial and related business service companies. Since this acquisition ATTOM has unlocked the power of DaaS and continues to disrupt the marketplace with various datasets and solutions. Barber has also been named a 2018 HousingWire Vanguard for his outstanding executive leadership contributions in the housing finance industry. He was also a recipient of the 2019 RISMedia Real Estate Newsmaker and named a Futurist for his ongoing curation of the nation’s premier real estate database and product innovation that leverages ATTOM’s data data licensing and customer service. As well as being named a winner of a Gold Stevie Helping to Make Better Business Decisions ATTOM Table of Elements 16 |August 2019

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Rob Barber CEO th award in the Tech Innovator of the Year category for the 17 Annual American Business Awards. Bringing Innovation to the Table Employees of ATTOM Data Solutions are encouraged to broaden their minds with company paid courses and/or seminars to strengthen their skillset or learn new ones. ATTOM believes that you still must invest in your employees because in order to grow as a company you must start from within. ATTOM Data strives to make sure its employees take time away from work to recharge and relax. A strong work-life balance has also been established through unlimited PTO flexible schedules various company sponsored events team building activities a casual work environment and comprehensive health benefits. Innovation is fueled through the collaborative environment that has been created with open work spaces cross-departmental work flow and open conversations among the executive teams. st Tackling 21 Century Problems According to ATTOM Data Solutions the volume of data companies need to deal with is huge so working with a company like ATTOM to provide clean consolidated and integrated data eliminates the need to go to multiple sources. ATTOM believes matching disparate data is complex and needs constant attention. Therefore the organization has built algorithms to automate much of this and they are continually applying new thinking to this area. The company also believes that adoption of new technology such as APIs and Data-as-a-Service is always challenging and ATTOM is leading the market in these areas in many ways continuing to push the industry forward. with Most We strive to arm businesses and consumers with the most current and accurate property data needed to make wise decisions. “ Client Feedback “The entire sales process was a pleasure since we were treated like partners versus prospects.”-Arup Banarjee CEO Windfall Data “With the ATTOM implementation DIMONT has gone from 1.75 ood reviews per hour per employee to 5-plus per hour per employee…allowing us to save our customers time and money.” -Denis Brosnan CEO DIMONT “The data is updated every day and always arrives on time. Predictably good. ATTOM has done a good job of standardizing the data.” -Bryan Copley CEO CityBldr “ 2019| 17 August

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with Most Reimagining Meetings and the Channel Greg Popham Vice President of Global Channel Sales Highve “ The Highve Partner Program is like the technology it offers: rewarding easy-to- use fast and simple. Sign-up today to grow with us. “ F ounded in 2012 and headquartered in Redwood City California Highfive is a privately held enterprise specializing in intelligent in-room video conferencing. The company is on a mission to make video communications ubiquitous. The first stop on the journey is their reimagining of the meeting room experience through video conferencing solutions that are easy to buy and set up simple to use and support and exceptional at boosting productivity and collaboration. Highfive delivers the only integrated hardware and software platform born in the cloud for in-room video conferencing. Setting up a new meeting room takes less than 15 minutes and the resulting immersive conferencing solution gives teams instant collaboration so they can just get to work without fussing with complex hardware and cumbersome software. People work differently today collaborating with more customers partners and colleagues across town and across the world. Workers themselves are also untethered to an office as likely to work from home or a cafe as they are from a hotel or a remote location. While typical solutions are hard to use expensive to support yet still offer offer low-quality experiences Highfive gives IT and workers the great quality reliability and user experience they’ve come to expect from today’s technologies. Highve 18 |August 2019

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An All-in-One Solution Highfive brings together an all-in-one bundled hardware and software solution available for one low per- ® room price. It features Dolby V oice to deliver high-fidelity crystal-clear audio and offers 4K HDR video cameras for stunning video quality. It was born in the cloud using modern technologies like Web Real-Time Communications WebRTC AWS hyperscale cloud computing and storage and a cloud- native operating system combined to deliver a better experience at a lower cost. Highfive also integrates with existing Slack G Suite Office365 and other external apps. This combination of approaches and modern technologies eliminates nearly all of the IT burden enables non- technical workers to perform the installations in minutes and leaves the updates maintenance and security to Highfive which does it all automatically. And because it runs on AWS hyperscale cloud Highfive supports nearly limitless scale allowing organizations to equip hundreds of meeting rooms and giving video collaboration to thousands of workers in an instant. Because it’s built on WebRTC Highfive leverages the ubiquity of web browsers to eliminate end-user downloads the friction of expensive and time-consuming manual software installations and the accompanying troubleshooting and support requirements on IT. Highfive lets anyone start meetings on time everytime without compatibility complexity or quality issues that can derail otherwise productive teams. Video for Everyone from IT to Workers Enterprises to SMBs According to Highfive what IT demands is a video conferencing solution that’s easy to deploy and maintain easy to support and easy to buy with transparent pricing. New meeting rooms must be outfitted easily and quickly. It must require less software on workers’ laptops more compatibility with existing tools and workflows and minimal training to drive adoption. It must offer centralized monitoring and maintenance scalability to support growing or contracting teams and a service-attached model to eliminate expensive capital expenditures. In other words it should work just like people expect it to work. Highfive fulfills these requirements by ignoring the legacy model of tangled complex hard-to-use incompatible conferencing systems. Using WebRTC and AWS hyperscale cloud along with ® crisp clear Dolby V oice audio and crystal clear 4K HDR video Highfive has created meeting room collaboration solutions that provide the joyful experience workers want with the simple and cost-effective delivery model IT craves. Highfive has redefined Hardware-as-a- Service HaaS which takes the hardware software and services that were previously purchased separately or cobbled together in an ad hoc package and bundles them into an all- in-one solution. Highfive provides everything—the software hardware service support maintenance and more—for one price in a fully- maintained and always-on solution. The benefits are many since buyers have more transparency on what the get and how much it costs IT spends less effort on deployment maintenance and support and users get a simple solution that works seamlessly and effortlessly. Delivering Future-proof Productivity Highfive is also reimagining how companies buy deploy and use video conferencing solutions and will continue to do so. Highfive was first to market bundling hardware and software into one sleek package that’s delivered as a service. It pioneered the combination of hyperscale cloud WebRTC and the simplicity of the bundle to put video collaboration in every intelligent meeting room all with care-free maintenance. It makes intelligent meeting rooms easier to procure setup use and maintain whether it’s in one small huddle room or across an entire company. And through the company’s unique HaaS delivery model anytime there’s a new feature or technology improvement every customer gets it. With Highfive any business can quickly give workers a modern digital workplace where every meeting room is equipped for flawless immersive collaboration that provides a “like you’re there” experience. Channel-first Channel-friendly Highfive has installed a new two-tiered distribution go-to-market model to partner with the industry’s leading distributors and resellers. Highfive’s channel program is led by Vice President Greg Popham former U.S. director of small and medium business sales at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. “Highfive is channel-first channel friendly” commented Popham who took over in January. “We set out to make our program simple and intuitive for partners. That includes making processes pricing and deal registration fast simple. Plus there are new medallion levels and other opportunities for partners to earn incremental front-end margin as well as back-end benefits. Our program is more rewarding for partners providing them with greater opportunities to drive revenue and grow with us.” Popham adds that partners earn full margin/compensation for contract renewals on the whole solution so partners get ongoing revenue streams instead of a one-time payment. It’s clear that Highfive has not just re imagined the meeting room experience but also a new channel friendly motion to make reselling and provisioning Highfive as simple as using the product itself. 2019| 19 August

