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AG Injury Law Office 2020 Winston Park Dr #104, Oakville ON L6H 6X7 (800) 870-3194 Your local Oakville personal injury lawyers at AG Injury Law Office are experts when it comes to helping victims of personal injury get the maximum compensation that they deserve. If you or a loved one has been injured, AG Injury Law Office is here to protect your rights and ensure that justice is served. Our Oakville personal injury lawyers specialize in car accidents, motorcycle accidents, public transit accidents, slip and falls, dog bites, orthopedic injuries, as well as injuries of the spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries.


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Does Injury Lawyer in Oakville Meditate in Personal Injury Claims Recently there has been a slow but steady transition away from expensive and complicated trials of personal injury disputes and people prefer meditation. Lawyers and insurance companies admit that meditation can be more effective in settling personal injury claims. If a client is in a place where they cannot come to any conclusion with regards to their personal injury claim the best solution may be to hire an Injury Lawyer in Oakville to mediate. What is Mediation in Personal Injury Cases Mediation basically means that the parties involved have a sit down with a mediator who is completely neutral to both parties and come to a solution that is satisfactory to all. Mediation is voluntary until the case becomes a lawsuit. The mediator does not give opinions or solutions if there is no solution found in the mediation process the parties can go back to where they left of before the mediation. Everything that is said and done in mediation remains confidential and cannot be used outside that room. The role of the mediator is only to facilitate interchange between the parties. The mediator can use the information gathered from talks with both parties to help them reach an amicable solution. If your case is stuck you can use an Injury Lawyer in Oakville to help with such mediations. Sources of Mediation Dispute Resolution Centers: Most townsand cities have a neighborhood or community dispute center. These centers mostly have volunteers who may or may not have some training in resolving disputes. These volunteers are not professionals and do not have any legal experience. They are mostly used to resolve small issues with tenants landlords etc. Professional Meditation Services: These services usually provide retired lawyers or judges as mediators. They charge fees but do have legal experience and can help with a better outcome. Independent Mediators: Independent mediators like Injury Lawyer in Oakville have experience specifically in mediating and can also handle personal injury cases representing injured parties to their claim’s adjuster. Benefits of having a Mediator in your Insurance Claim Having a mediator can help break the impasse that a case has reached with an insurance company. Mediation allows one to sit in the same room as the insurance company claim adjuster and allows the adjuster to view your claim in a different light. Experts claim adjuster is more likely to give you a good settlement face-to-face rather than when working only on your file. Mediation can also be a faster easier and less expensive way to reach a settlement than going to court or hiring a lawyer. Injury Lawyer in Oakville can provide a solution to a matter that could be settled quickly rather than be dragged on for ages.

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Will Injury Lawyer Oakville Discuss Factors That Impact Compensation Personal injury incidents can be really painful for the people involved. Whether it is the victim or the accused both have to undergo a substantial amount of sufferings following the mishap. And what follows the mishap is even more painful. Getting through the treatment and then filing for compensation is something that none of us wants to go through. However it is unavoidable and therefore having the right people on our side helps significantly.Deciding liability and accordingly calculating the damage compensation is also something that can get ugly and a good injury lawyer in Oakville can really be helpful in sailing through this difficult time. A lot of times in cases of personal injury while evaluating liability the judiciary often ends up deciding that thefault rests with both the parties. In such cases it becomes a confusing battle which is mostly a problem for the plaintiff. The victim’s role in causing an accident or their inaction which led to the mishap is also considered while deciding on the liability and compensation often depends on the same. With a good personal injury lawyer in Oakville the victims can ensure their voice is heard properly and no injustice takes place. On occasions where the victim is partly responsible for the mishap a case of comparative negligence is filed. In such cases the compensation often gets impacted by the role of the victim in causing the accident. This is so as most states go by the logic of comparative negligence clause that directly links the damages to the degree of involvement of both parties involved. On the other hand there are some states which out rightly reject the claim for compensation in case they are able to evaluate that the victim even contributed no matter how insignificantly to the accident. Therefore most victims prefer getting help from a personalinjury lawyer in Oakville before filing for a damage suit in a personal injury case. This minimizes the possibility of getting less or no compensation at all even if one might have suffered significantly due to the accident. It is also expected from the victim to mitigate or minimize the financial impact of the harm caused due to the accident. Problem arises when a particular plaintiff fails to do so. In case a victim sits back and waits before it gets too late in terms of medical treatment the compensation also gets impacted significantly. The court expects the victims to go ahead and start the treatment processes in order to avoid grave medical situations that might arise at the lack of medical attention after the accident. In such cases the plaintiff might get less compensation or may even be denied the compensation completely. Therefore the first thing one should do is to reach out for medical help and follow it with a consultation with a personalinjury lawyer in Oakville.

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Understand the Role of a Personal Injury Lawyer in Oakville Most personal injury lawyers in Oakville are there to make things easier for you or your loved ones. They help thousands of people every year to claim for personal injury. Compensation for personal injury is just a part of the bigger picture. They can help you access rehabilitation medical care and the support that you would require to make a recovery. What is a personal injury claim The legal term for an injury or illness that has been triggered by another person’s negligence can be termed as “Personal Injury”. Anyone who has been through such circumstances can make a claim to get a reasonable compensation for the responsible person. There is usually a time frame within which claims should be made. In order to determine if you can make a case you can contact personal injury lawyers in Oakville. What types of claims can you make - Medical negligence- these claims include wrong diagnosis negligence by the General Practitioner and surgery. - Serious injury- Severe brain and spinal injuries are a part of this claim. - Accidents- these claims include road accidents illness or accidents abroad or on holiday and accidents that occur at the work place and accidents in a public place. - Industrial Diseases- Many factory workers can show symptoms of hearing loss or respiratory problems. Industrial disease claim can cover these. How much compensation can one receive The compensation that you receive for your claim is directly related to the damage that has been caused to you or to your loss. Since the circumstances of personal injury vary from person to person the compensation that you can receive is also specific to your case. Personal Lawyers in Oakville can help you assess the damage that has been done to you and give you an estimate of the compensation that you a likely to receive. How do I go about making a personal Injury claim When you contact your personal lawyer in Oakville the first step is to assess your claim and find out whether the case that you have is eligible for compensation or not. In order to put forth a claim the grounds for the claim need to be clear. If you have eligible grounds for a claim then advisors will take you through further steps of determining what your claim can be worth if you win the case. You will need to enter into an agreement with your personal injury lawyer who will represent your case. A letter of claim is then filed to the person responsible for the cause of your personal injury. Can I be compensated for losses other than personal Injury Personal claims are usually split into 2 parts: general and special damages. General Damages include the compensation that you can recover for pain suffering and emotional trauma from your personal injury. Special damages can include the compensation done to your personal belongings or financial loss which result from the personal injury. Your personal injury lawyer can help you determine what General and Special Damages you could claim compensation for.

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