How much does it cost to file a patent

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How much does it cost to file a patent?:

How much does it cost to file a patent?

Two simple ways to get your idea patented::

Two simple ways to get your idea patented: Method 1 Write and file your own patent application Method 2 Engage a patent consultant or patent agent to document and file the application All rights reserved @ Inolyst 2014 |

Filing a patent incurs other costs also!:

Filing a patent incurs other costs also! When you choose to document and file your own application, the cost of filing a patent application is at the lower side. In this instance you need to pay fees pertaining to the respective PTO’s only. Filing a patent incurs other costs also. The above instance is only one part of it. Understanding the fees structure according to the nature and need of filing of the patent, can help you as owner or inventor take correct strategic decision. So, a clear breakdown of the elements that constitute the entire cost factor will definitely help you plan the expenditure, which you have to shell out at the initial stage as well as the later stage. All rights reserved @ Inolyst 2014 |

Drafting a patent application:

Drafting a patent application By now you should be aware that the most essential factor associated with patent filing is the specifications of the invention mentioned in the draft. So, one must understand that drafting a patent application is a highly skilled and training driven job. Though you can do the writing of the specification from your end, yet a specialist is always recommended. This is mainly because a professional drafter has both technical as well as legal expertise, which is important when you compile the invention in question. As mentioned before cost of filing depends on the drafting of the application. So, if you go for a provisional patent , the costing will be less. But if you go for non-provisional/ regular patent the total costing goes up considerably. This is again based on the specification detailing done at the drafting level. All rights reserved @ Inolyst 2014 |

Cost of patent filing :

Cost of patent filing The overall cost of a patent filing in US or India for instance would consist of statutory fees i.e to be paid at the patent office and the professional fees that you pay to the patent agent. In the former case, the rate is fixed, but in the latter the fee varies based on the service provide selected by you. Let’s now focus on the statutory fees . This is dependent on the applicant of the patent. For example, the Indian Patent Office has divided this whole process into three parts, such as: Natural person (individual inventor only) Small Entity Others except small entity All rights reserved @ Inolyst 2014 |

Cost of patent filing :

Cost of patent filing When we talk about legal entities like an organization or company would come under the classification of small entity or others except small entity. Therefore, if a patent application has more than one inventor name it may not fall under the first category. So, automatically it is the next two options that would be considered while filing an application. Next time you want to file a patent remember to plan your costing, since a start up mostly runs on a tight budget. All rights reserved @ Inolyst 2014 |

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