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hat do we call an area that is not limited to a W single planet and has no physical boundaries We call it the era of the emerging space resource industry. As humans we became a spacefaring species 60 years ago when Russia launched Sputnik the world’s first artificial satellite. We are the only species to achieve this milestone in the 4.5 billion year history of the earth. Later the space industry began to develop after World War II as rockets and satellites later found civilian purpose. Today companies around the world are in transportation energy sector construction hospitality real estate etc. and they are looking for their next growth opportunity. Space is quickly becoming a place where the industries that power our global economy have started conducting business. Future developments in the space industries include space tourism satellite manufacturing and the launch industry. In recent years however private spaceflight is becoming reality in the space industry. Of course these private companies also compete against each other and it could be argued that a new space race has begun. But while with an element of competition the success of the past decades shows that is possible to collaborate in space. For example NASA a major government agency has relied on privately operated launch services like SpaxeX for its satellite launches. The original space race began from the ideas and skills of visionary theoretical engineers like Robert. H. Goddard Wernher von Braun and Konstantin E. Tsiolkovsky etc. Today space endeavors are propelled by a new generation of entrepreneurs including Elon Musk Jeff Bezos and Robert Branson. There are some more major players and innovative companies with the vision of space exploration and are as follows: SpaceX- SpaceX was founded in 2002 and has reached worldwide popularity with their historic milestones in space exploration. It is already the world’s most high-profile commercial spacecraft company. The aim of SpaceX is to revolutionize the space technology with the goal of enabling people to live on other planets. Its success has been worth appreciating. Falcon 9 launch vehicle and Dragon Spacecraft are some of its milestones. Dragon Spacecraft has helped with regular resupply missions for NASA space stations. Blue Origin- It was founded in 2000 by Jeff Bezos the technological retail entrepreneur and CEO of Amazon aims to launch people in space. It is fully reusable vertical takeoff vertical landing VVTL space vehicle. Though its goal is different from that of SpaceX it targets the Space tourism industry. It is focusing on commercially available suborbital human spaceflight and has developed a vertical launch vehicle new shepherd for it. New shepherd is named after the Mercury astronaut Alan Shepherd the first Innovative Companies in the Space Industry 22 |August 2019

