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Whether you are looking for an integrated medical procedure or a relaxing spa treatment, schedule your consultation today with Inner Beauty MD, call 803 226 0097 or visit


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“Prevention Is Always Better Than Cure” Are you confident with your health No matter how active your lifestyle is nobody is perfectly healthy. As a human we are all vulnerable to various health risks as well as mental discomforts from time to time. So it’s a must to take preventative measures to maintain a healthy and happy life.

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Inner Beauty MD – Treat Patients with Care Inner Beauty MD is dedicated to using preventative medicine to help the patients take steps to avoid various diseases particularly:  Depression And Anxiety  Menopause Symptoms  Metabolic Syndrome  Thyroid Disease  Inner Beauty MD strongly promotes preventive health through integrated medicine techniques.

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What is Integrated Medicine Techniques Integrative medicine is the unification of the principles processes and methods of conventional and alternative medicine. The main essence of integrative medicine is not to emphasize the merge of two different medical practices but to give importance of treating the patient entirely as a whole.

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Inner Beauty MD – What We Do Integrative medicine may help to reduce the severity or frequency of disease episodes decrease stresses related to chronic disease and enjoy a better quality of life. Using integrated medicine solutions Dr. Englee provides patients with the care needed to prevent many of today’s common diseases and illnesses.

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Inner Beauty MD – Other Services Includes  Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program  Nutritional Counseling  Medical Grade Vitamin and Supplement Therapy  Alcat food sensitivity and intolerance testing  Aesthetic Services

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Schedule Your Consultation – Inner Beauty MD As Aiken’s first Wellness and Skin Care Center Inner Beauty MD offer a full menu of services and treatments customized to improve your overall health. Call 803 226 0097 Visit

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