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American Astronaut to go in Space. It is designed to take astronauts and research payloads past the Karman line the internationally recognized boundary of space. Boeing- Boeing is the world’s largest aerospace company and leading manufacturer in space and security systems. Throughout the last 50 years Boeing has been integral in every major endeavor to escape earth’s gravity. The satellite industry has made the headlines since the launch of its first Mercury capsule to the current ISS International Space Station. NASA’s Space Launch System SLS is the most powerful rocket ever built. Boeing is the prime contractor for the SLS design development test and production of the launch vehicle. SLS is the world’s only super heavy rocket capable of transporting astronauts to deep space. NASA is setting its eyes on the exploration of Mars with the help of Boeing technology. Boeing has successfully launched all of NASA’s Mars probes and rovers aboard Delta 11 launch vehicles. Recently Boeing engineer designed a spacesuit to protect astronauts from dust radiation and other hazards when exploring the surface of moon and mars. Sierra Nevada Corporation- Selected by NASA SNC’s Dream Chaser spacecraft is a multi-mission space utility vehicle. It used for transporting crew and cargo to LEO Low Earth Orbit destinations such as ISS International Space Station. The system is designed to deliver up to 5500 kg of pressurized and unpressurized cargo to the space station under the CRS Commercial Resupply Service-2 contract. It will carry supplies like food water science experiments and returns to earth with a gentle runway landing. The spacecraft is selected by NASA to provide a minimum of 6 cargo missions to and from the space station by 2021. Sierra Nevada Corporation is making solid progress and likely to stay a key player in the private space company. Northrop Grumman Corporation- NGC is a leader in science and exploration in space for more than 60 years. Thiokol Chemical Company now part of NGC developed the world’s first reusable space shuttle program in the late 1970s. Contribution to NASA: July 20 1969 was a historic day when the world watched astronaut Neil Armstrong took mankind’s first steps on the moon. The success of NASA’s Apollo 11 mission is still remembered and celebrated. Several heritage companies of NGC are recognized for the vital role they played in the achievement of the Apollo 11 mission. NGC designed assembled integrated and tested the Lunar Module LM of the Apollo program. NASA’s Northrop Grumman built Chandra X-ray Observatory and it continues to produce data that enables astronomers to make extraordinary discoveries. Launched in 1999 Chandra has found evidence for a significant new class of supernova. It has also uncovered evidence of a powerful outburst from the giant black hole at the Milky Way’s center. NASA has a long tradition of utilizing Northrop Grumman’s spacecraft including the Spirit and Opportunity rovers that landed on Mars in 2004. The rovers will help guide the Mars as it investigates the viability of microbial life on the planet now or in the past. NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope will play an important role in studying planetary systems. NGC is the prime contractor for building the dreams of Webb technology. The telescope will be sensitive to infrared light which will enable it to understand an era of the universe just a few million years after the Big Bang. Made in Space- MIS is the space-based manufacturing company dedicated to making of reliable Additive manufacturing equipment and fiber optics MIS Fiber for Space. Additive manufacturing is also known as 3D Printing and is transforming the industry. It can manufacture larger and more complex objects faster with finer precision and with multiple aerospace grade materials. MIS Fiber Optics on the other hand is produced without crystals that affect signal loss. Later these crystals provide superior data transmission capabilities high-speed internet as well as enhancing technologies in space. Virgin Galactic- Virgin Galactic is a spaceflight company founded in 2004 by British entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson. It is developing commercial space crafts and aims to provide suborbital spaceflights to space tourists. VG uses a larger four-engine jet plane that carries passengers into space. It is similar in design to a private plane. These private space firms seem to have different interests in the space race but actually these companies share the same goals. Looking at the future there will be a need for laws regulation and controlling authority to govern space exploration. It will be necessary to have firm and well- understood protocols in the event space crashing while there are serious issues around the safety of astronauts as well. At the moment the UN’s Outer Space Affairs is responsible for promoting international cooperation in the peaceful uses of outer space. Perhaps the entry of the private sector into space exploration will contribute to the growth of the economy as valuable targets for investment. However it will be interesting to see how healthy competition opens up in the development of the Space Era for Citizens. Infrastructure Transformaon 2019| 23 August

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with Most leveraging best-in-class processes and empowering our team to achieve and grow. Connecting Businesses For nearly 50 years MultiTech has consistently connected businesses in ways previously unimaginable ranging from the earliest analogue systems to the IoT and the latest low-power wireless technology. The company has no intention of slowing down and it is continuing its legacy of firsts with the world’s first commercially deployable LPWA suite of communications devices and related network management tools. nternet of Things IoT For some it’s just a fad for I some it’s a great piece of technology. However despite many contradictory statements and theories we must thank the technology for making our lives much easier. Enters MultiTech an organization that develops and manufactures data communications equipment for the industrial Internet of Things—connecting physical assets to business processes to deliver enhanced value. The organization’s mission is to make connected technology easy to adopt and use by focusing on customer needs developing innovative solutions outpacing market change Transforming the Way We Live Stefan Lindvall CEO MultiTech 24 |August 2019

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MultiTech consists of about 200 people nowadays with a global footprint. It has operations which include manufacturing and supply chain program management finance and legal and IT. Of course its engineering and innovation organization is absolutely critical to its success as it has always been an engineering-driven organization. Today MultiTech’s sales and marketing teams are gaining prominence. The organization continues to fine tune itself which is a must do for the kind of sustainability it has enjoyed. Also the company believes understanding the balance between people tools and process is very critical. Not one part of that triangle can accomplish MultiTech’s goals on its own. When the Future Lies in Rolling out New Technologies When it comes to the future of the organization one can expect to see MultiTech much more aggressive in terms of rolling out new technologies product enhancements and tailored support services. The focus is to help the customers navigate the technology landscape identify the most appropriate solution for their specific applications and ultimately solve their biggest IoT pain points. Most importantly MultiTech intends to continue contributing to a better future. Client Feedback “MultiTech has allowed me to do things for my customers that I previously thought were impossible.” – Steve Schuh Owner Schuh Electronics. “MultiTech has made our integration into the IoT community seamless.” – Kyle Prichard Operations Director Smartfield. “There is no doubt MultiTech is the smart choice for our business.” – David Walker President RTC. “With our development MultiTech is a key factor. No need to say more.” – Eugene Smit Engineering Director Leap Electronics. According to the company the IoT is creating new customer experiences and unparalleled economic value while improving quality of life for countless people around the globe. By providing products and services to connect “things” to the Internet MultiTech delivers deeper understanding to businesses governments organizations and individuals which will in turn transform the way we live and work. A Massively Experienced Leader Stefan Lindvall the CEO of MultiTech brings more than 20 years of experience in the wireless industry to the organization. Before joining MultiTech he founded Connected Development. He also served as President of the Americas at Wavecom and before that held various leadership positions at Sony-Ericsson including Vice President of M2M sales Americas. Stefan’s leadership has brought the MultiTech team closer to its customers – with the right people in the right places a few tweaks to its go-to-market strategy and the right mix of exciting new products. At MultiTech Stefan fosters a culture of entrepreneurship creativity and accountability amongst the team resulting in an organization intensely focused on execution across every part of its business from sales to engineering to manufacturing and operations. Acknowledging the Differentiators According to MultiTech competitive differentiation requires constant vigilance. It helps a lot to be first which the organization has been able to do more frequently in the past few years. It also requires an intimate knowledge of the customer set and considers the voice of the customer in everything it does. Finally it is important to acknowledge what the differentiators are as well as those of the competition. Even sometimes when the organization is not the best fit pointing those customers to a more suitable vendor promotes trust and pays off in the end as both those prospects and competitors acknowledge and return the favor. Understanding the Balance between People Tools and Processes As per the organization getting something started is not the easy part it’s a lot of work. And to make it stay so that one is viable year after year one has to be willing enough to invest. That means one has to take time and talent of his/her own and others and make it so that one can sustain the “genes” that already exist. Companies need somebody watching out for all that stuff in order to make sure the same energy is applied to sustaining what went into starting a business. If one is putting a process together then he/she has to make sure it is used on a daily basis. Our vision is to be the preferred provider for innovative connected technology destined to transform our world. “ “ 2019| 25 August

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OnePoint Patient Care Unwavering Commitment and Compassionate Care to Patients Jeffrey Hohl CEO Jim Otterbeck Chairman T he world of hospice pharmacy revolves around life death and responsibilities. Pharmacy providers are hospices’ front line when it comes to successfully managing patients’ symptoms and quality of life. One Point Patient Care understands that providing quality and dignity of life is as important as the length of life and is a demanding responsibility. OnePoint began in 1965 with a single dispensing pharmacy in Phoenix AZ. In the 1980s when the Medicare benefit for hospice took effect OnePoint became a pioneer in providing local hospice pharmacy services to the growing hospice industry. Since that time its innovative approach has combined the typically separate businesses of pharmacy and pharmacy benefits management serving as a single comprehensive and accountable partner. Currently it owns and operates 10 hospice-centric pharmacies strategically located throughout the United States and in the process of opening five additional pharmacies by 2020 in direct response to growing demand by hospices for its local dedicated hospice pharmacy model. OnePoint prides itself on being the most adaptable and flexible hospice pharmacy partner in the pharmacy industry. Through its local mail order and PBM services it fills prescriptions creates custom compounds and formularies OnePoint’s approach since our founding has not changed. We believe that owning and operating our own pharmacies translates to a level of customer service unmatched in the industry. Our continued growth demonstrates that there simply is no substitute for decades of local hospice experience. 26 |August 2019

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with Most provides home deliveries and manages pharmacy benefits for more than 250 hospice programs and 32000 patients daily in all 50 states. E-Prescribing Made Easy Use of accurately designed e-prescribing systems prevents medical errors. OnePoint’s medication app OneConnectPoint is specifically ® designed for hospices empowering clinicians to spend less time dealing with pharmacy and more time caring for patients. Clinicians can quickly and easily e-prescribe admit patients update medication profiles and much more right from their smartphone tablet or laptop. The app integrates seamlessly with the hospice’s EMR so that it’s easy to electronically order and refill medications verify orders in real time send messages to authorized approvers and access important clinical tools including Therapeutic Interchange Evaluation Report TIER Plan of Treatment PoT and Formulary Dispense Detail reports. Innovative PBM Platform OPPC’s PBM Pharmacy Benefits Manager platform is the most adaptable in the hospice industry and is designed to support superior cost- effective patient care. It optimizes cost management by providing transparency in pricing models leveraging deep clinical expertise and providing real-time evidence-based therapeutic and deprescribing recommendations using online tools. Real-time reporting gives users the ability to track patient’s medication management and quality of care goals with 24-hour access to comprehensive administrative clinical and compliance reporting. OnePoint understands that no two hospice programs are the same: accordingly OPPC offers hospices multiple payment methods such as transparent cost plus pricing traditional fee for service and a new “essential” per diem designed to control costs. Some partners even employ different models across separate sites. In addition to its adaptable pricing methods OnePoint offers customized formularies to meet hospices’ unique cost goals prescribing philosophies and best practices for cost effective symptom management. Unique Insight into Hospice Patient Needs As a hospice pharmacy leader for more than 30 years OPPC takes pride in providing a world-class customer service experience along with the most efficient mail order delivery model in the industry. The company’s strategically located owned and operated hospice pharmacies enable OnePoint to provide local dispensing and delivery. OnePoint provides same day ordering and delivery wherever the medication is needed whether it’s the patient’s home or an IPU. Hospice pharmacy requires unique expertise. OnePoint recruits and retains leading pharmacy professionals who specialize in hospice care. The pharmacy leader has a clinical team with deep knowledge of hospice medications dosage conversions interactions and alternative therapies. The company’s OneConnectPoint portal gives on-demand access to patient history drug profile diagnoses Rx order history real-time order status and more. All staff members have electronic access to full patient profiles and drug history at their fingertips. With a single phone call and virtually no-wait time hospice care team members can speak directly to a knowledgeable hospice pharmacy professional. Dedicated Service Delivery Managers are responsible for ensuring a positive service experience and resolving any issues in a timely manner. Expanding to Meet Future Demand OnePoint plans to continue nationally expanding its local pharmacy model. As a privately held company OnePoint has the necessary agility to meet emerging hospice needs. By keeping its ear to the market and regularly engaging partners and prospects to identify areas of need for hospices OnePoint aims to enable nurses and other caregivers to focus on exceptional patient care rather than time-consuming administrative tasks ranging from patient documentation to facilitating medication and home care product procurement. Solid Leadership Under Chairman Jim Otterbeck’s leadership in addition to acquiring its original hospice pharmacy in 2005 OnePoint has grown both its census and revenue by over 400 and captured approximately a 10 share of the national hospice pharmacy services market and growing. Jim earned an MBA in economics and marketing from Northwestern University’s J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management and a BBA in decision sciences from the University of Iowa. As the CEO of the organization Jeffrey Hohl oversees OnePoint’s sales services and technology. He previously served as OnePoint’s president and COO driving its market and operational expansion. Jeff has 30 years of new business growth experience including business and new product development operations marketing distribution channel management and product/technology licensing. He has held leadership roles at several organizations including The VenCom Group and The MAC Group/Gemini technology and telecommunications practice. He received his BS in engineering from Harvey Mudd College and a BA in management/economics from Claremont McKenna College. 2019| 27 August

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Pivotal Systems A Key Player in the Semiconductor Industry S emiconductor devices influence our lives on a daily basis and are all around us. They can be found in just about every commercial product we touch from the family car to the pocket calculator. They are contained in television sets portable radios stereo equipment and much more. Science and Industrial space also rely heavily on semiconductor devices. Research laboratories use these devices in all sorts of electronic instruments to perform tests measurements and numerous other experimental tasks. Industrial control systems such as those used to manufacture automobiles and automatic telephone exchanges also use semiconductors. Even today heavy-duty versions of the solid-state rectifier diode are used to convert large amounts of power for electric railroads. This creates a need for handling controlling and manufacturing semiconductor applications. Pivotal Systems provides the best-in-class gas flow monitoring and control technology platform for the global semiconductor industry. The company’s proprietary hardware and software utilizes advanced machine learning to enable preventative diagnostic capability resulting in an order of magnitude increase in productivity and capital efficiency for existing and future technology nodes. The platform includes Pivotal’s Gas Flow Controller GFC product lines that offer high-accuracy real-time monitoring and control of the most critical parameters difficult to control in wafer processing today: Gas Flow and Chamber Condition. Inception Story The Executive Team at Pivotal Systems has decades of experience in the semiconductor industry working at the leading process equipment companies. John Hoffman the CEO of the company has over 30 years of global high technology management experience building growth organizations in both semiconductor and information technology markets. Dr. Joe Monkowski was the President of Lam Research and Officer at Advanced Energy. Nori Kobayakawa was an executive at KLA-Tencor the leading metrology and Inspection Company in the world. All of them came together understanding that the singular goal of the largest global semiconductor manufacturers and largest global equipment companies was to enable the manufacture of better semiconductor devices per hour of production. They all understood that speed and repeatability of existing gas flow control systems was a significant limiter and it was a technology segment that was ripe for innovation. An All Encompassing CEO Prior to joining Pivotal Systems John was a Senior VP with Spencer Trask Ventures a New York based venture capital firm. While at Spencer Trask John was primarily involved in the solar and integrated circuit efforts of the firm. Prior to Spencer Trask John was the Chief Executive Officer of RagingWire Enterprise Solutions an Inc. 500 fastest growing private company. John reorganized the company and enabled record growth in revenue and profitability during his tenure. John has also been an officer at Applied Materials for 18 years and ran several of their largest business groups while there. John was the President of the billion dollar “Etch Product Business Group” VP and GM of the Process Control and Diagnostic Business Group and the General Manager of the Customer Service Division which grew by over 300 during his tenure. John has a B.S. from the United States Military Academy at West Point and an Executive MBA AEA from Stanford University. He currently serves on several Boards of Directors and Advisory Boards. Overview on Innovative Products Pivotal Systems is driven by Innovation coupled with continuous improvement. When the company was established it approached the gas flow control problem from an entirely different direction. It used nanotechnology and machine learning to effectively change the competition. The key point to remember is that if a company uses 30 |August 2019

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something for the first time in an Industry every improvement it makes is effectively continuous innovation. Pivotal’s Gas Flow Controllers and Flow Ratio Controllers solve key semiconductor manufacturing issues through a proprietary hardware design which is underpinned and driven by an internally developed and proprietary software operating system. This provides accurate and repeatable flow control and real-time measurement no matter the dynamics of semiconductor wafer processing. Ultimately Pivotal’s products enable there billion dollar customers the ability to make more money while preserving resources. Wide-reaching Pivotal Systems Applications Much of the electronics and technology that is used by corporates and consumers today contains either IC and/or OSD devices. Pivotal’s current product portfolio controls the flow of gas into process tools used in the production of ICs. Pivotal’s devices are either sold to: • Original Equipment Manufacturers OEMs: to be used in both deposition and etching process tools supplied to Integrated Device Manufacturers for application in the semiconductor manufacturing process. • Integrated Device Manufacturers IDMs: to retrofit existing process tools installed in semiconductor fabrication plants. Pivotal Systems’ technology and innovation paves the way for the future of gas flow control. The flow control technology combines Pivotal’s patented high accuracy ™ GFM system with patented control valve technology. As such it leapfrogs the current MFC technology by offering an order of magnitude improvement on key flow parameters thereby enabling high efficiency advanced wafer-manufacturing processes. Future Trends and Sustaining Competency Pivotal Systems’ future is just like every other company in the world it is what the employees and management make it to be. The organization collectively needs to show up every day and continuously support its customers by bringing them continued value. If the company is able to work in this manner its future is bright. Pivotal Systems future is driven by a shared vision of excellence and innovation coupled with relentless pressure to execute. New integrated circuit designs and new materials are continually bring introduced to make the next generation of devices. Pivotal’s engineering team is focused on continuously optimizing and improving both the hardware and the software platform in conjunction with strategic customer requirements. Pivotal Systems will be the leader in gas flow control in the Semiconductor Industry. with Most John F. Hoffman CEO 2019| 31 August

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Promoting Creativity and Innovation Since 1921 Augusto Mitidieri CEO Everything we do is to achieve scientific leadership. We are continuously improving the way we work taking the best we can of the capabilities we already have and building those we are need of. “ “ 32 |August 2019

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with Most I nnovation is the definition of progress and become the mainstay of organizations. The arena of global business industry has been changed by the speed of innovation. Sintetica is a Pharmaceutical company delivering injectable anaesthetics and analgesics to patients worldwide through innovative science and excellence in development production and marketing. Sintetica Founded in 1921 since then it became hospital market leader for analgesics and local anesthetics with offices located in Germany Italy England and two national production and development sites in Mendrisio and Couvet with 300 employees. Innovative Management Model Sintetica’s dynamic innovative and growth-oriented corporate environment combined with the corporate strategy which is based on the global diffusion of innovation. It requires deep focus in order to build a management model that able to be “dynamic and innovative” and to help the company in the difficult task of balancing the strategy with operations. If on the one hand the human-centered organization will ensure the effectiveness/efficiency of the processes thanks to its strong managerial cultural connotation oriented towards responsibility and merit on the other hand the new management model will have to ensure continuous consistency between operations and strategy. Inter-functional Management Routines IMR will therefore be created which consists of groups of people whose level of responsibility is not necessarily homogeneous coming from heterogeneous functions able to harmonize operations with the strategy in the hinge sectors for the development and growth of Sintetica. Basically an IMR pool which thanks to the exchange of critical information decides and acts "easily" by continuously combining strategy and operations and maintaining a live coordination throughout the entire organization. They will be able to reach a horizontal dimension thanks to inter functionality and the exchange of decisive information but also a vertical dimension thanks to the multilevel composition and the mechanism of the peripheral decisional autonomy present in the organization. Rebuilding strategy in operations means acting changing one or the other and correcting routes abandoning old paths all in the shortest time possible and with the highest involvement of responsibility in the organization. The expected result is maximum agility. Proficient Leadership Augusto Mitidieri CEO of Sintetica is an Italian and Swiss citizen graduated in Management Engineering from Politecnico di Milano. He also obtained a CAS Certificate of Advanced Studies in Economics and Health Policy at the University of Lausanne. His work in the pharmaceutical industry began in 1996. In 2000 Augusto joined Sintetica SA Mendrisio TI as Production Engineering Manager. In Sintetica he also worked as Quality Assurance Manager before becoming General Manager of the Company in 2004. Since 2011 Augusto has held the position of Corporate CEO of the Sintetica Group. Under his guidance Sintetica SA the oldest pharmaceutical company in Ticino has undergone a period of extraordinary growth and entered international markets with its high- quality products in the sector of local anaesthesia and pain therapy. Able to implement a real strategic vision which places the individual at the very centre of corporate decisions Augusto Mitidieri together with the whole of Sintetica SA has earned important international awards and recognition. Human-Centered Organization Sintetica’s “human-centered” organization model is based on a deep cultural change. It requires an innovative managerial philosophy which places responsibility and merit on center changing organizational models and behaviors at all levels. Merit is Always Valued It is clear that in today’s dynamic scenario people will grow by merit. The merit must be recognized at all levels with feedbacks on work and rewarding recognition of merit. In Sintetica it is believe that “The merit of each manager is the “enriched” sum of the success of every single member of his team. The received delegation must be used by every person of the organization with responsibility and autonomy and must be oriented towards achieving the objective. Those who deserve to decide will decide thanks to their responsible and valid contribution to the achievement of the established goal. As already mentioned the conscious use of the feedback tool is fundamental in order to improve you in a clear and honest way. If you make a mistake apologizing to the people concerned and assuming your own responsibilities will be the fairest and most appreciated way. 2019| 33 August

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The Next Big Thing Fintech The Next Big Thing Fintech e are at a time in which technology advances at an incredible pace unlike other generations today’s society is W accompanying technology allowing it to develop without fear of looking back. Unfortunately regulation and laws cannot advance at the same speed and that is creating dangerous gaps that can destabilize the economy as we know it today. The crisis we have experienced during the last decade has shown the shame of the economic system and its fragility in some aspects such as its banking dependence. The latter has allowed alternative investment to hatch and with it many fintech tools blockchain systems tools based on peer to peer etc. Francisco Mariscal Co-founder CEO 34 |August 2019

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The problem we are experiencing is that with the mentality of breaking the rules so as to write them again something that in principle should be positive for society we are forgetting the basic rules on which our society is based data protection right to privacy capital controls or protection of retailers are basic rules that should not be forgotten because if we do so we are going back in time despite being in the most advanced technological cycle in history. And this can lead to a spiral as much or more dangerous than the crises we have experienced in recent decades. Do not mistake the passion necessary to advance in a disruptive business with moving forward at any price the next decade will be marked by major changes in many sectors: Fintech Insurtech Foodtech Legaltech etc. As we can see in their names they all rely on technology in which in most of the cases there is no regulation or jurisprudence so we must be cautious with the rules on which we write because if we do it in the wrong way we will be wasting the opportunity that is being given to us. A clear example of the above is that the majority of cryptocurrencies which as we all know are written under Blockchain technology. The blockchain technology is very reliable but it is not infallible and unfortunately the states are not prepared for its supervision and control so even though its survival and development is clear here the market is not ready to hatch and unfortunately we are seeing how it advances at a speed of madness and possibly we will see scary situations because the vested interests are very high and possibly some are not entirely licit. Another example are the famous ICOs in 2017 we have seen how the volume under management with this type of product has multiplied by 5 in direct investment on the same type of asset I do not say that that is bad in itself. But when we see that companies that have not been able to finance themselves by normal alternative investments manage not only to do it by this method but also obtain three times the capital they needed it looks like we are facing a bubble and that if it is not controlled can only bring problems to the system and possibly the ones that will pay for this will be the usual ones the retail investors. All this will bring fear into the tools that are being born now and could end up becoming a mere frustrated attempt instead of a complement of the future. Both examples described above are allowing us to generate inflation in value and price something which we all know what it will bring us. It is clear that crises like wars generate poverty although in the long term these allow the pillars upon which the economies are built to be more solid and with that comes certain economic evolution and improvement at least to date. Therefore my insistence on control at least in what affects citizens the companies can take risks but without transferring them to people. In general the fintech sector has a huge market for its development potential disintermediation and the creation of value for the user will mark the next decade. The new generations want products that provide value and that do not generate captivity of anything or anyone. And this is my reflection to generate value to the user it is something more than just to provide a friendly and easy to use tool we must protect the users and explain the risks to be assumed. We are seeing how many investment platforms sell high- risk products to their users through marketing tools. It is clear that we could not live on a banking product eternally. But what can not be allowed is that the rules of protection for retail investors are violated because in doing so we will be destroying a complement of value to the traditional banking product. As a conclusion of all the above almost all the Fintech tools have a long life ahead the regulation is tracking behind but if we want it to last over time we must not forget the basic rules of user protection in all its aspects. Although there are no rules in most cases we must use common sense which in many cases we are demonstrating that it is the least common of all the senses. Users are our loudspeaker to change things and if we mistreat them all they will say is that we are another failed attempt at evolution. Francisco Mariscal is a Founding Partner of Fellow Funders. Telecommunications and industrial organization engineer from Universidad Europa he has a master’s degree in Quantitative Finance from AFI and an Executive MBA from EAE Business School. About the Author Leader’s Take 2019| 35 August

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75 75 75 2019| 39 August

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Addressing Women in the Trucking Industry Workforce Women In Trucking Inc. W omen’s empowerment is not limited to technical careers instead women have explored and contributed in many industries and are providing much- untapped potential. One example is in the area of trucking. Ellen Voie a passionate and prolific leader has worked very hard to further the advancement of women in the trucking industry. Through a vision of creating an organization which focuses on increasing the number of women employed in the trucking industry she founded Women In Trucking Association Inc. Since its inception in March 2007 the mission of the organization has been consistent. The goal is to increase the employment of women in the trucking industry to address obstacles that might keep women from entering or succeeding in the trucking industry and to celebrate the success of its Ellen Voie CAE members. The organization is the only group that focuses on encouraging and supporting women in the trucking industry and includes over 4000 members in seven countries. Disruptive Solutions with Expected Challenges To support its mission the Women In Trucking WIT Association is a resource for the trucking industry and offers numerous publications data and educational opportunities for its members. First to encourage employment Women In Trucking Association has a career center on its website where employers can post jobs and members can find great companies who value women as employees. In an effort to promote the industry to the next generation Women In Trucking Association has been proactive to reach out to children through a truck driver doll available on or a supply chain activity book and a patch and curriculum for girls to earn through the Girl Scout/Girl Guide program. Women In Trucking Association has also done a great deal of research on how to attract and retain female drivers and offers a recruiting guide to its members. In addressing obstacles Women In Trucking Association has also created an anti-harassment employment guide for trucking companies to use when pairing unrelated individuals in the cab of a truck for team or training situations. The association has also worked with truck manufacturers to create a more ergonomic cab that provides a more comfortable fit for female drivers through more adaptability inside the cab. From pedals to seats to the dash mirrors hood and even an alarm system and an enclosed area for a porta-potty these design changes create a more ergonomically correct cab for both women and men. The organization has initiated an annual WIT Index which measures the percentage of women in management positions as well as the percentage of female professional drivers. The WIT Index also includes tracking women serving on the boards and in management roles of the publicly traded carriers in the US. Celebrating the successes of its members is a significant focus for the association. From a “Member of the Month” to an annual “Distinguished Woman in Logistics” and “Influential Woman in Trucking” WIT helps these women become recognized and honored. The US and Canadian “Salute to Women Behind the Wheel” celebrates professional female drivers who are honored for their role as pioneers in the trucking industry. The WIT Image Team offers positive exposure through the media featuring various members in USA Today Oprah Magazine the “Today Show” “Dr. Oz” and 20/20 with Diane Sawyer along with numerous radio and print publications. with Most 40 |August 2019

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‘Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone.’ Push yourself and your staff to test limits and create change in the process. From the chairwoman of the National Transportation Safety Board to the Federal Motor Carrier Administration leaders Senators Congressmen and State Secretary of Transportation have been given a glimpse inside the life of a professional female driver. Recognition worth Addressing Women In Trucking Association and its President/CEO Ellen V oie have received numerous awards. In 2012 the organization was honored by the White House for being a “Transportation Innovator Champion of Change” while V oie received the 2015’s “Distinguished Alumna of the Year” award from her alma mater—the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Division of Communication. In May 2016 she was honored as one of Fleet Owner’s Dozen Outstanding Women In Trucking. V oie has also been featured in and recognized by various business magazines and trade presses below are some of them: Ÿ 2017 Insight Success Magazine’s “The Most Inspirational Leaders in Business” and “The 30 Most Innovative CEOs to Watch” Ÿ 2018 Beyond Exclamation Magazine’s “Top 10 Shepreneurs through the Glass Ceiling and Beyond” Ÿ 2019 Aspioneer Magazine’s “2018 Flying High Women Leaders”. Many organizations have recognized Ms. V oie for her accomplishments. In 2014 she was awarded the Frank W. Babbitt award from the Wisconsin Motor Carriers Association. This annual recognition is given to an individual who has demonstrated outstanding service to the trucking industry and association as a whole. Moreover she is also the recipient of the Skinner Humanitarian Award presented annually to a trucking advocate in her state. In 2018 V oie was named the “Transportation Person of the Year” by National Association of Small Trucking Companies NASTC. The Gems of WIT As V oie and her mission encourage empowerment each team member has a specific area of responsibility and is given the latitude to act decisively with a high level of authority and accountability. Ellen states that each staff member has specific duties related to various activities yet they collaborate and brainstorm to generate new ideas. Currently WIT is the global leader in providing the information data and resources required to increase the numbers of women employed in the trucking industry. Challenges Occur To Enlighten Ellen states the most significant challenge faced by the organization is in addressing the image of professional drivers. V oie said “First women don’t often consider careers in transportation or supply chain so the association needs to show them they are wanted valued and capable. Secondly women are concerned about safety on the road so this has been a major focus of the association.” By providing the resources such as self-defense courses and products to protect professional drivers the organization is offering safety tools for drivers. Also the security system available in some newer trucks provides a higher level of safety. Additionally by working with truck stops on lighting security and parking the company focuses on keeping all female as well as male drivers safe in their work environment. An Outlook of WIT’s Future Ellen’s goal for the future at Women In Trucking Association is for expanding into more countries and to be the premier resource for information. By sharing best practices successes and challenges around the globe the organization is providing valuable information for carriers schools and government entities that are interested in creating opportunities for women in the trucking industry. She cites the data for the trucking industry in the US women comprise less than the eight percent of the driver population yet it’s the highest than anywhere else in the world from zero in Saudi Arabia and the Philippines to just under three percent in Canada. The US takes the lead in the ranks of women in trucking and is witnessed as a leader also a resource globally. Testimonial: “This Lady has been the biggest influence cheerleader mentor and friend for 17 years Thank you Ellen Voie you have not only been my friend and a business colleague but you’ve been the instrument to elevate my career as a Woman in the Trucking Industry I deeply humbly Thank you Love ya Girlie”—Ingrid Brown Professional Driver and Image Team member “ “ 2019| 41 August

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ZorroSign T aking Electronic Signature to the Next Level I n 2015 ZorroSign was founded in order to use one of its co- founder’s patented electronic signature technology to create a unified platform of complete advanced Digital Transaction Management DTM Solution. The idea was to provide a highly secure flexible seamless and robust solution to support end-to-end flows of document signature ceremonies for any situation any industry any department – for signatories located anywhere using any device. ZorroSign helps automate electronic signature related business processes workflows and approvals for any department for any type of organization in any industry. Users can use ZorroSign anywhere anytime and on any device including using mobile browser and its native mobile app on iOS and Android operating systems. ZorroSign can also be deployed in Private POD and Hybrid Cloud and On-Premise instances. The Passionate Leader Mr. Shamsh Hadi is the Co-founder and CEO of ZorroSign Inc. Hadi is a serial entrepreneur and comes from a Real Estate Education Information Technology and Hospitality background lending his unique perspective to ZorroSign. He has over 12 years of experience in strategic investments around the world. Mr. Hadi holds degrees from Cornell University and University of Waterloo. Apart from being an avid scuba diver he is also very passionate about the environment and supports and participates in various initiatives around the world that are making real impact to save the environment and make the world a better place. When Privacy is the Utmost Priority According to the organization users are struggling to keep tabs on their information privacy. For most people safety and security of their personal information and documents carries utmost priority given today’s environment. However even if it’s on top of their list sometimes they are unable to ensure security of their information. Secondly the market lacks intimate knowledge of advanced Digital Transaction Management and its potential to deliver a serious value to any organization. Finally electronic signatures are very popular however there are four serious gaps in the solutions available in the market today. According to ZorroSign these gaps are barriers to adoption of electronic signature for day-to-day business and enterprise applications and of high value financial and legal transactions. These gaps are: Ÿ Using an image of a signature super-imposed on a document instead of using ZorroSign real electronic signature read digital bits. Ÿ 3rd party digital security certificates that expire every two years instead ZorroSign certificates and documents don’t expire. Ÿ Simple process of requesting eSignatures instead of having a true Digital Transaction Management system with support for complex workflows templates and business process automation. Ÿ PDF documents that can be tampered with and electronic signatures that can be forged instead of ensuring the sanctity of electronically signed documents both digital and paper copies with high level of security. Catering to Clients’ Needs since Inception The ZorroSign journey has been fantastic. The company has yet to come across one unhappy user of its solution as ZorroSign prides itself in enhancing the solution as quickly as possible to meet clients’ changing needs. In Q4 2018 alone the company introduced more than 34 major enhancements where a majority of them were customer requests. ZorroSign’s initial struggles have been related to educating users that privacy and security of their data and documents should be number one priority and not speed and ease of use. 2018 had major headline hitting news where there had been major data breaches implementation of GDPR and evidence of popular software with Most 42 |August 2019

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We help our customers digitize their paper-based business transactions and help them go paperless. “ “ systems being abused for financial gains. This has given ZorroSign a good headwind because now people are looking for solutions like ZorroSign instead of going with the household names that can’t guarantee the safety and security of their information and important financial and legal documents. Early on ZorroSign witnessed that people often confused Blockchain with BitCoin but now they comprehend the difference. CEO Shamsh Hadi notes “I believe over the last couple of years the world has educated itself more and understand that Blockchain is much more than just BitCoin and that cryptocurrency which were the early adopters of Blockchain is not the only industry where Blockchain can have incredible security and authenticity advantages.” Future Roadmap Armed with the proprietary electronic signature technology and a forward-thinking mindset about security and privacy the ZorroSign founders quickly realized that in the “race to digital” the electronic signature solutions in the market have left some major breaches in the solution. ZorroSign always believed that there are fundamental ways people run their business what they call “document signing ceremonies” and the company envisions creating a solution that does not force people to compromise in their core values of how they run their business. When it comes to the future ZorroSign’s customers can expect more capabilities and functionality in the areas of Advanced Digital Transaction Management Workflows Automation Business Process Optimization and advanced security and privacy. ZorroSign will continue to innovate and incorporate state of the art technology in the areas of mobile biometrics use of Blockchain Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning into its solution. Shamsh Hadi Co-founder CEO Zorrosign 2019| 43 August

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